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  1. Ah, the reoccurring theme of questioning CB validity, I seen that one since I started playing here. Never gets old lol
  2. I don't want local weebs here to feel bad about who they are because I generalized based off my anecdotes, I just uh, never met a nice one outside a few instances here in this game and P&W still had more than its fair share of bad encounters lol
  3. It's too soon, but GG it was nice being on the guerilla side learning the hard way what the war mechanics have changed into.
  4. He's cobbling together the evil micros that stagnate and chase away new players then, sounds like he's doing Orbis some community service.
  5. And now you are the leader of an alliance that is 8 times IRON's size, pretty active outside a few orange blips, and has good tiering. No disrespect for IRON since I love CN culture, but it's their loss. Best of luck to you, I love newer alliances that have almost 200 nations, nurturing that many low tier countries is exciting but no easy feat.
  6. Noice, I like it. I think Hand of Fate should be the Ordo Malleus LOL... I fought against and alongside Knight Templar's members and they're one of the fiercest opponents I ever faced since Mensa HQ. Also hi Bob, Merry Christmas to you too.
  7. LOL I love the idea of war reparations and limiting military, I really do. If reparations ever becomes a thing, it would definitely have to be limited because if you lose 6 wars and they all decide that you pay reparations, then mega RIP economy. I'd be alright with making Weimar Republics out of people, but I don't think that's possible given how the economy system works.
  8. Nukes deleting cities is quite honestly a veeeeery bad idea, it would render every viable war strategy, absolutely pointless within a short amount of time. Imagine going through the effort of suppressing a specific score range of nations against all odds and the suppressed side just lobs warheads that knocks you and your friends down three tiers. War would be pointless and nobody would want to wage it. 50% chance is very high especially if you have more than two offensive slots filled and I think that's unfair to everybody who worked hard to even get past 20 cities. Of course, wars IRL are pointless and nobody wants to wage them due to potential nuclear warfare ending most life on the planet, but P&W shouldn't be a reflection of that.
  9. Yep I agree, especially with that last bit. There are some people who will skirt the rules or tap-dance on that thin line between what is allowed and what isn't, hence why I suggested punishment for predatory behavior to be more harsh. So yeah, I don't think there's harm in a little bit of clarity neither.
  10. Pretty good, I like it so far, I don't think we need a static comprehensive set of guidelines for every circumstance out there, but I think it's a lot better than the way things were for years. There's a couple of things I like to address, personally I think punishment for predatory behavior should never expire, I don't think that needs much explaining. The second thing is that we kinda need light shed on transphobia and homophobia, I think the severity of the punishment of such acts should be on par with sexism and racism but that's just me. There's a few transgendered and gay folk here who would probably appreciate knowing they're protected, it may even welcome new players. I know we all have differing opinions on the matter and I respect that, but they're people too and there are indeed serious issues surrounding that sort of thing.
  11. You know exactly what I mean
  12. Why are there OOC political statements in an IC DoE thread lmao?
  13. Oh dear god, when an EVE Goon says another branch is much worse, you know it's bad.
  14. They are referring to the New Pacific Order, an old community born from the ideas Francos Spain planted in The Pacific back on NationStates, I wanna say in 2003... yeah, it's that old. They are known to be very numerous, tend to consolidate a powerful foothold in nation simulators, and operate like a hella efficient well-oiled machine. I used to be a Pacifican for years in many branches; NationsGame, NationStates, Cybernations, and even here for a good year as I fought with them during Trail of Tiers. Long story short they kinda made jerks of themselves here by developing an interesting plan to maintain long term self-sufficiency in their endeavors to make the competition quit the game, luring HUNDREDS of tax farming puppets in with illegal manhwa translations. Would make for a badass story if it wasn't for the threats, doxxing, and the incessant disrespectful porn-spamming rule breaking that ensued following the exposure of their gargantuan illegal tax farm. As for more coming back, I highly doubt many would bother.
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