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  1. I’m the clear winner here. No work 😎
  2. Hello Orbis, For 3 years, I have been leading this fine group of people. Part time as a drunken fighter pilot in an alliance too cool for a name so we gave it a symbol, &. Before settling down here on the 4th Ward and enjoying Bourbon Street’s finest establishments. My time here has been the cat’s pajamas but it’s now time for me to head on down to my favorite juice joint, Maison Bourbon, go on a long toot and watch the saints come marching in. tl;dr cause you’re a zoomer and can’t read us old people’s sentences? I’ll be turning myself into the local authorities for racketeering. Galerion finally busted me for my Keno racket. Bourbon Street leadership is now: Councilman mutedfaith Councilman Galerion Deputy Councilwoman HannaH please send all hate mail and accusations of my wrongdoing to HannaH
  3. The real crime here is Florida lost so I’m stuck listening to Morf stroke his ego
  4. Better hope Alex doesn’t see all this talk of who is #2, 3, 50, etc or we’ll all be #1 in Rose again
  5. Congrats on the retirement old friend you’ve earned it and deserve it.
  6. Is this a announcement of disbandment?
  7. I might be guilty but you'll never get me.
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