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  1. Yep, Alex is probably wrong and Wiggum is right. Regardless of Alex's rules, there are some things that are illegal anywhere, e.g. plotting the assassination of a world leader (via war declarations, ridiculous as it sounds.)
  2. Is there a reason/has it been disclosed to CoA leaders privately? This seems to be the main issue.
  3. Vote thanks and write this ^ to downvote.
  4. I may not agree with your response completely but at least I got a civil response. Thank you!
  5. Third party here. Glad someone on colB is finally addressing the stalling. My question to you is, do you think the stalling (which has been shown to be intentional not circumstantial by the logs unless you can prove otherwise) is okay? I think the main argument from coA is that stalling is bad faith negotiation, especially when done 'so we can get two months more of infra grinding.'(underlordgc) In the past I believe that peace negotiations have been swift and have never heard of intentional stalling before which I too, would feel like was done in bad faith if I had to experience it. What is your sides pov?
  6. The main issue seems to be that roq claimed the reasons for sending the terms one by one were discussed in private with coA leaders. If we were to be privy to that discussion or, more precisely, able to understand why the terms are being given one by one, instead of all at once as has been the precedent, better understanding of the underlying situation could be achieved.
  7. How do you complete peace terms that haven't even been approved yet? (According to kastor)
  8. Forgive me if I am wrong, but what I am seeing, as an outsider with no knowledge of the negotiations, is that some people said (on another thread) that they wouldn't surrender because the surrender terms are worse than surrendering itself. Which is true? That they did not let you surrender? Or that the surrender terms were too harsh for you to accept. Or is it that they ignored you when you looked to negotiate the surrender terms? I have heard reports of negotiation attempts being trolled, logs of such trolling would be very informative to the wider community, although I accept the reality that they may be private/deleted. Maybe I missed them, apologies if I did. To be clear I am taking no sides, just looking for facts. I think it is very clear that: a) If Coalition B is not letting you surrender that is an act of very bad faith for this game. This will lead to the death of your sphere, either by quitting or disbandment. b) If the terms are too harsh for your liking but they refuse to negotiate them down then that is also in bad faith for the game, i.e. people will want to quit more due to having an effectively dead nation, however, they are winning the war so it seems they should have more power at the negotiation table at the very least. c) If they have laid out terms and you are attempting negotiation but cannot come to an agreement then that is a very unfortunate situation. d) If they are trolling your negotiation attempts then it is similar to a) Anyway, all the best. Edit: Just read surrender terms in Kastor's post. Seems that an unfortunate scenario has occurred. I am free to be corrected. Edit 2: Seems like the term withholding is due to non approval. Looks like bad faith to me but feel free to refute coalition B.
  9. Oh, true I guess. Well, I wouldn't hold it against them to leave then.
  10. Giving up already bud? Three months?
  11. Yes, but there's a reason it's called a suicide attack. In fact, losing infra in all cities is likely a benefit with the strategy.
  12. Oh god, I think I should sleep too holy shit...
  13. I meant, why the sarcasm? This thread is already a dumpster fire
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