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  1. Ayy lmao! t$ will burn! *checks notes tCW will burn!
  3. I'd have to disagree. 'Cannon-fodder' implies that the individual in question is expendable, to be cast aside without question. Cannon are indeed powerful, yet the term 'cannon-fodder' itself is the most denigrating description that could applied to a combatant. Fodder is cheap animal feed—the type of two-bit mass-produced slop deemed unfit for human consumption, if there ever were such a thing. And as a hog devours the grain from its trough, so too are you swallowed and ground up and thoroughly digested by the insatiable furnace of war. The gasoline for an airstrike and you are one and the same. On the other hand, being a 'meat-shield' is a much more dignified existence. It suggests the ultimate sacrifice and purpose—that one is willing to give everything, self destruction notwithstanding, in order to defend an ally. Indeed, we must all strive to be meatshields on this glorious day. Ave Pacifica!
  4. I'll just quote the game, "Tanks are ground battle enhancers. They dramatically increase the effectiveness of your ground army." Tanks are in a good place as is. Unlike with soldiers and planes, you must assess your situation to determine whether it is appropriate to build tanks or not. One of the major complaints with baseball is its mindless ‘clicker game’ nature, so I take more thinking between clicks to be a good thing. And both sides in the current war have deemed tanks to be valuable despite all their downsides. Tanks are a situational unit. If you build tanks while your opponent has air control, you rightly deserve to suffer. The concern over updeclares is certainly well founded. As the game stands, they are only possible because planes are fast to destroy and slow to build. Once prospective harpooners have to win an uphill battle on the ground as well as in the air, it becomes nearly impossible to effectively bring down a larger nation than your own.
  5. IQ only declares war for the noblest of causes, my friend.
  6. Perfidious Ayylbion does it again!
  7. You can’t, hence why you didn’t. You didn’t and so N$O didn’t have the opportunity to play Captain Ahab. It might come as a shock, but nobody is asking you to defend your e-reputation. It’s no more an indictment against your alliance than saying that BK has more members than SK. Anytime
  8. The only mental gymnastics here is interpreting "the war stats should not be taken at face value" as "the war we are fighting now is the same war as Surf's Up." Granted, there hasn't been any excessive fellating over the war stats, but Elijah's statement is an entirely fair one to make. War performance notwithstanding, it would be disingenuous to insist that BK + TC has the same potential to deal damage to KERTOG/Chaos as vice versa. Any CB is a valid CB, my friend
  9. Yakuza was the Principality of Zeon in the past. Don’t know why they bothered to rebrand if they decided to keep the weeb theme anyways... They fought in the Ayyslamic Crusade on KT’s side, so it isn’t fair to say that they have been neglecting their treaties or dodging wars their entire existence either ?
  10. Would be a nice QoL addition, and not much clutter added. Also saves Sheepy's servers a few page loads.
  11. MEATY HANDS Players Online: Apeman, KillzBob, Darzy, Shiho Nishizumi, Shadowthrone, Akuryo, Thanos, Sir Scarfalot, Lionstar, Maia, Alucard Hellsing, Natalia Poklonskaya RNG: 50 - SCP Foundation THE GRACE OF AYYLLAH SMILES UPON US ON THIS GLORIOUS DAY.
  12. Yep. Don’t care for a bit of playful banter? I think you’re projecting. t$ did nothing wrong there. Unsportsmanlike, maybe but definitely not immoral like you paint it.
  13. Hey there Partiboy. I’m sure it’s possible that DAK overlooked something, but since when has sloppiness been a defense for fricking up? Given the whole Oblivion-tC debacle, it’s pretty clear that you don’t believe in the necessity of treaties for intervention. For the sake of argument, let’s say that big bad BK is bullying helpless little DAK without reason. Will t$ step in to defend its protectorate from this unwarranted attack or is Orbis forever doomed to live under jackbooted IQ hegemony?
  14. 1) Nation Name: Kislev 2) Preferred Swim Suit Cut: I'm having a plastic surgeon install steam turbines, 12 inch guns and triple torpedo tubes on my athletes. 3) Are you willing to spend lavishly to bribe the judges?: We provide the judges and we'll channel a portion of the voluntary donations to you. Deal? 4) Will you kill everyone to win?: Imagine being this insecure. 5) Are you going to get pissed off when Fraggle Rock runs away mid Olympics with all money and laughs?: Will Fraggle Rock be pissed off when we do so at the start of the games?
  15. Considering Sheepy's track history, he should avoid pushing out any large changes to the game at once. 20, 10, whatever. I just see that quite a few people oppose the change on principle or because it's Leo posting. Cost reductions to anything should theoretically decrease the interim between wars and war is inherently more interesting than not war, so that should increase retention.
  16. Guy was never in BK. He was one of your “100 deletions” who didn’t move over with the Zodiac merger.
  17. If you really care as much about playing the core game as you let on, a week for a 37 mil investment is a reasonable time frame. If you have no life and want to kill yourself, I managed 15 mil in a day once. I’ve since then gotten over caring about pixels. Want proof that Sheepy is terrible? Upgrading your players 1 point at a time is more efficient because it nets him marginally more ad revenue.
  18. Seconded. Let's speed up the process for him.
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