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  1. Thank you Partisan for understanding sarcasm. +1 to the snek.
  2. I'm a fan of your bs you snek. If Vanguard wasn't a major hitter THEN WHY WERE WE HIT FIRST. We were a threat, plan and simple and they had to take us out first or Mensa would have fallen. Trust me on this I am no snek.
  3. This game has always and will always be "whoever complains to Alex first about something being unfair gets to screw whoever took advantage of Alex's rules."
  4. The gap between the raids halting and Vanguard declaring were exactly the amount of time it took us to get out of beige, when we expected Mensa to keep raiding, as I said before. You realize I'm agreeing with you right? That is why we hit Mensa, because there was no reason for Mensa to stop raiding us unless being told to stop. Pfieffer could've told us that he told Mensa to not raid us? To be honest, I see a huge difference in calling NPO evil and "NPO (needing) to prove to Orbis that they aren't the same fascist monster goosestepping their way to global domination." and being friendly with people that you already know. There are more members in gov of P&W NPO that aren't in (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) NPO then there are who are in (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) NPO. Yes sure, they're both crossovers. But holding grudges for something that happened 8 years ago and talking to people that you already know are quite different.
  5. Literally the opposite of what NPO has been doing in this game, yet people still somehow think this is what we are doing. NPO hasn't been that way for years.
  6. I mean, you definitely aren't wrong about the lack of communication. The only thing that I know of/remember about a date, neither Abbas nor Tim were involved, but that Pfieffer had told Mensa to not raid after a certain date, but that was never told to Vanguard until after we had already countered, and no one else from Mensa had either. I had logs from Pfieffer saying that according to their raiding rules, Vanguard was free to raid and in an almost antagonistic way, told me that we were free to retaliate. Basically all of our alliance had been beiged (which is when the raiding stopped because we were all beiged), and during that is when Pfieffer went and told Mensa to not raid us without telling us. We were 100% expecting Mensa to continue raiding based on the information we had, which is why we declared on them.
  7. LordRahl, I would also like to see this proof, Partisan confirmed that there was no evidence of any kind, but you claim to have some. NPO didn't help fund Alpha's war at all. I'm kind and not enraged, so plz respond.
  8. NPO are the ones who approached BK, not the other way around. NPO are the ones who asked about a treaty, to both Yoso and Strum. I have logs from both, Yoso has the logs.
  9. Fantastic. So we can all agree that ts are the big bad bullies. Carry on with the shitposting you fools.
  10. I demand proof that there was any intention of hitting TS, that anyone threatened TS, that anyone threatened to chain in on TS, or that anyone threatened to chain in because of treaties on TS. If all others but Partisan could ignore this post I'd greatly appreciate it, as I'd like his WoT not someone elses. kthx. edit: i was way more happy when this was just a "meh let's go to war because" rather then a "we were threatened so we pre-empted"
  11. I feel so bad for them. For real, demonstrate some self control please. lol
  12. well that's bullshit. where's the gif?
  13. wow. i actually respect this partisan. no bullshit wot, no bullshit cb, literally just hit us and posting that you hit us. GG WP.
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