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  1. Disgruntled by the British Internationales response to the situation, the Empress of the Tanakosin Empire prepared a formal statement, publicly. "The individuals proven to be peaceful Communist and Socialist protestors have not been jailed, I have ordered it that they be returned home and placed under house arrest for three months to allow our more radicalized population to calm down. I do not state martial law as a ploy to protect anything falsely, we admittedly have radical groups who protest Communism and Socialism at their core, and those who protest Communism and Socialism because they are foreign influences on our people. I am apologetic to the Communist families who had to bare witness to radicalized Royalists and Nationalists cause murder and destruction. The ban was officially made as a somewhat call to arms so that we could use force to bring order to the situation and protect the minority groups. We hope countries of other ideologies would think more of human lives than ideologies, if a peaceful protest was made against the current standing government, and radicals who shared the opinion of said government caused destruction and death to the peaceful protestors. This is not an attack on Communism, this is a resistance to our own radicalized grouos that we do not approve of. However, take note; I will not stand for encouraged bloodshed in any manner, and I will not backdown or look weak should I find support from any entity towards radicalizing a group. Thankfully, our Nationalists and Royalists who participated in the death and destruction did not have military grade weapons." Although, it was a given these radicals would be more likely to join the military, and use this thought process against the enemies of the Tanakosin Empire, but at current there wasn't a strong or formal psychological test for the military. However, moreover, the radicalized groups were not really being prosecuted, only a certain number of individuals were taken into custody, as public records showed.
  2. On this day, Empress Yrita Meesang and Empress Asami Nakamura, have formed the Greater Asian Union. It is a Military Alliance, and its stated purpose is to unify Asia, with no more strife or fighting. While within this Military Alliance, members share borders as if they were the same country. Resources, manpower, trade, all freely accessible, although of course it must still be requested by the current land owner. Military Access is a given, amongst all territory of those within the GAU, and the alliance also acts as sort of a council for Asian nations to speak and have their voices heard, such as when they are in need of funding, support, or have issues that need to be settled. All Vassals and Puppets are also recognized within the Greater Asian Union, however still owe fealty to their leaders. Mutual Defense Pacts are a given to all members, and all members must agree to a call to war to the defense of any Asian nation.
  3. Yrita clasped her hands together and nodded back, "then I thank you for this meeting, I hope we get to see more of each other in the future, so we don't have to feel so far as Asian Sisters." She smiled and turned around, giving her farewell and taking the Chinese Lion Mask back from her brother, preparing to leaving. Once passed her brother, Nattakan turned back to Empress Asami and bowed slightly in appreciation, turning back to her sister to leave the meeting.
  4. Her hand shake was an odd one, as she was trying to do something from western nations, but she wasn't really accustomed to it, nor was she much accustomed to any kind of interaction similar to this. Her grasp was gentle and there wasn't much shaking, butt she held the other Empresses hand with determination and nodded, before releasing it. "For the first time, all of Asia stands united against foreign invaders," she said, as she slowly took the katana. She was afraid of damaging it, so she called to her brother to take it, but not before she examined it and smiled. "Thank you, Empress Asami. I hope our friendship grows, and with it, Asia becomes whole. Asias most prominent leaders, sisters of each major Asian nations," she gave a slight giggle, "I am very honored to meet you." She gave a small, respectful bow and tilt of her head, "was there more to discuss?"
  5. Yrita agreed, "the Samurai were always very formidable, but not much in operating as an entire army. Special Forces is better suited as a similar term to them, for you." After having standing in the same place for so long, she began to slowly approach the Empress and then extend her hand out once she was only a few feet from the woman, but if they were to shake hands, it would force Asami to stand and approach her. "Empress Asami, I offer to you, a formal proposition for both of us to form what I believe the future of Asia; the Greater Asian Union. At least for now, our goal would be to free Asia from colonial powers, strengthen our core beliefs, and protect one another so no longer can foreigners invade our lands." While they were both Empresses, this faction would lead to a semi-unification, for goals to better the Asian continent. They would not be seen as separate countries, even though they would still have their borders, but they would be seen as Asia.
  6. The Empress nodded, agreeing to what the Japanese Empress proposed. "I had only asked that you do not speak to them, as I don't eant them to insult you, your people, or your heritage. But I do not control you or your people, certainly not your family." She bowed her head with closed eyes for a moment, taking in a breath, "I moreso wanted to warn you, than demand of you, I apologize. My forces will stand down, and give you the time you need. When you are ready, let us know. In the meantime, you could request my brother to support your military staff. Other than being my brother and my highest military leader, he is arguably as decorated as the best Warlords that China has ever had." Nattakan took a step forward, still not directly looking at the Jaoanese Empress, "as my sister, my Empress, commands it, I am at your leisure, Empress Asami Nakamura," he said with strength and loyalty.
  7. Nattakan silently cleared his throat at the specific mention of the Internationale, and which Empress Yrita stretched her hand out as if to calm her brother. "Yes... I have had a personal event occur with the British... I implore you to never speak to them. Just recently they arrived unannounced to the Tanakosin Empire, bringing many of their 'comrades' and not even sending a message beforehand, as you did. They came to me with no respect at all. The Premier did not do much, but he also did not say much. But he put his general in front and made demands of me and my people. Not negotiations; orders. Due to the recent Rokkenjima incident, the British internationale moved in to support to the local Chinese, and because of that, they came to my palace - my throne - to say to my face that I am not allowed to 'trespass' any further into Asia - my home. Because they own China. Please, I would never come to Japan, and tell you that Kyoto is no longer yours. We must work together, and free Asia from the pollution of the Europeans. Please, side with me and do not open diplomacy with the villains. We must go to action, show them we can not be pushed around. We are not Japan and Siam, we are Asians fighting for our people."
  8. Nattakan took a position behind his sister and off to the side, holding his head down out of respect. "Yes," Yrita responded, "I do feel the same. We are not trying to be Chinese, Siamese, Cambodian, or otherwise. We are trying to mix our cultures back together as we all have our roots together, and we want to live in harmony. I do not take offense, in fact, I respect you more by representing your own, just as I do. I was very much hoping that Japan would reform, but I am both surprised and overjoyed that traditions have taken place, it even makes me a little hapoy that perhaps I had an influence for traditional restoration. I would love to stand by the Nakamura Shogunate to protect Asia and route the colonials!"
  9. After some time had passed since the public denouncing of the British Internationale, the outcry from the Empress towards the Premier, and then the removal of recognition of them being a real, formal government, the pot of ideologies in the Tanakosin Empire started to become stirred. While wanting Asia to be free of the Major Powers that be Colonials, they were in support of a Free Asia movement, even though it came in the form of a Monarchy, with an Empress who held supreme power and military might. Unfortunately, due to the Empresses recent and somewhat harsh actions taken against the British Internationale while so early in her premature rule and being so young, many of the Chinese who were aided by the Internationale, with the aid of Socialists and Communists within the original borders of the Tanakosin Empire, began staging rallies and protests of the Empress. Immediately, the Empress banned Communism and Socialism, arresting the protesters and causing panic as Martial Law was enacted in the cities where the protests were being held. Freedom of Choice and Expression would be halted for today, as along with the Empress banning Socialism and Communism, the local populace who were radically against the colonization or influence of non-Asian countries, and those radical believers of the church and the Monarchy had began lashing out against the protesters. It was stated in an official announcement that the banning of Socialism and Communism and Martial Law were made to protect the protesters from serious harm from other radicalized groups that would act against them, physically or otherwise. The newly established military groups by the local Vassals became confused as they were forced to police the Empire when they were supposed to be used for protection of these very people, but it was also the intent of the public speech to calm the soldiers and put an ease to their thoughts, hopefully convincing them of what they were doing as right.
  10. Upon docking, the Empress was hidden, and seemed nothing more than a VIP among the locals of Brunei. She was escorted by about four Royal Tanakosin Guards and her brother, dressed formally, Nattakan Bunyasarn. She was dressed in Geisha-like clothing, but she also wore a Chinese Lion Mask. She would wear this mask all the way to the meeting place where she would find the Japanese Empress. She was most calm, waiting for the moment where they would be both introduced. It seemed the Japanese Empress would be waiting for her, so she entered, escorted at her side by her brother, the leader of the military, high commander of the Tanakosin Empire. Upon entering, Yrita did not bow, but her brother did, and began to speak. "Greetings Empress Asami Nakamura, of Japan. I am Nattakan Bunyasarn, the non-biological brother of my sister. I am the High Commander, Commander of the Tanakosin Military. May I introduce, our beloved Empress and my sister, Empress Yrita Meesang." He gave one final bow to the Japanese Empress before turning to kneel to his sister. Yrita slowly raised her hand to remove her mask, and at this time, her brother stood and graciously took the mask so she didn't have to bare it. She clasped her hands and laced her fingers as she smiled, "it is great to finally meet you, Empress Asami, I am so happy that Japan has been strong enough to reform and find its way." Yrita's face was covered in Geisha-like white makeup.
  11. Upon receiving the letter, the Empress smiled, lighting up brightly. Japan had restored itself, and it was being lead by an Empress! All she could think of was that the traditions of Asia had not died out just yet, and perhaps she had influenced Japan into finding a Monarch. She wasn't gleaming over the fact two individuals had absolute power in all of Asia, but at the fact the culture and heritage of Asia had not died, even woth the rampant assimilation and colonization of their part of the world. She agreed, sending a letter back as she prepared herself for the trip. This would be the first time, and only time, she may ever leave her Grand Palace. The prepared trip had one of her most powerful naval ships and the only submarine they had to escort in silence. Mog[Corp], unfortunately, owned the oceans where she wanted to go, so she did register with Mog[Corp] that her ships would be traveling to Indonesia with special cargo, but that was all that was said to Mog[Corp].
  12. Nate showed he was listening after sitting down as he politely ate the food, but he did not acknowledge what Mogar was saying, nor did he respond. He took his time eating before speaking up, "I can not make any decision making, it would be treasonous. However, there is some allowance for capitalism, and I could run my own military company. Unfortunately, my loyalty lies with my sister, and my sister alone. Anything I want, I must go through her, because I choose to. At this time, the region needs a gentle hand, not a warlords touch. However, I will tell you that the meeting is not over."
  13. Once Mogar had reached the dining hall, there were ceremonial guards at every entrance, and one man, dressed differently from everyone else, standing by at the door. He was very well dressed and decorated, similar in the old style of Siamese Kings. The table behind him was long and full of food, but it was quiet, and perhaps a little awkward, since the Empress was not joining. "Greetings, Mister Mogar," the man greeted the Mog[Corp] CEO, "My name is Nattakan Bunyasarn, but please, call me Nate if you prefer." He was speaking English, with an obvious accent, but it was very clear. He gestured towards the table to allow the CEO to sit, and he could have any seat, "I am Empress Yrita Meesang's non-biological brother, and I am the leader, the Military Commander of the Tanakosin Empires military forces. I do apologize for the decision my sister has made, but it is her right. I would like to feast with you, if you do not mind. I may be able to answer questions, if you have any, hopefully this is a... more relaxing, kind of atmosphere, compared to the Throne Room." He huckled, strolling over to the table to take a seat. "Also, if you have time," he said idly, not looking directly at the CEO, but at the food as he prepared a plate, "after the meal, I would like to speak to you in private."
  14. At first, the Empress was calm, being open-minded and listening to the Premier. She wanted to show respect as she believed if she wanted respect, she must also attempt to offer such. She nodded to the Premier in recognition of his endeavor to gift the Tanakosin Empire with luxury vehicles to be used in the future; it was quite appreciated. However, once the General began speaking, everything changed. It was obvious the music was being played by an actual person, as the melody changed slightly on accident, but caught itself up, and the translator became slightly distraught, and so too did the royal guards at the door, but they all stayed silent. There was another pause of silence in communication after the translator communicated to the Empress what the General said, and the smile left her face. Her appreciation of the Premier and the twinkle in her eye of the Generals attire were gone. The translator and Royal Guards were afraid of what may come next, but then the mood took a spin. The Empress began laughing, and everyone was confused. She became short of breath as she continued, getting a bit louder. Her voice was raised when she started speaking, mixed with anger and the uncontrollable laughter, and the translator attempted his duty. "You.... British... come to our land of Asia, say that you were here first, those who colonized our lands, forced our people into subjugation, dare to say these are your lands?" The Empress became hysterical, clutching her stomach as she giggled like a schoolgirl. She took a moment to catch her breath, "no, you see, what you don't understand, is that those of China that did not want you in their land, because of your past and present 'accomplishments' had left the lands you occupied. Thailand, as you may call it, is no longer full of only Thai people, as much as we detest the term. Siamese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Chinese - they recognized themselves as Asian, since what was Chinese became the symbol of Communism and Socialism in Asia. We exist from a unification of people that wanted you out, we wanted the heretics in Japan out, we wanted our sovereignty back. And you have the audacity to come here, to me, to tell me I can't walk on my own land?" Her laughter quickly died as she stood, and her voice became aggressive, "how dare you foreigners, come to Asia, and tell us, those who were born here, who have lived here, whose families have lived here longer than your own Britain has existed, that we can not enter our own lands?!" The Royal Guards approached the two, but didn't do anything, making sure they stayed quiet. "Asia is not a territory that you can paint and call yours, when you live on the other side of the world, you have no business here. Thank you, is that what you want to hear? Thank you for protecting us from the heretics that took Japan? Well you're not getting it, and you'll never get it. You should thank me, as I'm the one in power, and the one who doesn't want to fight. Asia deserves its own freedom, and it certainly won't get that from you. Should you have anything further to say, it better be an apology, any further disrespect and I will have to show our people neither they nor I am weak. Otherwise, you should leave, immediately. Should you provoke my guards, they will leave you with nothing but the shirts on your back, and, as the Americans would say 'a swift kick in the rear.'" A Royal Soldier approached, and out of respect, did not touch the Premier, but the other put a hand on the General, and only out of military respect, spoke, "it's time to leave, sir."
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