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  2. Better dead than Olive.
  3. Orange man real bad now. Congrats on a successful reign Ri, you did great <3 Alright time to bully benfro and does this impact my future membership in TKR
  4. I took a culturally mutual phrase as it comes from the phrase you used and showed you that it it's not just a US/Canadian thing and that the phrase exists in multiple different phrasings in the world, since you wanted to brag about living and working in many different countries. Let's be honest with ourselves here, Harry did not mean moving to the white colour bloc to be a racist thing like you're taking it to be and instead you ran with this idea in your head instead of getting clarity. I know what's going on. I have been in several peaceful protests in my city since the murder of George Floyd. Now, please practice what you're attempting to preach here and be more aware of what you say.
  5. Actually, if we're going by the definitions of both, they mean the same thing. Thanks for admitting it was referring to the race of a person. I also think that you're the one who initially invoked race into this. As, I was in the discussion with Harry when he brought up asking some high income nations/alliance to join the white colour bloc. You went baiting. Took a big swing and you're still staring at the fences while the ball is sitting in the catcher's mitt. I would suggest you educate yourself more before using outdated phrases that do in fact have racial connotations associated with them.
  6. I would like to point out that due to the racial connotations of the phrase "Mighty white of you" which originated in the Southern United States in the 20th century, it is used ironically when it is used. The phrase "Play the white man" which comes from Britain is a play on the American phrase, it too has been used in racist ways. I grew up in Ireland and Great Britain and live in the Southern US and have heard both phrases used, I have never heard it used in the manner in which Buck is trying to say he used it. Furthermore, why would you use an embargo which is a thing you do when you disagree with someone and use this phrase? That only exacerbates the point that Harry has made that it was used in a negative way. It should also be noted that the US version of the phrase has been noted to have been used seriously in the context of "like a white man, not like a n****" I would also point out that it's common for white to be capitalized to "White" when it's being used in a racial connotation (you can see in Buck's posts that he has in fact capitalized the word white, the expression he is trying to argue for however does not have white capitalized). Ignorance of something being racist does not excuse it from being a racist statement.
  7. I’m not allowed to speak of this thing you call the basement it was a condition to let me out. Sorry Cooper
  8. The Queen has spoken. All hail Ri
  9. I blame smith. congrats Ri ❤️ long live the queen
  10. What the hell is this formatting?
  11. Best of luck in this journey my friends. Praise be.
  12. Funny enough, your BS is why I left Polar.
  13. It'll take them another month to figure this out.
  14. I messaged Bangas for you @Sphinx I’ll let you know what he says as soon as he rerolls a nation.
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