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  1. Brb mining pixels - TKR to the Moon!
  2. Everyone wants these sphere wars to be quicker and not last for months, but no one wants them to be more decisive. You can’t have both. You either have quick wars with high losses, or you have very long expensive wars. If you remove the number of spies killed, their use in battle is nullified. Units are too hard to spy away if your opponent has more than half of their spy count. If you increase the number of spies you can get per day, the meta will be to murder spies until the end of time. That doesn’t solve anything, if just takes away from spying’s other uses in wars. Your spies are still going to die, it’s still going to be fruitless to buy them back, but now you get to do it for a longer time! The issue is with how the spy vs. spy mechanic is set up. But this isn’t the thread to introduce an entirely different mechanic idea.
  3. I’m with Rap on this. Credits have insane value right now, people that don’t buy them usually don’t stick around long. And those people aren’t going to be buying a credit to use mass infra kits, those are going to be the 20+ city count boys that typically already buy VIP. If you want new stuff to make VIP more worthwhile and marketable to the people that don’t already buy it, fine. But a tool that people only use when they have too many cities that it’s obnoxious is not the way to get new buyers.
  4. You’re gonna be leaking lots of stuff after we’re done with you
  5. You act like Iron Guard wasn't full of Neo-Nazis
  6. Forget GoB's stability, give me market stability. The cost of coal is too damn high
  7. You guys were really the only ones with level heads left in the game. Maybe when the inevitable next nation builder goes up we'll fight again. Who will I spy on now?
  8. This. This is it. This is the reason we rag on you.
  9. If you've reached the point where you're going onto forums to sell yourself to other alliances, I think you've got the "who's paying who" backwards
  10. Honestly having Lordaeron's IA up there was the only thing on this list that made sense. I mean there's gotta be some sort of reason people keep joining and staying in Kastor's alliance
  11. Get any more suggestive of a flag and it'll be Ironporn
  12. The thing you take issue with is game strategy. The whole point is to make it difficult to build enough military to hit someone on your level with no military. That's the purpose of scores and why military impacts your score so much. Solution: you don't like fighting large city counts? Don't build up to them.
  13. ------- ------ He's doing it on purpose I just know it
  14. After a long reflection and eating two nukes I've decided maybe we put this on the back burner for a while...
  15. The Radiation Food Reducing Agent was one of the most balancing implementations Alex has ever added to the game. Food is now a much more precious resource in war, but could still use a little boost. My proposal is this: A World Salinity Index Feel as if OWF is too cancerous? well then don't go on it... Well then clearly the next step in action is to introduce a game balancing agent to ward off potential trolls and flame based content is to threaten their access to resources. Solution: we starve them out. (OWF Live Feed) It would act similarly to the radiation index except would source solely from the salt levels on the Open World Forum. I have included a demonstration as to how it would look: Naturally I understand something as complex as this would be difficult to code or even develop a formula for. How do you measure saltiness? And the answer to that my friends is something I found in complex calculus equations. The first step to converting a non mathmatical value into a such is by sorting it into units. I have discovered you can ascertain the basic unit of Saltiness through a series of chemical equations. To find the most basic root of the salt unit is you take the base worth of Kastor, the substance most closely related to salt in this environment. Then I take his value which is about 60,000 grams I assume and then multiply this to the number of moles in one gram of salt which is 0.0171107563861. The unit you end up with is 1.026x103 Kastor over moles of salt. Kastor over moles of salt is the unit I have described as OWF Salinity. Visualized here: Once you utilize this value, you then proceed to use it as a modifier to the number of salty posts over total number of posts on the forums. There you have it, that is the value used to decide the salinity value of orbis used in the food reduction values.
  16. What you're doing here is assuming our withdraw from the war was made by us alone. There is absolutely no way that this withdraw would have occurred without the consensus of our allies already in the fight. All of you are grabbing at nothing. "Wow you guys pulled out, such bad allies". You actually have no idea what is going on dialogue wise between IQ members. All you have is a post that says: "We fought, and now we're leaving because prolonging this war doesn't suit our interests" What you're assuming is that our interests ARE SOLELY based on tTO, and not in consensus with the interests of our allies. If they were upset with our decision would they not make it clear? Fighting to the death may have honor, but death is not in our interests or our allies'.
  17. When sheepy says he fixed the war system
  18. That strategy would not work out at all. Unless the top tier sat on their asses all game and the blitz was a great success (first big problem here), the top tier can continue to rain fiery hell upon the mid-upper tier and continue to fund the alliance during wartime. When you leave the strongest part of the enemy alone and you weaken yourself by fighting against weaker nations, you're susceptible to not only a counter that was stronger than you to begin with, but a counter that has had time to build while you wage war on his lower allies and come in when you're at your weakest. Leaving the top tier alone almost never works unless they are so far out of reach they can't hit you.
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