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  1. I’m with Rap on this. Credits have insane value right now, people that don’t buy them usually don’t stick around long. And those people aren’t going to be buying a credit to use mass infra kits, those are going to be the 20+ city count boys that typically already buy VIP. If you want new stuff to make VIP more worthwhile and marketable to the people that don’t already buy it, fine. But a tool that people only use when they have too many cities that it’s obnoxious is not the way to get new buyers.
  2. You’re gonna be leaking lots of stuff after we’re done with you
  3. You act like Iron Guard wasn't full of Neo-Nazis
  4. Forget GoB's stability, give me market stability. The cost of coal is too damn high
  5. You guys were really the only ones with level heads left in the game. Maybe when the inevitable next nation builder goes up we'll fight again. Who will I spy on now?
  6. This. This is it. This is the reason we rag on you.
  7. If you've reached the point where you're going onto forums to sell yourself to other alliances, I think you've got the "who's paying who" backwards
  8. Honestly having Lordaeron's IA up there was the only thing on this list that made sense. I mean there's gotta be some sort of reason people keep joining and staying in Kastor's alliance
  9. Get any more suggestive of a flag and it'll be Ironporn
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