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  1. You know I can't stand IQ and its leadership, and the way they are actively trying to kill the game. However, this couldn't have happened to a better person. Carry on boys.
  2. Classy as always IQ. Classy. Quite funny how Alex went and deleted the other leak thread, because I guess it was hurting his pals in IQ. I wonder how long it will be until this thread is deleted as well?
  3. LOL That didn't take long to circulate!
  4. Well I guess we will be seeing GOONs in the Coordination channel here soon, since we all know what happens when someone does something that doesn’t line up completely with good ol’ Leo-Thanos-Aragorn (or whatever dumb*** name he’s going by these days...) and Roq’s plans.
  5. Oh surprise surprise, The Super Sekrit And Not Real IQ is doing it’s same bullshit once again.
  6. I am not going to try and convince Alexio, or anyone else of anything. The headaches that are upon you right now, are because of what comes forth from your fingers on your keyboard. Again you probably need to take a break from the game man.
  7. Noctis, I have typically stayed away from the idiocy that seems to follow you. But all this crap you’ve spouted off in this thread, is even a new level of “speshul”, even for you. Not that I think you care, but I would like to echo what others have said. Take a step back, and take a break from the game. This is all a bit much, even for you.
  8. With all your posturing, did you actually think he would accept?
  9. Just thought I’d leave this here.... https://imgur.com/a/8eMlDRA
  10. The amount of cancer in this thread is impressive.
  11. Made it about 3 seconds before I felt like stabbing myself.....
  12. Yea it probably would undermine the suggested changes. I’d say the member shouldn’t be able to be removed until the war is over.
  13. So I've noticed a new "trend" here during this new war, and apparently its the new way to hide alliances banks. Here's how this works: Nation A declares a war against Nation B. Right after declaring the war, Nation A will drop his AA that he was on. Nation A will then create a new AA, and Nation B will still be fighting Nation A, and his first AA, even though Nation A is now on this brand new AA. When the war is complete, and if Nation B wins, the loss goes against Nation A's original AA, not the one he ended up on. Typically this person had switched AA's right before declaring war, and usually switch back to their original AA after the war declaration. I would like to suggest two possible solutions to this. 1. Do not allow nations to do this at all. Make the leaving of an Alliance Affiliation not available, until the nation is at peace, in all wars. 2. If the above won't work for some reason, then when a nation has a blockade put against it during a war, the bloackaded person shouldn't be able to switch AA's.
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