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  1. Oh dear, I'm imagining a lot of cancellations post war. Lots of these treaties seem to be ones of convenience and it's certainly coming to light
  2. Your witty retort has greviously sounded us, my good sir. I'm unsure how we shall ever recover
  3. They joined together to hit bk because we had logs showing they planned to hit us. Then NPO came and defended them with no treaty and no logs. But by all means, keep drinking the coolaide.
  4. This is absolutely pathetic. Enjoy the wars, and dont forget your history with karma bby.
  5. I love you syndie, but this is a poor showing. I didn't realize it required the vast majority of the politically active game to beat 12 alliance, after theyd previously been at war for about a month.
  6. Friendly reminder to get your regular helping of soup, now with extra salt courtesy of certain individuals
  7. Planning to hit someone has always been a valid CB in every instance. The issue that most people find themselves in, however, is most coalitions have enough compatence to not leak hard evidence of it.
  8. Woot woot Good fight you guys. Much respect o7
  9. This makes me feel so patriotic
  10. The soup is too hot for you, but it's okay. We will send you some melted ice cream as compensation
  11. Much love to you guys. Win or lose it's been an enjoyable fight. o7 Even if we win, that infra is still burnin'
  12. I think they have before and will again. And if you think otherwise, I think you're naive.
  13. From who? Peanut gallery or horseman? It would've costed face but no one would've gotten actively involved. So I fail te o see what you're referencing
  14. Only wars where he gets hit, it seems. It appears he has admitted to an inability to recover from the initial hit and as such finds it justified to gripe about his inability to handle the situation. Meanwhile, FARK is putting up a strong showing, which I can respect. Fun banter on both sides. Wars are a lot more fun when you don't have whiny children moaning about losing pixels and punching back. Nb4 you bring up knightfall, please remember you were salty af and I don't care.
  15. They already had superior numbers, your suggestion is to toss away the only advantage we would possess? It's a fun little notion, but not at all practical. It's good natured because no grudge was carried into the war by my knowledge, and no reps were or are planned, to the best of my knowledge.
  16. Ever heard the expression "All is fair in love and war"? If we wanted to screw over wtf and fark we would've attacked with the entire bloc. This is a good natured war, declared to provide entertainment for both parties. We got the initial advantage by attacking first, and you have the over all advantage of having more numbers. This is the fairest war you're likely to see in these games, and there will always be someone !@#$ing about the wars themselves. As far as I'm concerned, this is a solid war, and we get to see what everyone is made of, and walk away with some fun. Anyone that wants to whine about it, can continue doing so while the rest of us actually and actively /Do/ something.
  17. We've got the best chow in town
  18. It's a complicated series of relationships, dont judge!
  19. Owf diplomacy doesnt work for anyone. Just saying.
  20. As per the agreement with MoG Corp, the new territories would be accepted with the conversion to the credits currency. The new territories would come under communist policies, while general policing would be taken over by the Dominion Personnel. MoG Corp bases and staff would be permitted to continue operating in the area, as a gesture of good will to the national friend. The corpses of the USNE citizens had been implanted with plastic explosives, before being shipped to the northern border. When returned, they would be set to detonate within 12 hours, with the intent to cause damage to the nation towards the north. Furthermore, communists in what remains of Ukraine would be armed and cultivated as the Dominion planned their borders expansion. The intent was to have traitors capture and detain enemy combatants while the primary force moved in to capture strategic points and infrastructure. Dominion eyes would focus on the USNE, utilizing their few intelligence satellites acquired from Germany.
  21. Things began to simmer down, as citizens of the USNE either fled the country or were killed in riots. Local police forces insisted they were hunting down assailants publicly, though in actuality the cases were immediately put in a cold case section, as the pursued people believed to be treasonous. The Dominion would begin focusing its efforts at constructing EMP weaponry, in order to combat the USNE threat if a similiar variety. Tanks would have their engines protected by a small faraday cage, while the electronics themselves would be hardened to ensure their continued effectiveness. Having already been equipped with the passive trophy system to defend against anti tank missiles. An Over the Horizon artillery piece would be out under construction to effectively increase the threat radius of Dominion military, and allow precision striking with shelling. Finally, uranium would begin being refined into a weaponized degree, to be placed in the Minutemen III warheads. This would be done in an underground facility to ensure secrecy from the world. Negotiations would also open up with MoG[Corp] to get a stockpile of munitions to ensure the ability to endure longstanding conflict. The poor would be out to work establishing new mines and building factories for the Dominion to begin bolstering their army.[Producing 3,000 tanks and 300 aircraft per ic year]. Finally, the Dominion armed forces would make a push to build their armed forces, attempting to reach 3,800,000 within the next 2 years.
  22. The new nation was teeming with life, as the formerly repressed communist party excitedly exercised their newfound power. Many officials from the former regime were arrested, in some cases riots would have beaten then to death. Within a week, Frederick Cofvus had firmly controlled his new territory, and mobilized his military, putting 1/3rd of his ground force on the northern border, with half of his force on the border with Germany, and the rest distributed throughout the country. Enlistment would begin tibfurther increase their numbers, as missile and tank numbers would also be increased. The 7 SAM sites capture in the creation if the nation was not considered enough, and the frozen assets of the government officials would be used to construct 11 more. Funds from the primary budget would be spent on hardening criticam national infrastructure in the Ukraine(as Germany and military equipment already had it). Finally, a parade would be held, where communist leaders from around the world would be invited to watch. Meanwhile, the occasional riot that ended with beatings of USNE citizens took place, with some leading to deaths. In one over aggressive incident, a usne citizen was disemboweled and dragged through the streets. That incident ended with the arrests of the 2 main perpetrators.
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