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  1. 22 Minutes of blah blah blah. How is your....what...6th retirement going for you?
  2. Thats what happens when the RnR here is a washed out and poor recreation of the former R&R. But hey, what do I know. Also, I kinda respect the &.
  3. We've heard this story before.
  4. Yea that is kind of what happens when 20+ TCM members decided they don't want get trapped in a Coal Mine that is in the process of collapsing in on itself due to poor maintenance and poor management.
  5. We would have loved to leave your Gov alone. Except that your Second In Command is a clown who got caught trying to be a shit raider. And we can't help that some of your other Gov members reached out to Swamp to find the truth as to why wars where occuring, and they agreed Shadow and TCM in the wrong. We didn't come looking for this conflict. Your genius 2IC did that for you, and we finished it.
  6. Pretty ballsy coming from you. One of your own Gov members came to & talking about he only declared wars because he was ordered to, and didnt agree with anything he was told, and agreed you where in the wrong. And if your bot doesn't lie, then post proof of these "1 Billion" in damages. And I can't tell you how many people wish you would try again.
  7. Good thing I actually like this song, since it's been in my head since all the little toxic assclowns had to do their jobs to amuse most of us this morning. Kinda sad the even with all the toxic douches who got kicked from "IQ Leadership" that we would have to still be stuck with these garbage humans. Anyway, congrats to our Prots VT and GATO, damn fine work guys.
  8. Congrats little brothers. I am happy things are moving in the right direction for you guys. Can't wait to see what the future holds for The Void Touched.
  9. Hey there Mr. "Why no, I don't have and control multiple nations" why don't you calm yourself down over there sweet tits.
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, Long ago, in another land, there was once an alliance, who felt neglected and mistreated, because they weren't able to represent themselves properly. Due to the...poor nature of the game, this majestic and amazing alliance, was not able to use the lovely symbol &. Now, there are some who still gather about, now and again, and speak of the old days, and our love for the &. Now, here in this realm, we can be our true selves, and worship The Ampersand appropriately with beer, prostitutes, and illegal drugs (Yes, I'm looking at you
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