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  1. Aha, you got em DVD (not Blueray?)! Everyone knows that if you speak the truth you can't be hostile!!! /s/
  2. Since Idk what it is going on I'll just button up ! XD
  3. How even do you get off dicking on your own friends like that though? I know I've likely missed context on what you're doing here, but I don't get why you would do that to someone who has always had your back.
  4. Tevron

    War Stats

    Curious, because the image kind of messes it up. What's the Infra Cost for BK?
  5. Huh, didn't know you were around Rob. Hit me up on discord sometime.
  6. Aww you're making me blush. This is why we made a band, folks!
  7. Oh my lord. BritishDude still lives?
  8. Responding to someone doesn't grant them relevance. I'll help you out with a definition. He's not relevant because it isn't appropriate for him to post and he isn't closely connected. Glad to be of service. Also, join our discord channel peeps, we're happy to have anyone
  9. Cute, but isn't that what you did? Or are you fizzling back in now?
  10. Congratulations to our friends in RoK
  11. Excellent! Congratulations to our allies in Vox and our Saxplayer in Rose!
  12. Tevron

    We Know

    Hail Sithis! +1 Skryim reference. Also glad to see friends together !
  13. Tevron


    Congrats RoK! Good luck outside of Spectrum!
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