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  1. Does this mean the DMs asking if & is hitting Camelot will stop now?
  2. At 1am Eastern Time on 8/22/2021 Camelot has issued their 72hr notice to Mystery Inc, we members of the bloc have accepted this declaration from Camelot. The treaty will remain in effect until such time. Signed, Ampersand Fark Weebunism The Commonwealth Aurora GATO
  3. Keegoz, did Lefty make you do this cause he’s lazy?
  4. Congratulations on 2 years. It’s warming to see you lot have figured it out. Here is to two more.
  5. Fine I’ll be the one to say it... good fight Oceania. Hope your rebuild goes well, you gained useful experience, and most of all hope you had some fun.
  6. Lot of words to not address what I actually said.
  7. This “secret” rhetoric is hilarious to me. There’s a great deal of irony here. However, that’s a talk for another day. You say “we” as if you’ve been in TKR long enough to have gone through one. You didn’t complain when you were on the giving end of one to them. In fact you laughed the entire time. Complaining of dogpiles is hilarious, TKR was well aware of what would happen if they did this. Stop trying to play innocent it’s unbecoming of an alliance that claims to be upholders of honor, respect, and integrity.
  8. Man even Camelot is fighting big sphere/bloc/group of friends/ whatever we’re calling it these days. Times be a changing.
  9. Should have just named the bloc “Honk! Canadian Geese in Traffic”
  10. Good fight Quack. Was a pleasure to bury hatchets and talk with the lot of you.
  11. Jordan is the best part of this announcement
  12. Who had them responding within 24 hours? Cause I’m gonna need to see a time stamp
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