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  1. Yep I agree, especially with that last bit. There are some people who will skirt the rules or tap-dance on that thin line between what is allowed and what isn't, hence why I suggested punishment for predatory behavior to be more harsh. So yeah, I don't think there's harm in a little bit of clarity neither.
  2. Pretty good, I like it so far, I don't think we need a static comprehensive set of guidelines for every circumstance out there, but I think it's a lot better than the way things were for years. There's a couple of things I like to address, personally I think punishment for predatory behavior should never expire, I don't think that needs much explaining. The second thing is that we kinda need light shed on transphobia and homophobia, I think the severity of the punishment of such acts should be on par with sexism and racism but that's just me. There's a few transgendered and gay folk here who would probably appreciate knowing they're protected, it may even welcome new players. I know we all have differing opinions on the matter and I respect that, but they're people too and there are indeed serious issues surrounding that sort of thing.
  3. You know exactly what I mean
  4. Why are there OOC political statements in an IC DoE thread lmao?
  5. Oh dear god, when an EVE Goon says another branch is much worse, you know it's bad.
  6. They are referring to the New Pacific Order, an old community born from the ideas Francos Spain planted in The Pacific back on NationStates, I wanna say in 2003... yeah, it's that old. They are known to be very numerous, tend to consolidate a powerful foothold in nation simulators, and operate like a hella efficient well-oiled machine. I used to be a Pacifican for years in many branches; NationsGame, NationStates, Cybernations, and even here for a good year as I fought with them during Trail of Tiers. Long story short they kinda made jerks of themselves here by developing an interesting plan to maintain long term self-sufficiency in their endeavors to make the competition quit the game, luring HUNDREDS of tax farming puppets in with illegal manhwa translations. Would make for a badass story if it wasn't for the threats, doxxing, and the incessant disrespectful porn-spamming rule breaking that ensued following the exposure of their gargantuan illegal tax farm. As for more coming back, I highly doubt many would bother.
  7. I don't know how, but that strikes me as the most Minesome freaking thing to say LOL
  8. I am just gonna go ahead and say this, but it's all a matter of perspective. I personally don't care if some super hegemony waged perma-war with the intentions to depopulate the game (threats and dumbass doxxing aside that just goes without saying). I really don't care for P&W like I used to, but that's me. However, some players think otherwise and they cherish the game that united them with people that made a positive impact in their lives. I love Yuno, me and her go back by five years at the least, but she was a major component of something that threatened to take that all away. So if players feel the need to show concern and protect their friends, I understand and respect that. You're making yourself look silly so to make everything easier on yourself, you're kiiiinda gonna have to respect and understand that as well.
  9. This becomes ironic when I remember people hating micros because they stagnate and cause players to quit the game.
  10. What? You can do that weird resource glitch from 2019? Except this time it's worse?
  11. To be honest, I been hearing them all since 2017 at the very least lol War, war never changes... Except for the war mechanics, those change all the time.
  12. The opening post is actually very good advice to hear as someone who believes they have no one and are unable to stop looking back, so take my upvote.
  13. Dude I can't help but die a little inside when I consistently struggle to obtain immense triumphs over people with 900-1100 planes less than me lol
  14. Since you are FA for The Immortals, I feel like this is necessary. I understand you are frustrated, but when representing the foreign affairs of a major alliance, you really have to learn to save face and bite your tongue because it will look bad on TI and lead to some major diplomatic setbacks, which will end badly for them in future wars. You have nothing to gain from engaging with people like you have been doing recently, believe me dude, most conflicts are just alliances getting even with other alliances and it can be over the smallest slight.
  15. Is it some kind of defender bonus? I am just curious because the struggle to obtain an immense triumph against someone half my plane count is real.
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