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Name the War

Dr Rush

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The Third Crusade/King's Crusade


The Third attempt by non-syndisphere to destroy syndisphere. (Hint, they lose)

22:26 +Kadin: too far man

22:26 +Kadin: too far

22:26 Lordofpuns[boC]: that's the point of incest Kadin

22:26 Lordofpuns[boC]: to go farther

22:27 Bet: or father

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The 'Lordaeron Built up twice for this' war.

Gotta be about Lordyron

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THE Definitive James:

KastorCultist, Co-leading Roz Wei Empyrea The Wei, former TGH warrior, Assassin, and a few more. Player of this game for more time than I want to think about...


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...but weren't all the previous wars, 'Mikey War'? This is like Mikey War VI.



And if we go with the Divorce theme might as well go with 'The Great Divorce', as someone mentioned earlier. C.S. Lewis had a way with words.

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a.k.a. Chaunce


Chaunce - Today at 9:55 PM
with the watermelons there isn't much space left
I still have a lot of room to improve
Manthrax Has Venomous Bite! - Today at 9:57 PM
Hee hee. Room indeed.
Sabriel - Today at 10:01 PM
I feel like, if the other AAs knew how we act, they'd feel a deep sense of shame in knowing that they consistently get beat by us.
when we talk about how many vegetables we can fit in Chaunce's ass.
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"As Usual, BK Rolls Everyone War"

The math begs to differ son.


Skill versus Mass Chapter 9: Different Sides, Same Results

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