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    Keep up the good work, guys.
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    Got removed for being literally retarded. Still, as much as I'm hated by community in general, I'm still very positive on my rep on forums, so I must be saying something right. You on the other hand are not just downvoted by your opposition for being retarded, you're also not being backed up by your own people, cause even they disagree with most shit you say.
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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that ORB is now a public news & entertainment service - we have changed our paywall services..or at least, shifted them to provide a better service for the PW Community. The majority of posts & shows that ORB offers will now be made available to everyone in the community, not just those with memberships. Come by our official discord server and see the changes in detail. ORB is also now offering advertising space. ORB has the ability to utilize space on it's website & within it's discord server so that you can promote your business, alliance, or whatever type of propaganda you might be interested in broadcasting. Our server has nearly 300 active members(and growing) from the Politics & War community - why not piggyback off our community to promote yourself? Flat Rate Ad Placements Flexible Placement Times Custom Ad Designs & Creations Multi-Page, Multi-Post Ad Capability Exclusive Ad Locations Access to Exclusive Sales Lounge & Free Ad-Space on Discord Discord Ad Prompts Step up your advertising/propaganda game - utilize ORB for your next advertisement broadcast. If you are interested about advertising, please contact me on our discord server - we can get you set up asap. Check out the memberships for ORB Premium & Advertisements here.
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    From the desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The most handsome Fraggle Greetings Friends!! It feels like it was years ago that we started our journey. Only 100 days ago, we celebrated our 500th nuclear deterrent. Today, with a generous donation by Ryanzilla, we shall build number 600. As we finish phase five of The Fraggle Plan, TFP, we want to thank a few of our friends. El Commander: You've always been there for us. Daddy Critters and Soup: Your desire to buy discounted food from us has helped more than we expected. Zeebrus: Your spirit keeps us going. Ape and Hayley: Your weird relationship keeps us up at night wondering if the Sam and Diane aspect will ever play out. Thrax: You disappoint at times, but I count on that. Others of Orbis: You push us forward with your contempt for a peaceful Nation. Fraggle Rock will continue to be the thorn in your side Phase six will begin soon Many Hugs Uncle Traveling Matt
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    Shifty has the best show on Orbis, so planned out, the guests are great, and just 10/10 overall.
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    It will be funny if this is the first war to start in one year and end in another year.
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    ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: Bad Company Best Military: KT Best Flag: Yakuza Best War Flag: Rose Most Active Alliance: Bad Company Most Improved Alliance: Animation Domination Best Diplomatic Team: Bad Company Best Economic System: T$ Best Recruiting Staff: Rose Best Propaganda Staff: Bad Company Best Alliance Growth: Brotherhood of the Clouds Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2019: Brotherhood of the Clouds Most Immoral Alliance: Camelot Most Controversial Alliance: Dixie Union Most missed alliance: NSR (I miss their love ❤️) Best Re-started/Re-branded alliance of 2018: Brotherhood of the Clouds PLAYER CATEGORIES Player of the Year: Charlie Traveler Most Powerful Player: Kevanovia (why not) Most Dynamic Player: Dynamic duh Best Player Avatar: Mhearl Nicest Player: Tom Funniest Player: Charlie Traveler Most Active Player: DemonSpawn Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2019: Kevanovia Best New Addition to the Community: Kevanovia COMMUNITY CATEGORIES Biggest Controversy: BC bank theft Funniest Event: Literally any Great Job episode Most Entertaining Discord Channel(Please don't include Slack): Bad Company public Best Treaty Announcement: (provide a link) https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/23719-containment-breach/ Protectorate announcement Biggest Meme: Shifty (He is a meme) Most Hated Poster: Minesome (but he loves it) Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit): Von Horning WORST CATEGORIES Worst Alliance of the Year: The Boys Worst Military of the Year: Moonlit Sakura Worst Diplomatic Move: Formation of Avalon Most Inactive Large Alliance: Polaris Alliance Most Likely to Fail in 2019: Typhon Worst Nation Setup: Any new player Worst Fighters of the Year: Dixie Union Alliance Most Likely to get Rolled in 2019: Camelot
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    Kind of a shame that it's been offline this long; this site was astonishingly useful and well-crafted. If there's some circumstance that's making it inconvenient or impossible to maintain, maybe it could be shared...?
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    Sorcha huffed a small laugh, trying to be courteous and appropriate, "you've set up this Scottish themed meal!" She started to whisper, "I must say I am absolutely astonished and feel somewhat praised, but you made a variety of selections, I hope it won't uoset you if I don't eat everything." She giggled, taking the hint and straightening herself and giving a smile as she nodded, ready for the signing.
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    The irony of you misspelling incompetent is not lost on me.
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    SRD is also too proud (see: incompetent) to accept the terms.
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    Yes. With how imcompitent TKR sphere are in peace talks, this war will go on for a very long time. IQ has never won. They’re happy to drag out grit victory for and exceedingly long amount of time. TKR sphere is banking on them no longer wanting to fight. From everything I’ve seen The war will go on until they realize they simply need to surrender and accept the terms. While they’re might have been wiggle room before, from everything I’ve seen IQs side has unified more with each pathetic peace negotiation attempt made by their representatives. At this point there’s more desire to enforce the terms as presented than there was when they were first made.
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    If you're watching this, you must disband your respective alliance and join BK.
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    I like the idea of having a nuclear meltdown because I think it adds a fun random element to what is normally a boring game outside of war. However, removing an entire city is a bit drastic. A better idea would be to have it make the city go 'inactive' for a few days, where it practically doesn't exist but is back to normal within a few days. @Shiho Nishizumi had the idea to make a nuclear meltdown function like a regular nuke, which I liked. Removing an entire city is to dramatic though.
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    From 15 cities and above, nations have to pay $100M+ for a new city. With a 25% chance of losing it, I am sure most nations above that level would switch to coal/oil power plants. A nation that is in a proper alliance could get 15 cities within two or three months. So, a nation would have an "advantage" in improvements only for that long. The way the numbers are now, I am sure that the current mechanic will just make all active nations just switch to other power plants, offering no real extra growth advantage to smaller nations. As a theme/mechanic per se, it would be useless but also a little fun. Having things like natural disasters (and player vs game mechanics) is an idea that could spice things up.
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    In an effort to keep the Directory up-to-date, I've un-pinned the old thread and just posting a link to the directory on the Wiki, which is much easier to keep current. To find a list of all game-related Discord servers (Alliances, Banks, Mini-Games, etc.) please visit the Wiki page here: https://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/Discord_Directory Future changes can be made by updating the Wiki page itself.
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    Sorcha stepped in enough so that the door could be shut and her soldier could enter. She immediately bowed to the President as soon as she made herself known, "thank you for taking the time to meet with me, President Harris. This is Captain Dunaid, Captain of my personal guard. I hope you'll excuse me, we don't really have a formal government as much as you, that's why my people settled on a single ruler; one head of state. It seemed the fastest way for them to establish legitimacy, so it's just me." She took a couple steps froward while Captain Dunaid stayed by the door, Sorcha meanwhile extended her hand to both of them out of respect. "You've been very generous to me and my people, please do not think for a second I will forget about this generosity, and the great lengths you've went to helping us." She was dressed in something a little different, a little foreign, and probably a little vintage. But she was trying to show her nobility without showing it off. (Queen Sorcha Catach) {Captain Dunaid)
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    Just for clarification, "trust that we will handle it" wasn't the offer, nor did we ever say that all cases were legit. The offer was that we'd compile our own lists, kick actual war dodgers from the alliance, and let you have your way with them. Having kept track of my own actual war dodgers this war, I know my list is longer than the one your side made, it just doesn't include the two that you did and it doesn't because I don't generally allow war dodgers to stick around long enough to reach that size. This original offer was made when we were under the impression war dodging culture as a whole was what you were after, which doesn't appear to be the case. Hear me out with the rest of this post before you go getting mad at me because I'll explain what I mean more. Also, just for transparency, here's the original counter offer: Coalition A doesn't have access to the same information regarding member reasoning for VMs that we do and so lacks the proper information necessary in order to determine if a member is a legitimate war dodger or not We all have our own methods internally for handling VM/war dodgers and we've been monitoring our own members throughout this conflict. We're willing to compile our own lists of actual war dodgers as determined by us and remove them from the AA After members are removed from the AA, you'll face no intervention on their behalf by their original alliance during the time of this war should you decide to go after them And if you wanted to base war dodging cases off more than just reasoning, we could have discussed that but instead it was outright rejected. A member's reason for entering just the first indicator I personally use when determining if someone's war dodging and the one that hit the hardest for us, knowing what we do about some of our members' reasons for not participating for the entirety of this war (all of our nations have fought to some degree). The two other major ones are my general knowledge of that person and how much effort they put in when they fight historically, which can be shown fairly easily through looking at their nation page and would be an easier, more objective look at it to add in, if that's what you wanted. When I refer to no research being done, I'm referring to historical evidence here. The research done was primarily just people that went into VM during this war and logged on once during this time. There's nothing there that addresses it being a pattern of behavior, which is what changes it from just VM users to war dodgers. I'm not suggesting anything totally insane, you don't even need to be extensive and break out old war stats or anything. Like I said before, it just takes a bit more of a look at their nation page. The unit kills for their age is a good start, for example. There's also already been an established method for identifying them through a prior war, which was even lead by a guy on your side. His criteria, when applied to our alliance, does help you identify who is and isn't a war dodger when applied to our VM users. Yes and no. This is where our confusion lied with making a successive counter term, because, while your term may be technically correct, war dodgers already has a definition within this community and it doesn't signify someone that went into VM one time in one war. I do agree with you that had they said VM users from the start we'd probably have had less of an issue because VM users and war dodgers are different things. People on your side are free to continue yelling at me and claim I'm "elawyering" and it's "semantics" but, as has been shown throughout this thread and throughout literally the last few years on Orbis, there is a difference. Your side's term doesn't address war dodgers. It addresses folks in VM and damage parity/rebuild concerns. And that's fine, if that's what you're after. Let me reiterate something I said in my first post on this thread though. This term itself isn't the reason we stopped talks. The primary reason we stopped is because we felt the other side wasn't willing to negotiate in good faith. You can say "we're the winning side and we don't have to negotiate it good faith" and sure, you don't have to, it's your decision. But that doesn't mean that we're obligated to roll over and just accept that either. So we walked.
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    Don’t care, voting system is just a way for people to try manipulating what you say to their benefit.
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    While on a Afrikan Safari, a traveling Ayylien came across a local villager from the village of Afrika Korps. After befriending many of the other villagers, it was hard for the Ayylien to return to his home planet of the Black Knights, so he bestowed the gift of paper upon them before continuing his journey home. Article 1: Poachers are not okayy In the event that poachers cross into Afrika Korps land, the Black Knight’s Ayylien will return with many friends to destroy the poachers, unless the villagers accidentally invited the evil poachers. The Ayyliens have their own anti-poaching defenses so the villagers are not obligated to assist the Black Knights if poachers cross into their lands. Article 2: The Ayyliens always know Afrika Korps agrees to send any intel pertaining to the security of the Black Knights and/or its allies to the Black Knights immediately. Additionally, the Black Knights will not withhold any information that will directly impact the security of Afrika Korps. Article 3: Payyper is not always good Afrika Korps understand the importance of the gift of paper; therefore, they agree to make sure the Ayyliens are ok with creating more paper if they so choose to do so. Article 4: The Princess Afrika Korps hereby agrees to always recognize Gorge as the only and true princess of “The Golden Horde” and “Bad Company” and will always call him by his title “Princess Gorge” Article 5: Lost Contact If either party wishes to burn the gift of paper in order to start a fire, they may do so by notifying the other with a 71.87 hour notice. For BK: Thanos - Emperor Tiber and Taco - Viceroys Amaryllis - Archduchess of Foreign Affairs Starlight Glimmer - Archduke of Internal Affairs Curufinwe - Archduke of Defense Gorge - Archduke of Economics xStrykax - Archduke of Communications DVDCCHN - Archduke of EDO For AK: Kriegsherr 🔹 Don Generaloberst 🔸 Skae Oberst of FA 🔸 Velium Oberst of IA 🔸 ☭ Comrade Deus Vult ✠ Oberst of MA 🔸 Black Knight of Ages Oberst of Propaganda 🔸 Duceless Siberia Any and all questions and concerns should be directed in the comments section. Those who say Ayy Lmao in their comments will have top priority.

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