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  1. Lol, me posting about a CB was satire ya nerds
  2. Umm, excuse me, but what's your casus belli?
  3. I'm talking about for alliances. There's no default rate, everyone joins the alliance in an untaxed rate and have to be manually added to a tax bracket (rather than be automatically assigned to a default one).
  4. The P&W community is "dead' because the game's mechanics have stagnated. Nothing has fundamentally changed in the last two years. Instead of adding new content to address issues the game has (for example, adding more projects to act as a resource-sink), Alex fiddles with the minutiae to address it -- for example, the changes to city-slots. It's not the best approach, but it is the easiest approach. This is why I asked if, frankly, he's bored of this project.
  5. Alex, So - serious question. https://statekraft.com/ Why are you creating a new game instead of adding content to a game with a playerbase and established concept? I imagine that this one is stagnating, but that's due to the lack of content for the most part (which would be fixed by addressing it). Not meant to be hostile, genuinely curious why you're developing a new game instead of this one. It's an obviously poor business decision, so I'm assuming it's due to boredom with this platform, but I may be mistaken. Cheers, -Spooner
  6. I logged out to post this, so this is what everyone sees generally. Sheepy, I'm not making this to !@#$, I generally want to help you. Let's discuss why this is terrible. You're using at least a dozen different fonts, styles, and sizes. Limit yourself to one font (two at absolute most), and bold/not bold. Two sizes would also be acceptable Remove the Like Us on Facebook and Discord options, and include them as links. They take up too much screen space and most people don't give a shit before they play your game. The start playing/login buttons should be centered, not split vertically. Removing the two sidebars (discord/facebook image) will solve this. Remove the damn ad at the bottom of the screen if it makes up less than 5% of your revenue. Jesus, this isn't 2005. Move the app-store banners here instead. This isn't a design decision, but I would update your description of the game up top with a more accurate picture of what your game actually is. It would be more interesting than a meaningless marketing-blurb.
  7. Says the dude with an alliance themed after World of Warcraft.
  8. ????????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????
  9. Whaddup sluts, we're a splinter-alliance formed from the dissolution of MENSA. https://politicsandwar.com//alliance/id=4265 https://discord.gg/CYkj2mM Charter: Booty Boys Charter: I. Big Booty Big Booty is the leader of the alliance Big Booty holds veto power over policy (foreign and domestic) A Veto is overridden by a 70%+ vote of members Big Booty holds the position until he/she resigns Big Booty cannot be an elected ASSMAN When Big Booty steps down, an election is held among the members to choose a new Big Booty. Any member can run, with 5 nominations required to be a candidate for chief. II. ASSMEN The ASSMEN are a council of five players elected every six months that serves as the representative & administrative body of the alliance. Any player can self-nominate themselves to run for a position, with 48 hours notice prior to an election. If an ASSMAN chooses to step down, an election is held to replace them. A plurality of votes decides the winner of any election, with 24 hours notice to cast a vote. With 5 nominations, a single member can challenge an ASSMAN prior to a regularly-scheduled election. An election is held for 48 hours, with the winner being whoever receives the majority of votes. ASSMAN OF WAR - Tracks enemy military-buildups, in charge of setting current DEFCON level, and organizing war (assigning targets before declaration, organizing counters). ASSMAN OF DEFENSE - In charge of espionage and spy-assignments, forum-PM'ing members when they are attacked, and assisting the war-leader in times of war to spread the workload. FOREIGN ASSMAN (FA) - In charge of Foreign-Affairs. In addition to the Big Booty, serves as a figurehead to establish treaties, alliances, and military-strategy with other groups. DOMESTIC ASSMAN - Primary responsibility is recruitment of new players and their integration into the community. Assists with day-to-day running of alliance funds/grants with the Economic ASSMAN ECONOMIC ASSMAN - This role advises the players on optimal city builds, and is in charge of stocking the alliance bank. In charge of sending players requested funds. III. Taxes Taxes will be permanently held at 50% for both income and resources. This is intended to quickly grow the smaller-sized players of the alliance to city #20. We are held together by love of booty, not money. IV. Policy Any member can introduce new policy not in conflict with this constitution. Likewise, all treaties/alliances made by leadership are put forward to the members for a vote. 51% of votes are required to pass any policy. An exception is made for matters of war & peace-talks: in which the Big Booty, War, and FA ASSMEN can act independently of the alliance for matters of urgency. V. Amending the Charter Any member may propose an amendment to this charter. Amendments are approved by 70% of votes an alliance-wide poll. Anthem:
  10. On board. Making 6 food trades when I just want to sell some food is annoying as !@#$
  11. >This tool will not purchase infrastructure for you. RIOT
  12. >as without [Net Neutrality] it's likely small websites like Politics & War would be virtually non-existent Lol, oh Alex
  13. Seriously though. My problem is *not* with the idea of destroying "maxed slot" builds. I like that change. The issue with this change is that it's now 2-3x harder to produce the resources needed for war. War already takes around 3+ months to save up for (depending on the length of it). IMO, we *need* a reason to go to war. There really isn't one right now. Ideally, fixing the "offload alliance bank" exploit should happen. If you loot 1-2% of the alliance bank, and you can't offload it [you could do this by, say, capping the amount an alliance can "send" from it's coffers to 2% of it's total holdings per day or something] perhaps we'd have an actual reason to go to war again.
  14. >War is more expensive and there's less loot from winning I remember when you were a loose cannon. Now you're nothing but a pixel-huggin sonofa!@#$
  15. Playerbase: It takes too long to save up for war, which results in boring periods of stagnation Sheepy: Resources are now twice as hard to produce!
  16. Apparently it was extended another hour and a half or somesuch
  17. Git Gud winning by 1 vote. All is as it should be.
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