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  1. It was doing good when I left,I heard all of Orbis had to take them down. Khestra by himself,is still worth more than all of SK....any day of the week.
  2. Well back in my day,we upheld treaties we never even had. but what hell do I know,right?
  3. I came here hoping you just handed him over your bank.
  4. no one forgot that you're complete shit, unspoken truths and all.
  5. Ha,you wait until they are neck deep in shit to tell them that they are terrible allies and you're ending the treaty. huh,interesting timing for 'being the best allies we can possibly be' I'd rethink that source of price you mentioned.
  6. why the hell are you using a single physical server? https://www.simple-talk.com/cloud/cloud-development/amazons-aurora-a-distributed-sql-database-alternative-for-mysql-applications/ FFS man,take care of business.
  7. Oh that was right after the leaving drama,it was all very highschool and the main dumbass blocked me after last sending me a message saying 'great job hero'.I wouldn't worry about it now,just found it kind of stupidly unnecessary at the time. Not exactly sure what details in particular you're referring to or exactly implying but if you'd like to enlighten me some time,seriously give me a shout. I'd honestly welcome the conversation because I feel that was unfortunately lacking a year back. This wasn't to dump on you but just tossing a sprinkle of honesty out there. Be well man and take care.
  8. You complete and utter moron. That will have the exact opposite effect of what you intended. Yet I fear that everything one day will cease to exist, even you.
  9. Welcome multi! They are going to eat you alive.
  10. Yet you still want to invoke my name just to passively sling a little shit since I'm not here. tsk tsk! remember when I sent you flowers and chocolates on valentines day? Well cupcake,since you chose to invoke the demon, I'll toss my two bits into the trollop's anus. 1. Jodo wasn't kicked out of TEst ,he left on his own. He was omitted from leadership rolls at that point. He ultimately left because of me and I'd offered to leave instead but I believe his pride was a bit wounded at that point. He said something to the effect of "Let TEst burn or whatever,I don't care" which clearly indicates quite a bit of caring for anyone paying attention ever. 2. Part of this call out is really funny since 'elitism' and I'll even wage 'paperless',to a degree, were parts of the early TEst blueprint. Jodo actually used to brag a lot about building a small elite unit to take down a monster (this concerned a war on a different world,the original Purple Whale Hunt. Jodo had actually left TEst for the first time a bit before that war) . So honestly, part of this is like holding a mirror up to yourself. In closing, Jodo crapping on TEst is a bit of autocoprophagia. But I'm fairly sure he never cared for Pre much (which,I always assumed was ironically for a few similar character traits ... which I find kind of hilarious) , so for him it has to kind of be like seeing your ex with someone you REALLY can't stand. The rest of the discussion about 'the game' is really just political meta-gaming,anyone that can't see that or falls into that trap is a first class dunce. Jodo, Dude (this is just for you) - I still love you man,no matter how many angry messages I got on FB from your buddies. I will always be your big spoon. Love Always and Forever, Pinchy
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