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  1. I don't see a specific section for this so I assume I'll get another warn or something for this,oh well. I got a warn for commenting on a thread [gravedigging]where the previous comment was the day before. How does that make any sense?! Lock the threads if you don't want people to comment on them.
  2. "Remember when TEst used to raid others? Remember paperless TEst?" I'm sorry sir,TEst had a one-sided optional treaty with all of Orbis. Get your facts straight!!!
  3. my secret is,I never went outside to begin with. I'm the quarantine champ. I honestly can't say at the moment.
  4. What i see displeases me.
  5. It was doing good when I left,I heard all of Orbis had to take them down. Khestra by himself,is still worth more than all of SK....any day of the week.
  6. Well back in my day,we upheld treaties we never even had. but what hell do I know,right?
  7. I came here hoping you just handed him over your bank.
  8. no one forgot that you're complete shit, unspoken truths and all.
  9. Ha,you wait until they are neck deep in shit to tell them that they are terrible allies and you're ending the treaty. huh,interesting timing for 'being the best allies we can possibly be' I'd rethink that source of price you mentioned.
  10. why the hell are you using a single physical server? https://www.simple-talk.com/cloud/cloud-development/amazons-aurora-a-distributed-sql-database-alternative-for-mysql-applications/ FFS man,take care of business.
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