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  1. Funny enough, your BS is why I left Polar.
  2. It'll take them another month to figure this out.
  3. I messaged Bangas for you @Sphinx I’ll let you know what he says as soon as he rerolls a nation.
  4. You mean the people hurling all the accusations of us (col a) not wanting to end this are the ones who actually have no desire to end this??? Colour me shocked. The same people who claim we’re killing the community are the ones content with watching deletions and alliances die? I’m not sure my brain can handle this plot twist..
  5. I’ve seen more convincing Mexican soap operas than what you’re spewing out, please step it up.
  6. You’re not the bad guys. You’re that nerd in math class who only has power in math class but gets owned everywhere else.
  7. My thoughts are with you and your family bro. Take it easy and enjoy the time you'll have with family.
  8. Shows how little you actually pay/paid attention to what I've said. I don't actually dislike BK. I'm fairly neutral in terms of how I view them. I loved Yoso and Lordstrum. Even if Gorge gets on my nerves at times I still enjoy conversing with him when I bump into him. They can despise and wish ill upon me all they want. I've never actually been outspoken on BK, in fact I've openly stated I enjoy their propaganda and their "trolly" ways, continue to beat on a drum you know little of though. You have had very little encounters with me since we left VG so I'd be curious as to what behavior you're speaking of. Especially since in large part I have been away from the public light in this game since I want to say January due to some OOC ongoings. So enlighten me please. Edit: it’s dawned on me you may be referring to Gorge... Ahem.. He was high govt Econ at the time iirc
  9. Congrats on the war effort. Best of luck rebuilding.
  10. I don't know.. The BK members that were in our Discord were pretty upset. In fact, I remember Gorge running his mouth on it a few times.
  11. Man... It's almost... As if the info that those leaks had... Wasn't something that VG had been pushing for, for the better part of literally 2 months. It wasn't a secret to TGH/KT that you wanted to try and roll them. If I remember correctly, Buorhann (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here) came to us following our joining and said something to the effect of "you know they're trying to roll us right?". I know for the fact I spent 95% of my time in VG explaining why it was literally the dumbest idea which was always met with "no cause we have IQ on our side hurr durr" type stuff. Not only that, there was never a heads up that we may have had a leak before that "leak test" cause spoiler alert, we knew we had one we just weren't sure who it was at the time which if you knew we had a leak and who did it you wouldn't have: 1) Lied and said it was Kev when you knew it was Cynic 2) Actually been competent allies and told us who it was and how you knew, cause you guys never actually produced us the logs of said leak, in fact I was removed from high govt chats for repeatedly asking for those logs (remember this came after my long post that was calling all of your leadership incompetent fools). The leaks that were done that I saw however... First came from Polar, in fact, iirc your name was in the logs talking so... I mean... there is that. Second, Cynic leaked. TGH/KT let us know they had gotten the logs. So we knew something was up however we didn't know it was him at the time as the logs weren't released until after IQ rolled us. Because you guys were too scared to actually come to us about it much less hit us, btw real classy offering a fake NAP then pulling that offer 5 minutes before IQ declares on us. I also heard some rumors but never saw any proof that OWR also leaked (which wouldn't surprise me - I've seen wet bags hold water better). Feel free to prove me wrong on this. I'd expect actual logs and screenshots proving you guys somehow didn't know of these "leak tests" because ironically the things BC was given, was literally the plan that Polaris came up with the month prior. But I know this won't happen and I'll get the typical "bro we didn't know" foolishness and as naive as I was at the time I didn't bother screenshotting your ridiculous plots at the time so when you respond with the "show the logs" you'll think you have a "gotcha" moment. But that's fine with me cause it's actually pretty funny watching Polaris burn right now. And I regret absolutely nothing by leaving VG and then getting hit by IQ. Polar has always and will always be nothing more than snakes in the grass. Also, not that it actually matters, but we voted to leave Vanguard a week before we left, we were just holding out on you guys getting smart and not actually trying to go to war with TGH/KT and rather focus on fixing internal things, like your reliance on IQ for all things economic and your fairly poor milcom (which tbf... What I've seen of you all in this war... Has not changed at all). We decided to give you the results of that vote and announce our intentions to leave when you told us we'd be rolling out on a Friday on them. Which for all the talk of it being a leak test that Polaris knew nothing about... You guys sure seemed on board with it in the high govt channels. As far as Cynic stealing the bank, that was unfortunate indeed, the timing was suspicious but I don't blame IQ for that. However, one could see why that would be the obvious go to when BK accepted the bank and Cynic into their alliance and then got mad salty when they were told to return what was given.
  12. Congrats on achieving peace and best of luck in the rebuild.
  13. Then you admit you see why you would be hit in that scenario above right?
  14. So what you're saying is... You were putting together a plan to have KETOG hit? That would be plotting a hit on a foreign alliance(s) thus would be a valid CB when it gets leaked. Send your next in line to attempt this argument.
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