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  1. Looks like someone took it a bit too seriously...
  2. Looks like someone didn't read the first few lines of the post... (Psst! I'd like you to actually counter my arguments rather than just stating that they're biased.)
  3. I dun owe you nuffin! (pls have mercy)
  4. Idk what to call this, here goes. I'm quitting the game, and a few weeks ago I drew this up. Shared it with a few friends, thought it may or may not benefit someone out there. Call them the ramblings of a man gone senile. Pretentious shit ahead! Notes: I drew this up when I couldn't sleep, at midnight. Haven't checked it a lot, got some help from people. Mistakes are bound to be there. ~~~ You’ve created an alliance, or you’ve been thrust into the leader role, or you’re just someone that’s been assigned to IA. Maybe you have extensive government experience, maybe you do
  5. Yo Filip, friendly advice; please shut it when you're in the position to recognize your mistakes and rectify them (I say this with hesitance due to your piss-poor conduct), and not continue having ad hominem plastered upon your posts.
  6. I legitimately love you. Be my Penguin senpai?
  7. There already is a cap based on the city infra at the time of the attack's launch, and the type of attack launched.
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