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  1. Thank you Partisan for understanding sarcasm. +1 to the snek.
  2. I'm a fan of your bs you snek. If Vanguard wasn't a major hitter THEN WHY WERE WE HIT FIRST. We were a threat, plan and simple and they had to take us out first or Mensa would have fallen. Trust me on this I am no snek.
  3. This game has always and will always be "whoever complains to Alex first about something being unfair gets to screw whoever took advantage of Alex's rules."
  4. The gap between the raids halting and Vanguard declaring were exactly the amount of time it took us to get out of beige, when we expected Mensa to keep raiding, as I said before. You realize I'm agreeing with you right? That is why we hit Mensa, because there was no reason for Mensa to stop raiding us unless being told to stop. Pfieffer could've told us that he told Mensa to not raid us? To be honest, I see a huge difference in calling NPO evil and "NPO (needing) to prove to Orbis that they aren't the same fascist monster goosestepping their way to global domination." and being friendly with people that you already know. There are more members in gov of P&W NPO that aren't in (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) NPO then there are who are in (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) NPO. Yes sure, they're both crossovers. But holding grudges for something that happened 8 years ago and talking to people that you already know are quite different.
  5. Literally the opposite of what NPO has been doing in this game, yet people still somehow think this is what we are doing. NPO hasn't been that way for years.
  6. I mean, you definitely aren't wrong about the lack of communication. The only thing that I know of/remember about a date, neither Abbas nor Tim were involved, but that Pfieffer had told Mensa to not raid after a certain date, but that was never told to Vanguard until after we had already countered, and no one else from Mensa had either. I had logs from Pfieffer saying that according to their raiding rules, Vanguard was free to raid and in an almost antagonistic way, told me that we were free to retaliate. Basically all of our alliance had been beiged (which is when the raiding stopped because we were all beiged), and during that is when Pfieffer went and told Mensa to not raid us without telling us. We were 100% expecting Mensa to continue raiding based on the information we had, which is why we declared on them.
  7. LordRahl, I would also like to see this proof, Partisan confirmed that there was no evidence of any kind, but you claim to have some. NPO didn't help fund Alpha's war at all. I'm kind and not enraged, so plz respond.
  8. NPO are the ones who approached BK, not the other way around. NPO are the ones who asked about a treaty, to both Yoso and Strum. I have logs from both, Yoso has the logs.
  9. Fantastic. So we can all agree that ts are the big bad bullies. Carry on with the shitposting you fools.
  10. I demand proof that there was any intention of hitting TS, that anyone threatened TS, that anyone threatened to chain in on TS, or that anyone threatened to chain in because of treaties on TS. If all others but Partisan could ignore this post I'd greatly appreciate it, as I'd like his WoT not someone elses. kthx. edit: i was way more happy when this was just a "meh let's go to war because" rather then a "we were threatened so we pre-empted"
  11. I feel so bad for them. For real, demonstrate some self control please. lol
  12. well that's bullshit. where's the gif?
  13. wow. i actually respect this partisan. no bullshit wot, no bullshit cb, literally just hit us and posting that you hit us. GG WP.
  14. You realize who the public voice of your alliance is, right?
  15. Let's examine the evidence! Charles' post: So let's get one thing straight - Charles post was definitely OOC. I bolded the parts that were of particular interest to me. I've seen lots of OOC posts in my days, most of the time it's joking (ur mum is fat), sometimes it's pictures, whatever it may be, but this was definitely one of the most blatant OOC attacks I've ever seen on someone. As Roq mentioned earlier, if someone who knew neither of them read that, they would immediately begin to look at Roq in a different way due to the accusations thrown at him from this post. In fact, the last paragraph that I quoted, where Charles says, "Also, please feel free to somehow use my post against you as some personal OOC attack" recognizes it himself as an OOC attack, as that is what it is. Azaghul's post: Now, let's look at Azaghul, your member who posted the above. Sure, "will never trust him as a person" could be seen as an OOC attack, which is definitely was, but the part that I'm going to particularly focus on is the bolded part. I mean if we're being honest, "Totally 100% self centered" is also an OOC attack. And, it isn't like Azaghul is the only person who is OOC attacking Roquentin on him being trusted: You could have been referring to Azaghul completely, but the way this is worded it implies that you don't trust him either, which is an OOC attack given that it seems to be in a context that isn't related to online nation simulation games, and you're now basing your own mistrust of Roq on what Azaghul says. If you weren't implying mistrust on your own part, then it should have been phrased, "It'd be a misstep for Azaghul to trust him for a second even if this is a different realm." If I'm not mistaken, and please someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the word "completely" is defined as "totally, utterly." Hence, Azaghul completely, totally and utterly agreed with Charles post, including the OOC bits, which in my book is 100% an OOC attack. You say you aren't going to go into Charles' post...but I would say if you're going to address OOC attacks, then you most definitely have to go into Charles' post given the fact that Azaghul completely agreed with it. Sure, he didn't type it. But, he also didn't say, "I agree with parts of what Charles said." Just so we're clear, I'm definitively accusing TKR of OOC attacks. Don't get me wrong, we've already accused Charles of OOC attacks, so you aren't the only one.
  16. Let me interpret for all of those reading this fantastic thread read: "What? I have seen no such thing." read: "welp" read: "oh u rite. damn that's a WoT."
  17. Aw cmon man. This is pretty OOC:
  18. So you can claim it was in OOC context, in an OOC chan, a few grunts, and the channel owner himself has already come out and confirmed that...and then you use that same screenshot in a PW context to make it your business? If we're all going to accept that fact that it was OOC and had no relevance, then we can, but you should do the same.
  19. We never claimed Chim is gov, we never claimed he has sway over TS gov. When I posted this screen shot in the other thread that you mentioned, it was in direct response to Auctor saying this: and then the ask for proof: Auctor said "folks in your alliance," not a gov member. Here are the full logs, as you posted: To be completely honest, I don't understand how that isn't a threat? Yes, he's a member. Yes, he has no sway. Did we show all the logs to everyone? Nope. But even if we had, I still read that as quite disturbing and yes, view it as a threat as I'm sure you would do the same if that had been an NPO member saying the same things about TS. Well yes, it is. You just called it a threat, which is how we took it. And are you not using us considering it as a threat, as propoganda to rally around? You're literally rallying around us rallying around a threat to our AA. Well...yea, it is. I've heard from people that all of a sudden NPO might get hit. Future war is implied because now all of a sudden, even though NPO has made no threat towards TS, never planned against TS, and tbqh has 0 plans of attacking TS, We're quite on the defensive. Why are you framing NPO with this post in order to rally around a nonexistent threat? Lol mass influx... 8-9 members who have no idea what they're doing, and even if we did get in a war any time soon wouldn't fight. Never have, and won't unless he's fairly elected to gov. Chim was brought up as reasons for the war in (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways), and Chim was brought up in regards to being the one who said those logs that were posted. So first off, let's agree that we have both recruited from (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways)? Fair. Why are you bringing logs from the (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) branch of NPO, of which the forums are completely separate, and try to pin something on NPO? You do realize that this post, along with the last one was brought up because of (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways)? You do realize that while yes, in both this thread and the other (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) and P&W have been blended together? You do realize, that you started THIS post, that mixes (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) AND P&W together? Am I guilty of it? Of course I am, as I've posted in both threads that were pertaining to the mixing of (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) and P&W. But you are far from having your hands clean, so I ask the same question back to you - Why do you and yours mix this game with planet bob, then try to pin it on NPO while secretly continuing with said mixture? Also, going to reply to this here as it's relevant: Ah the good ol victim card. I encourage you to take a gander at this OP and see how many people play the victim card. Sorry for the edits, i forgot word
  20. I'm going to assume "that person" is me, and I did give a reason to Partisan as to why I didn't think it would work for a treaty, but it certainly wasn't Chim and it 100% had to do with this game. I'm genuinely curious about it because I don't remember telling anyone that we won't treaty TS because of Chim.
  21. ftfy so that it would be p&w related
  22. This one is easy: His first one, not his second one. His second one just a few months ago was because he leaked. Cynic helped to found/start Syndicate and that's when I'm asking, as if memory serves me correct he was ousted due to relationships being strained in (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways).
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