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  1. i love this game!
  2. even arrgh was more organized than this
  3. https://politicsandwar.com/bulletin/id=742/republic-of-nassau-denounces-the-last-ride-wants-out
  4. Hello all. I had an idea for a new feature that Discord could create, and seeing as how heavily P&W relies on Discord, I decided to share it here. I think that it could positively impact a lot of alliances. Here's the link to the post I made on Discord's support/feedback site. Give it a read, and please leave an upvote for it to gain more traction! Basically, I feel that Discord should allow for creating "subroles" that could be assigned to specific roles. That way, people can manage certain roles without having access to managing all of the server's roles. Within an alliance, this might look like a head of IA being able to assign IA roles to members, but not being able to give members an FA role. And vice versa. Since many alliances are large and complex with a lot of different departments and teams, I think that this feature would really help make managing an alliance a lot more streamlined. Again, I know that this isn't exactly P&W related, but since Discord is so widely used by P&W players, I thought I'd share this here.
  5. tl;dr: shitty micro and shitty micro 2 merge to form slightly less shitty micro
  6. uuuuuuuh can i get a hamburgber
  7. You will be hearing from BK's lawyers soon on the basis of copayyright infringement.
  8. Not BK would also like to take this opportunity to declare war on Supernova-X.
  9. And so it begins... Lmk when BK can join in. ayy lmao.
  10. Nation Link: https://test.politicsandwar.com/nation/id=196426 Ruler Name: Daveth, Robo Kitten 1, Robo Kitten 2, Robo Kitten 3, Robo Kitten 4 Nature of Violation: Multis. Raiding BK members on Test server with said multies. Interfering with official ayy lmao business.
  11. ayy lmao theres only room for one vassal in this town
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