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  1. 10 million units on the exchange, all owned by one guy.
  2. Remember the war where there were so many people on day change didn't happen. I can now load a page in under 20 seconds Kids don't know how easy they have it.
  3. Congratulations to Rose, condolences to Camelot
  4. Man discovers concept of taxes. Drives on public roads to the city park to scream about it.
  5. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this meme with you aren't i?
  6. You either die a villain or live long enough to become a moderator, I guess.
  7. I read the title fully expecting this to suck. I stand corrected.
  8. My plan to end homelessness with socialized housing now starts with building a fictional baseball team to fund spy ops.
  9. Inaccurate, Baelish had accomplishments before it all came crashing down.
  10. This is what you get on your list when you know stuff. Also, TSwizzle is a must for the Syndicate.
  11. We're hitting levels of corncob that shouldn't even be possible
  12. Not touching on all the pissing and moaning from the usual suspects or anything approaching the philosophical, if sheepy told his lawyer that he was going to treat player servers as an extension of the game space, his lawyer would probably beat him to death. The liability implications are terrifying, even behind an LLC. The fact that he allows players to link to outside discords already is an absurd amount of risk. There is a reason Steam has a pop up every time you click a link that takes you off site. It's to get the disclaimer in front of your face. The solution is simply more of the current moderation. Sheepy has a system but it seems to be lacking the personnel to implement it. The only change in moderation I would suggest is faster bannings of obvious bad actors. If someone only posts in drama threads and has a order of magnitude higher ratio of rule breaking posts than the average active player, they can pretty safely get pushed out the door faster. Same goes for repeat offenders who do things like, I don't know, come back to the report where they were given a warn to do the exact same thing they were warned for.
  13. -Laugh reacts someone using a player's correct pronoun "WhEn HaVE i EvER BeEn TRanSPhObIC!?!?!?"
  14. I have no idea what the sites capabilities are with regard to edit logs, so I wanted to get this here for posterity. Also, as noted in another report, the poster doesn't not appear to have a matching nation/forum name.
  15. @Dwight k Schrute seems like you finally found some courage after all this time.
  16. The Virgin Ancap Pyramid Schemer versus the Chad Syndicalist Union Organizer.
  17. Can we get some sort of automation that runs on nation creation and at least flags this nonsense for mods? It shouldn't be on the player base to deal with something a simple bot could do.
  18. You were one of the first to wade through the bullshit with me and I always appreciated you. Stay safe out there.
  19. Basically every other industrial nation beats America in most metrics that actually measure quality of life. Upward social mobility is the core of the America Dream, but every nation that hasn't stripped back it's welfare state is beating America in this regard. Social securities enable individuals to improve themselves, and capitalist thinker Adam Smith highlighted the need to fully fund services that are not inherently profitable in order to support individual growth.
  20. Canadians got 500 a week. Also, you realize it wasn't his money and stimulus checks aren't that rare of a policy right? And America consistently lags behind every other industrial country when it comes to social safety nets for the disenfranchised.
  21. He has to go back to work. He's broke. Only possible reason his $100 patreon pledge to A&O failed.
  22. Forgot to mention it before, but we should probably nerf ship infra damage. 3 ship attacks with any decent will always out damage a nuke because the damage is spread amongst cities
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