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  1. the templars know we're going to take all their women... right?
  2. Good luck ODN. May the best savage win.
  3. Shit Malal... I just realize the war is almost over and we didn't get to brawl. It's like a tradition for us every war.
  4. It is in these momentls, while watching distrubing images of men with snake head and hairy puppets that I ask myself whether or not I am too smart for this game
  5. Those are just because we didn't have what to write on the wall... Brainstormed and this came up.
  6. ^^ ... you jackals. no sir, you cannot stop democracy. you can't kill it. you can't steal it.
  7. valkyrie held strong in the last sk-mensahq brawl if i remember right. although not all of the members attacked sk's aggressor. but the ones that did, packed a lot of steel and planes. i remember it was only when they got attacked by hogwarts that their offensive ended... gosh... how much tine has it been since the last war?
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