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    TFW when you have a party at your house and invite a bunch of your friends over but someone steals your TV so you go to your friendly and dependable friend and accuse them and cut them from your life and sucker punch them in the face while that greasy ass snake mofo who is lazy and poor and is always asking you for money is standing there with a shiteating grin that says "I did it and I got away with it". Only after visiting your snake friends house and noticing a TV that looks suspiciously like yours do you realise the gravity of your mistake so you go back to your old friend and grovel asking for forgiveness and because hes a champ he agrees but things are the never the same again. The moral of the story here is stupid people don't deserve friends.
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    Welcome back to OrbisMojo, today we will be discussing the top ten reasons why NationRP is for degenerates. 10. It doesn't affect the game what so ever making it useless 9. It's boring, like who cares about your nation running out of milk 8. Shifty doesnt like it, shifty has to approve 7. Alex likes it, that's just bad 6. RPers are losers ingame They never post in orbis central or alliance affairs because they are cowards 5. Only libtards use NationRP 4. There is an actual game called NationStates that is only RP. PnW is an actual game, play one or the other. 3. DISCORD, we have that too it contains RP that actually effects the game 2. no one but themselves care about what they have to say It's all "good work, now go look at my RP and upvote or else you're a hater and we need to change the mod rules again" 1. they spend too much time on it
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    I don't remember signing off on this apology... I disapprove.. If Kev wants his apology he'll come to Kilo's Korner and get an official apology from me.
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    Did you ever want to know a bit more about members of our community OR just simply wanted to get to know someone or anyone? ORB Weekly has been interviewing members of our community since our first day, it is our mission to learn about people in our community and hopefully connect you to those people. We don't just keep it 'game' related, we step over into their RL, their history, everything we can possibly think of to get you a natural interview. Our questions change as the game changes and events in our real world change - so always keep a lookout for our interviews - want to be interviewed? Just ask! Serephiel/Emperor Kevenovia/Kev from Great Job! Radoje/Radovanko Adrienne Queen of TKR Alexio Buorhann/Beerhoe Prefontaine/Pwe Keegoz Mad Titan/Thanos Lucifer Morningstar Max Keza Alex/Sheepy Hannah ❤️ Fraggle - Coming Soon
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    I did this once! It was on your old forums. Classic Partisan, being so vain he omniretires just to get more sendoffs.
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    Oh crap, I forgot about kosmokenny. He definitely needs to be on the list for Worst poster along with the others I named. That is actually going to be a toughtopic to vote on.
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    At least 2 of those pages are just posts of people commenting on the length of the topic.
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    How dare anyone call them pixel huggers? AK is a independent alliance that has gotten in many conflicts over it's time that were definitely very hard because they were dogpiles. And even then. It's not as if they were 1.5billion in negative damage. Or that they were protected by 2 alliances. Stop being such bigots smh.
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    Basic Info So I'm bringing this idea from another game. Basically I'll call them territories in the thread but it can be any of the preferred names either in the title or whatever you like. Ill call them territories for consistency sake Basically You would have certain places on the map where you can capture to make them your territory. This would be very few as in maybe 3? Not sure put down what you think would be an appropriate number of Territories to have. You could choose to begin capturing one of the territories and there would be like a certain number of available slots Such as this very crude but i think it gets the point across excel graph Basically each second you're on the wall it would "tick" a point. You would need an xxx amount of points to capture the territory which could be whatever is deemed balanced. I used 100,000 just as an example Now one big thing that could deter pixel huggers and nations with common sense alike is the cost vs gain Basically infra lost. I'm proposing Infrastructure lost is reduced by 75% While on the slots Infrastructure lost is reduced by 25% in wars VS Nations on the slots Improvement lost is reduced by 25% For both sides if at least on side is on the capture Loot taken is reduced by 50% for both sides if at least on side is on the capture Alliance banks looting is 0% As in you cannot get anything from alliance banks if at least one side is on the wall (IF YOU ARE FOUND USING THIS TO PREVENT AN ALLIANCE BANK FROM BEING RAIDED, Meaning you joined the wall after being declared on to take advantage, similar to VMING a bank. there would be punishment) % Are subject to change based on if its balanced Monopolies One of the concerns might be. "Well the top alliances will just hog all the territories" Well theres an easy solution. Each alliance may only have 1 territory. this bonus is given to only them and no one else (Like procterates mdps etc) Another concern would be "Well won't they just sit on their one territory and farm it???" Solutions Make it so territories are automatically "Neutralized" Every ??? days/months. I'm thinking towards 4 months an alliance has had it Or Make it so territory bonuses are changed every ??? days/months to encourage them to move to a bonus they want more of Or Make it so after ??? Days/months They have a combat disadvantage to encourage them to "Throw away" the territory as in there would be an option to abandon Also a rule must be in place. Alliances can not intentionally give up a territory to another alliance to prevent trying to create a monopoly of territories. they must have a valid reason to abandon (Which could be bonus change) If they have given that as their reason they are not to attack the alliance trying to capture to help their allied alliances as they have already declared disinterest Attack Ranges Now you might be thinking Wouldn't this mean Alliances could just hire very low score nations to abuse the -25%/+75% Attacking range? Well there would be some solutions to that 1. Would be tiers to prevent low/high score campers Tier 1 - Top 25 Nation OR Consists of 8000+ score Tier 2 - From The 26th nation to 5000 score OR Consists of 5000-8000 score Tier 3 - Consists of 3500-5000 Score nations Tier 4 - Consists of 3500-2000 Nations Tier 5 - Consists of 2000-1000 Nations Tier 6 - Consists of Everything below 1000 NOTE: Your recruitment of all military besides spies, missiles , and nukes are reduced by 50% while on a capture slot (To prevent people from Decom sitting on the wall and waiting lower tiers to declare then buying) PROS Would make it so nations of all score can play their part and contribute Solves the cant hit nations cause of score problem 100% Still makes it so nations way above can't abuse the weak Decoming then double buying isn't worth it Nations are encouraged to be at max military when they join the capture Nations are disadvantaged due to the 50% Recruitment rate which prevents a powerhouse from camping CONS Would make it so nations at lets say 2000 could hit 1000 score nations IF The 1000 score nation goes on the Slot If your blitzed by 3 Max nations and you aren't near the top score range in your tier it can be very detrimental ETC I don't know more please put them down in posts and i'll add in any pros/cons You would also always be able to declare on nations 1 tier higher than you. Now keep in mind this does not mean that the alliances fighting for the territory would be applied these tiers. ONLY The nations on the wall would have these tiers applied to counter having Either super large nations not being able to be touched or super low nations not being able to be touched 2. Another Solution would be to INCREASE The Attacking Range From 25/75 To 75%/100% if your declaring on a nation on the wall. I think this solution is very flawed and bad but perhaps there might actually be a way to make this work. I don't know how but i might as well put this out. PROS Prevents low/high score camps to a point. Increases ranges so all nations can participate CONS Would allow high score nations to declare on very small nations Not guaranteed to prevent low score campers Nation bullying from high scores IF you have anything to add to no.2 just pm or post Now one confusing part. The point system The basis of territory wars is basically you gain points until you get the required amount to capture, however how will that work with multiple alliances? Make it so all point gain is permanent meaning the points you gain are put into the total and cannot be removed Make it so if your on the wall your points accumulated is worth 100%. However once you get knocked off 50% will go into total (Which means if your on the capture to the end your 100% efficient!) Make it so all points gained are permanent but getting knocked off will deduct points from your total SUCH AS Tier 1 - Loses 5000 pts when beiged Tier 2- Loses 3000 pts when beiged Tier 3 - Loses 2000 pts when beiged Tier 4 - loses 1000 Pts when beiged Tier 5 - Loses 500 pts when beiged Tier 6 Loses 300 Pts when beiged If you have anymore post! thank you for @Akuryo for pointing out the tier problem, for some reason I remembered the top nation being 5k when it was actually 10k score Changelog -Added more tiers. The sweet sweet rewards! Now with all this effort you might be thinking what would be the rewards?? I'll list out some bonuses for factions which i think would be Balanced yet enticing enough for alliances to go for. 15% Bonus to commerce Generation 15% Bonus to RAW Generation 15% Bonus to MANU Generation — Changed Generation 5>15% More worth? Perk : Combat Training 10% Ground COMBAT Strength 10% Airforce COMBAT Strength 10% Naval COMBAT Strength ^^^ NOTE: The combat strength will have to be tuned to a point where its not broken. I'm using 10% On each as a starting point. —- Perhaps make it so you would get a flat 10% boost to all combat instead of indivdual? 5% Recruitment Rate (Like a PB) — Seems fine, up to debate? 5 Extra spies. — Starting with 5 extra spies. Underpowered or Op? Recruit 1 Extra spy per day Op? It’s like an IA without the increased spy capacity, however it might make it worthwhile 30% Population Bonus (Technically it would affect both millitary recruitment and commerce so perhaps?) — Set POP % to 30% Perk: Rapid expansion - Cities are 10% Cheaper -Infra cost is 15% Cheaper - Land cost is 20% Cheaper (2nd “Bundle” Type perk. I would appreciate if experienced players could tell me if this is underwhelming or OP) ETC IF you have more suggestions for rewards post Changes to rewards — Deleted 5% Defensive combat bonus (Reason being Combat strength in my mind is working like defensive combat bonus but on offensive also. Sorry if that wasn’t clear) - Deleted Increased power Gen - Changed 10% Combat perks to all be in one Perk - Added Perk: Rapid Expansion Keep in mind all these % aren't set in stone. they are just numbers i thought MIGHT be balanced enough yet good enough to war over Also obviously but i feel like i have to say it. You would only get 1 of these buffs from the territory. Also all territories would get a randomized buff every xxx amount of days to make it so you cant just sit and farm. But wait! What if another alliance just declares right after i capture it?!?!? There would be a grace period of i'm thinking 1-3 months where that territory cannot be captured to give time for all alliances to rebuild and enjoy their respective reward! NOTE: THIS IS ONLY A ROUGH OUTLINE THAT I HAVE SPENT TO MUCH TIME ON Its only an idea. if the community doesn't like it. so be it, scrapped. however i think this would be a very good addition to the game albeit needs a lot of work
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    The snek's ego is too enormous for us not to!
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    I think the moral of the story is don't own nice things, so instead you host a party, but your friends turn it into an intervention and gofundme. However, because your life has always been in shambles and you ruin everything you touch, sort of like a reverse Midas touch, you end up using the newly raised funds to pay for the greatest alcohol and chaos filled day ever. Also the snake in your group takes the fall when the cops show up because he's drunk and feeling the liquid courage a bit too strongly, thus charging the cops and getting tazed.
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    This wouldnt help us in the game any. Well, almost not at all. But I think this would be pretty cool.
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    I assume congrats to both sides are in order. Thanks for the quick replies ripper and inst. In my opinion the people whom are left fighting a long drawn out war are the real winners here. Zi really inst that bad. Did commonwealth lose a member the pantheon? Duck bay needs a slap, just saying. Who jumps sides to the victor and gets accepted?
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    Recently a deliberation had been convened in private. Many advisors, military personnel, and respectable individuals hand-picked from the populace in support for a Free Scotland had been called to this meeting. It was well known that Monarchial Governments were on the way out for Democracy in the new world, primarily, and sometimes Monarchies were even seen as immoral and questionable, as if Democracies were perfect. Many topics were held and many opinions made and heard; With the British Internationale being the formal government over occupied Scotland for several hundred years, many had become accustomed to Socialism and Communism. Many feared and hated Democracy for the original United Kingdom, seeing it as submission to another power and making them weak. It was very early in Scotlands attempted freedom, but it also knew it would eventually have to come up to speed with the rest of the world, and find its bearings as it developed independently. There was a need for a proper, formal government for (if and when) Scotland became liberated. The Queen not only agreed, encouragingly, but supported a meeting to discuss Scotlands, and her peoples, future. It had been decided to have something similar to an old Gaelic tradition, but a more modern form, with parts from other governments. For the time being, this was to be Scotlands government, all the way through regaining Scotland. After its liberation, time could only tell how it would develop. The Queen would address her people and bring them the news, bringing everyone into the fold. Other nations would also be alerted to the situation and ceremony as the Kingdom of Scotland would be changing governments, hopefully for the better. "To the people of Scotland, and other nations of the world. It has taken generations to come to this point, but it seems we are finally being recognized and respected as independent in the world. With the guarantee from the Allied States, the support from the United States of Northern Europe, the warm welcome from Mog Corp, and finally, the freedom of travel to our home - Scotland - by the British Internationale, it was decided we not only try to put effort towards gaining respect from these countries, but try to evolve the Scottish lives of our people, for the future, and prove we wre not senseless barbarians, but prideful, strong-hearted, and just as smart as any attempter! On this day, it has been decided that we will resign the government of an Absolute Monarchy, for a more peoples Monarchy. From this day forward, the Royal Family will no longer take the thrown by divine right, but only by the peoples choice. We will make great strides to restore the Church of Scotland to its former glory, and gain their respect and support. The Head of the Royal Family will be able to grant Nobility Titles to any Scottish Citizen they deem fit, and these Noble Families will be able to take the throne, so long as the People of Scotland choose them. The Throne should no longer be seen as a frightening possibility of cruelty and force. The Throne is here to be for the people, to make sure laws get passed, proper rules are put into place, and ensure the safety of the people with absolute military control. I, Queen Sorcha Catach, will sign the new Constitution, requiring the Ruler of Scotland, Absolute Rulership, but no power over the form of Government, nor permission to change any law that relates to the Government, guaranteeing this can not be changed in the future by any single Ruler, but can be changed by the people of Scotland, should they wish it. Please, we beg each and every one of our people, and the people of other nations, to speak up and give us your thoughts, as Scotland enters a new era of Freedom!"
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    Oh dear, you weren't trolling. If you don't understand, then I fear I cannot explain such simple concepts any easier than have already been explained.
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    ALERT CONAINM/^}* %... Merry Christmas Instances of SCP-784 have increased and are highly dan~+*>^* JOLLY The Foundation is under [email protected]># the MISTLETOE Item #: SCP-784 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-784 has been disguised as a gated community and is currently surrounded by a 3.5-meter-high, 0.8-meter-thick concrete wall to deter intrusion. The top of the wall is lined with electrified steel cable, and the gate is to be locked. Any non-Foundation personnel attempting to enter SCP-784 are not to be interfered with, due to the possibility of provoking a violent reaction from the occupants of SCP-784. Non-Foundation personnel exiting SCP-784 are to be detained, questioned, and released following administration of a Class-B amnestic. Foundation personnel entering SCP-784 are to be dressed in traditional Christmas wear prior to entering SCP-784. The area composing SCP-784 is to be monitored remotely by a Foundation-controlled weather balloon. In the event that personnel are required to enter SCP-784, all involved personnel must have memorized the entire contents of the A██ P███████ 'Beginners Guide to Christmas Carols'. They are to be checked for precision prior to entering SCP-784. Due to SCP-784's proximity to suburban housing developments, as well as the ramifications of provoking SCP-784-1, patrols within SCP-784 are to be unarmed except during a Noel event. In the case of an unexpected Noel event, members of SCP-784-1 are to be restrained as non-violently as possible while Foundation personnel prepare procedure 784-C. Description: SCP-784 is a neighborhood in the town of ████, Texas. Currently SCP-784 is made up of twenty-four houses and two apartment buildings, all of which are decorated with ██████-brand Christmas lights at a density of approximately fifteen lights per square meter of housing. SCP-784 will always be covered by between 12 and 33 centimeters of snow, though no unseasonable weather will occur above SCP-784. All houses within SCP-784 are occupied by a variable number of instances of SCP-784-1. SCP-784-1 is composed mostly of adult humans, all of whom wear sweaters typically associated with holiday gift giving. The number of unique instances of SCP-784-1 within SCP-784 has been estimated at three hundred. Instances of SCP-784-1 have not been observed engaging in reproductive activity, and no instances of SCP-784-1 have ever observably been born within SCP-784. Instances of SCP-784-1 appear to age normally, though the death of an instance of SCP-784-1 has never been observed by Foundation personnel. All instances of SCP-784-1 express traits commonly associated with 'Christmas spirit' throughout the year. These traits include singing of Christmas carols, performance of plays commonly associated with the birth of Christ, and various eggnog-related festivities. These activities are engaged in daily, though specific activities will never repeat more than once per week. STAY IN DOO<~#* GO OUTSIDE! JOIN THE CELEBRATION!
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    I'm so glad you asked! Let's see... A. War stats don't matter and have zero relation to proposing terms B. SK is on the winning side, who usually propose terms in this sort of thing. C. SK are big boys and can propose whatever terms they like, all that matters in the end is whether they're accepted or not. Why are you making a fool out of yourself on behalf on an alliance that booted you to the curb? Smith can't hurt you anymore (probably) bby.
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    Can confirm, @Mikey is a cruel tyrant who desires nothing more than to crush EMC beneath the iron fist of cinnamon toast crunch. I mean, it's almost like arbitrary war stats have very little to do with any aims or goals alliances might have when choosing what to propose as peace terms. Who would've guessed?
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    Adding onto what Scarf said. Is there anything the community could do to help? Im sure there are people who would be willing to. If it's just a matter of this being a busy time of year could you just reopen the stats as they were until you have the time to work on it? What was there before was great and some stats are better than none.
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    >not another irrelevant micro >protected Ok This isn’t a “Golden Horde” thing, this is Hippo’s biggest pet peeve thing. Most of the major AAs in this game have no standards with just accepting anybody who asks for a Protectorate tie, and yet quite a lot of people in random chats and back channels want to claim the game is dead due to stagnation moments - mostly caused by an inflation of AAs and dumb treaties. The fact that any major AA is willing to protect alliances that 1) Have no real membership, 2) No valued experiences, 3) Are not willing to defend themselves, or 4) Have no direction - is causing this game to be inflated with irrelevant AAs that simply just end up as some other AAs tool. And yet when those AAs get involved with some of the major backroom politics, they realize they’re not ready for it and make requests to others to bail them out. Hell, even some of the major AAs out there have shit gov/leadership. Players too scared or lazy, or simply have no idea how to handle their own issues.
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    checks the title of the topic Did you really miss the chance of writing "Ayyfrikan Safari"?
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    3 paths: 1. AK really does want BK and will eventually choose them as they cannot serve 2 masters. Makes sense considering tS has been reigning them in as seen recently against Arrgh. 2. AK is there as a deepseated mole/will be a piece to play in the upcoming IQ vs tS powerstruggle. 3. AK is really just looking for help since they've managed to piss people off. Shifty banking on the 1st, maybe 2nd. 3rd is just the easiest to imagine.
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    Relax BK is getting more and more prots so they can finally hold the great Burger King Hunger Games. Rules are: 1) All prots of BK will fight each other. 2) Losers will need to merge into the winning prot. 3) Winner gets to merge into BK. 4) Biel gets new city.
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    Having two protectors is pathetic. Having two from different spheres sounds like crafting a VG style copout of a conflict we know is coming. I'd agree with Buor here, but i don't. He doesn't go far enough. You're just pixel-hugging cowards, honestly. Hope you actually get rolled for it too.
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    No, you're not. AK is relying on other's protections just to exist. You're not strong at all. You're pretty much Vanguard tier at this moment.
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    A misclick is usually fixable on trading just simply deleting right after after it's posted. With the bot, they don't have that option and it's constantly retrieving the information. Point of the matter is, we don't like it and we're rectifying it. You're free to continue posturing against IQ but I don't care. Your analogy is trash as leaving your bike unattended doesn't excuse the theft. Feel free to make the thieves into the good guys. It's totally not transparent.
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    The war will continue until TheNG recognizes that I am the New and Improved Pigeon
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    tl;dr: CoS declares war on Guardian Mandatory non-chaining Destruction and Optional Annihilation Pact Article I: Sovereignty The signatories of this treaty promise to infringe on the sovereignty of each other, and agree to mutually disrespect the right to conduct one’s internal affairs without external interference. Article II: Intelligence The signatories of this treaty agree that they are very intelligent. Article III: Mandatory Destruction Both parties are obligated to bring it on... Article IV: Optional Annihilation … till there is nothing left of the opponent. That’s optional though. A tank or two can be left standing. Article V: Non-Chaining Both parties agree to not have exclusive rights on the destruction of each other. Article VI: Cancellation Raising a white flag will do it. Signatures: For CoS: Ripper For Guardian: Ripper -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaving jokes aside, I would like to take this chance to make some political statements: CoS was and remains truly paperless. This does not mean it remains neutral at all times. The alliance had the chance to join either side of the war (an offer was available from EMC) and the choices made were based on values of the alliance and wishes of its members. Although there are many parameters to take under consideration, if only one reason was required to understand the choice of CoS for this war, that would be the challenge offered and the behaviour of certain alliances; as of today: out of the almost 80 nations with more than 26-30 cities, EMC has 40 of them at its side, with the true paperless (CoS / TEst) having 14 of them, and the rest of 25 being distributed in all other alliances. out of the almost 30 nations with more than 30 cities, EMC has 25 of them (!), with the truly paperless (CoS / TEst) having 4 of them. We do respect the fact that some people may enjoy playing it safe, just signing everyone in their range and militarizing out of range. We do understand this may make them feel that that is how the game is supposed to be “won” or that taking it easy is the definition of fun. However, CoS would have no fun in joining a side with such a mentality. And would certainly not lose a chance to try and prove that there is no safe place to hide. Except for VM and deletion of course. Regarding our “ultimate goal”, we have a vision of a more fragmented Orbis, with more frequent, low-scale wars, and less paper strangling the game. Ironically, the side we had to pick has not followed tactics that move towards that vision (maybe the opposite is the case). However, removing the illusion of a “safe place to hide” is of greater priority for us, since we believe that this move can be a game-changer, in the sense of affecting the mentality of the corresponding players. Finally, to the parties from EMC that I was in touch with, I personally apologise for using ambiguity and playing with words to keep you in the dark. However, I hope you understand that telling you that I was already planning to go to war against your side was kinda difficult... I presume you would have done something similar, if you were in my shoes. Although I technically did not lie (you can recheck the logs), I will have to live with the guilt of not being straightforward with you. We hope all parties have fun and enjoy playing the game.
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    Huh, interesting that you feel that way. I wonder who else felt that way earlier this year.
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    This is how you declare wars. o/ Ripper o/ CoS
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    In a world where villains have grown in popularity and strength, the world cried out for heroes. One hero stood up amongst the sea of chaos, and fought to bring justice to all. His name, was All might, and he became the Symbol of Peace. With his passing as a hero, the villains of the world grew emboldened. The world that the Symbol of Peace had built, now faced a danger long since forgotten. To combat this danger, a new organization would be formed, and it would be named the League of Heroes. We hereby announce the creation of an alliance of heroes, henceforth known as, the League of Heroes. The League of Heroes vow to uphold the integrity and resolve befitting that of a hero, to protect and defend its members and allies from unjust assaults, to help it's heroes(old and new) grow over the course of their service, and to build a world that all can call home. Symbol of Peace: SamohT Protector of Peace: Vacant Chairman of Studies and Development: Vacant Chairman of Resource Procurement: Vacant Chairman of Investigation: Spectre Chairman of Combat and Protection: Vacant Treaties Protectorate: The Syndicate (Click on the image to join our dicord server!)
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    I can respect that, and I agree wholeheartedly. Again, the only thing that sticks in my craw is that it's a unilateral demand, and not a bilateral screw-deserters initiative.
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    The City of Books - a sacred realm separate from our own, under the divine protection of the Witch Senate. Here, countless books are stored, each one containing an entire world. In some instances, they may only contain knowledge of a specific thing, or group of things if they've been deemed important enough. Upon one of the many bookshelves within a small, semicircular room, rests one such book. The title on the spine read "The Legend of Hinamizawa." The following passage specifically relates to Hinamizawa Syndrome. History Hinamizawa Syndrome is a psychiatric disease found exclusively in citizens, or sometimes visitors, of Hinamizawa, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The disease was first discovered by a local researcher named Hifumi Takano in the year 1963. Takano would soon write a report regarding the history of Hinamizawa and the supposed disease plaguing its residents, with the goal of making knowledge of the disease public and to secure funds for researching its treatment. Part of Takano's report proposed that a member of the Imperial Japanese Army, one from Hinamizawa, was afflicted with Hinamizawa Syndrome. As a result of the worsening disease, this soldier fired at the Chinese National Revolutionary Army, triggering the second Sino-Japanese war in the year 1937. Several government officials at the time rejected Takano's report, as accepting his proposal would mean having to take responsibility for the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, which "Tokyo" had no intention of doing. Shortly after Hifumi Takano's death, his adopted granddaughter, Miyo Takano, took over her father's research of Hinamizawa Syndrome. She managed to secure funding from a "Tokyo" official named Nomura. Using this money, Takano joined with Kyousuke Irie and formed the Irie Institution, to further research the disease from within Hinamizawa itself. Use As A Biological Weapon "Tokyo" decided Japan needed a threatening biological weapon to compete with the world's emergent nuclear powers at the time. As a result, "Tokyo" commissioned research for both the cure and infliction of Hinamizawa Syndrome. In 1980, Miyo Takano developed H-173, a drug designed to induce Level 5 symptoms on any infected person. H-173 has since been used several times by "Tokyo" and later the Witch Council of Rokkenjima to assassinate an unknown number of targets. In 2018, an airborne version of H-173 was successfully developed, currently in use as a form of bioterrorism by the Rokkenjima Armed Forces. Signs and Symptoms The most common symptoms include anxiety and paranoia, which can force those infected with Hinamizawa Syndrome to commit strange and violent acts. Other symptoms include an extreme irritation of the lymph nodes and formication. Progression According to Hifumi Takano's research, Hinamizawa Syndrome has five different stages ranging from Level 1 (weakest) to Level 5 (strongest). Level 1 Almost everyone in Hinamizawa is afflicted with this level of Hinamizawa Syndrome. At this stage, the syndrome is largely dormant and has no effects on everyday life. However, the syndrome can easily escalate when those infected experience stress or anxiety. Level 2 Like the previous level, Level 2 Hinamizawa Syndrome is largely dormant and rarely affects everyday life. Level 3 At Level 3, the mental condition of the afflicted begins to deteriorate. Often times, the afflicted becomes both mentally and emotionally unstable. Level 4 At Level 4, hallucinations and extreme paranoia begin to occur. This can often lead to the afflicted taking drastic or violent measures to protect themselves from imagined enemies. Level 5 At Level 5, the syndrome becomes terminal. Often times, patients will claim hearing an "extra footstep" at this stage. An extreme variant of formication usually occurs, along with extreme irritation of the lymph nodes. This often leads to the afflicted clawing at their own throat until death. As formication can result from excessive use of amphetamines, those who die from Hinamizawa Syndrome are sometimes believed to have died from narcotic use. Causes Queen Carrier Theory Hifumi Takano identified an antibody of Hinamizawa Syndrome in the blood of members of the Furude family. He used this to designate the family as the as the "queen carriers" of the parasite, with the status of "queen carrier" falling upon the latest born female. He theorized that 48 hours after the death of the queen carrier, the parasites afflicting the villagers would aggravate the symptoms of Hinamizawa Syndrome, forcing everyone in Hinamizawa into Level 5 status. To counteract this, Takano created Emergency Manual #34, a contingency plan to wipe out the entire village in the event that a queen carrier should die. Although the discovery of an antibody found in the Furude family's blood was true, the Queen Carrier Theory has since been proven incorrect. Treatment The first treatment for Hinamizawa Syndrome, C-103, was created in 1980 by Kyousuke Irie. Developed from the previously discovered antibody in Rika Furude's blood, the drug was successful in reducing Hinamizawa Syndrome from Level 5 to Level 3. However, in order to keep the syndrome subdued, the drug had to be received three times a day via injection. If the drug wasn't taken three times a day, Hinamizawa Syndrome would relapse to Level 5. In 1982, Irie developed C-117, a slightly more effective drug for treating Hinamizawa Syndrome. Like its predecessor, C-117 could successfully reduce Level 5 Hinamizawa Syndrome to Level 3, though it only required two injections per day, rather than three. In 1983, Irie completed C-120. The most successful drug by far, C-120 could reduce Hinamizawa Syndrome from Level 5 to Level 2 with a single injection. However, the drug had extremely negative side effects when used on individuals who were already at low levels of Hinamizawa Syndrome, such as Level 1 or Level 2. When Level 1 or Level 2 individuals were injected with C-120, they would suffer muscle spasms, extreme irritation of the lymph nodes akin to Level 5, as well as a severe loss of stamina. As a result of these side effects, C-120 is sometimes used as a weapon and was given the nickname Crazy Medicine. In present day, knowledge of Hinamizawa Syndrome remains highly classified by the Witch Council. Research on a complete cure to the disease continues, however thus far, C-120 remains the most successful drug in combating Hinamizawa Syndrome. It is currently unknown whether a complete cure of the disease exists, or is even possible. Content received and slightly altered from: "Hinamizawa Syndrome." When They Cry Wiki, . 20 Apr 2018, 18:24 UTC. 3 Dec 2018, 05:00 <https://wiki.whentheycry.org/w/index.php?title=Hinamizawa_Syndrome&oldid=11000>.
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    Just hard cap cities at 40. Should have done it before people went over 30. Or alternatively, delete all cities over 30 and refund them. That would piss people off tho, but thats never stopped you before lol.
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    Gorge gave up being a TGH princess though, he stated as such on the Buorkhann radio show.
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    AK consists of members from before the Pantheon schism, they’re not “new”. Out of curiosity, are you competing with Inst on the worst poster award? TKR
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    Was hoping someone would take the bait ❤️
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    Each of them stared at Nielsen throughout her speech with a menacing glare of their own. Once she had finished, Esdeath couldn’t help but grin, chuckling to herself. ”That is truly hilarious.” She cleared her throat to stop her laughter. “First of all, would you mind telling me what international body there is enforcing these laws? Because I see none. The formation of one is part of what we’ve gathered here to accomplish, no? International laws can easily be dismissed as non-existent, as there is currently no international body to back them up. Secondly, it is quite amusing how you speak to four individuals who have killed hundreds of thousands by their own hands about morals.” The room was growing colder as she spoke, the temperature steadily dropping. “And how would you plan to enforce punishment upon witches who can live and die by their own free will? Emprison them? Then watch as they warp away with the snap of their fingers?” She grins again. “And you have it quite backwards. You’re the ones who should consider themselves lucky. If we were to meet in battle, you would quickly be reduced to absolutely nothing...”
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    Well according to their own internal surveys over half their members find peace demands reasonable. Government ego is what’s holding peace back.
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    So basically i was thinking about the idea of having a networth count when trying to figure out how much i financially have grown Basically networth would be Units Cities Infra (Worth) Land (worth) Projects Improvements RSS On hand Money on hand Credits on hand Baseball CURRENT Value ( So basically if your stadiums maxed it would always stay at that. but for players it only counts what is currently upgraded and not already retired players) I think it would be a nice way to see how much you've grown in networth or have lost. Maybe you could even have a graph. Of course theres the question of if it should be public or if it shouldn't be public. I'm leaning towards public view since espionage are already a thing but theoretically you could calculate their RSS and Money on hand through net worth but theres a lot of things you can't see as whether if the networth is from baseball/credits so i think it would be fine
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    This is a suggestion that has been floated previously, but I think that given the late-stage of the game it would really add something. In a nutshell, my proposal is that every turn, there is some (very small) chance that any given Nuclear Power Plant will experience an accident, causing a meltdown and resulting in the uninhabitability of the city. (I.E. The city is destroyed/removed.) Right now there are 0 mechanics that can reduce someone's city count. Because there is effectively no cap on nation growth, some players are just really far ahead of others and will always be farther ahead. Adding a meltdown mechanic will add a small limiting factor and at the least reduce the growth rate of very high-city nations. Yes, I know, you could just not use Nuclear Power Plants, and I would expect that some players would switch to Wind Power. Which, in my opinion is fine, as that does take up a lot more improvement slots and ultimately still accomplishes the same goal of reducing the growth rate of players at the high end. Here are some numbers I've calculated using a 0.0004% chance of a meltdown happening per Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) per turn. For smaller nations, the likelihood of experiencing a meltdown is lower because smaller nations either have no or significantly less NPPs. It's also important to recognize that the cost of rebuilding, say, City #10 is significantly less than rebuilding City #40. It would be a relatively insignificant change for most players, but it would up-the-ante so to speak for using Nuclear Power Plants, and IMO it's a fun mechanic - it allows a player's risk-tolerance to enter into their decision making when deciding how to build their cities. This change would of course be thoroughly tested on the Test Server for bugs, and probably wouldn't be implemented until late January at the very earliest. So, in the mean-time, I'm throwing it up here to get some feedback. The numbers could be tweaked, of course, but I think that this is a reasonable balance. Let me know what you think.
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    hi just a note that this is personal and not any alliance related Dear people of Orbis! I have come here to tell you very important facts - a new nation joins the war! I join on the IQ-T$ side I won't declare any in-game wars and this post in no way can be used as a CB against me, but i am WINNING WOOHOO and Nova Riata shall pay me 400$ after the war ends, my only requirement. Bye now, don't have enough time to write posts - people of Dumberia need to celebrate too! If t$/IQ turn on eachother i'll pause the conflict and join again when our scientists decide who is winning.
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    I was mulling this idea around for a while, and after seeing Alex's post about a somewhat similar mechanic (at least in its intention), I decided to propose the idea: When bombing/nuking/whatever-ing a city down to 0 infrastructure, that city is "destroyed", and is effectively disabled in terms of production, score, etc. (and maybe all improvements destroyed too. Idk they're not that expensive). Players who have their cities destroyed have to "rebuild" them at a cost of, like, 20% of their most recent city's cost (e.g. a nation with 8 cities has one get destroyed, it costs 20% of ~12m to rebuild, totalling ~2.4m). This accomplishes a few things: 1. Broadens the tactical application of attrition wars by allowing aggressors to effectively cripple a target in a protracted war (reducing the overall production limit by disabling military infrastructure) 2. Makes wars more decisive, as a thoroughly defeated target could be forced to rebuild several cities after a slew of punitive wars (but balanced as their score drops significantly, allowing them to avoid further punishment due to their base score being inflated from their number of cities) 3. Allows nations extra flexibility in deciding their nation score as they can effectively sell/lose cities if they feel they have gotten too big for their own good. Numbers can be fudged but the concept is this: instead of relying on an incredibly rare event to blow up a city at random, give that power to players who are willing to invest the time, energy, and money into trying to obliterate an enemy nation, and, more importantly, give it a tactical purpose beyond griefing.
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