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  1. Yeah, now it's gonna take a while to catch up to you in city count and my damn meatloaf went cold that night, I hope they're all happy.
  2. Well, have fun then. I used to be addicted to fighting on the guerilla side of asymmetrical warfare and causing as much disruption as possible back in the day. It was pretty amusing.
  3. I don't know why but I just imagined third person narration between Nascar commentators while reading this. Also, if I reply to a quote with an @ embedded in it, will it notify Changeup again?
  4. I dunno man, being in micros isn't the reason why I am massively disgruntled with this game and people who often dwell in micros are there out of choice because they refuse to adhere to the higher standards of a credible alliance. If inexperienced players want to subject themselves to hardship and be zealous to a sinking ship, that's their choice, they clearly ignore the advice and guidance of people who been here longer. I don't see how raising the qualifications would change that mentality especially considering people disengaging and quitting the game among bigger alliances are already a co
  5. Assuming you are not a professional bullshitter, that is actually kind of a bad ass and fulfilling life.
  6. Inb4 someone accuses Terminal Jest of having an 'unnecessary and invalid CB'
  7. Actually no, not really, but funny nonetheless. Would you feel better if I switched to your side?
  8. Oh I was thinking along the lines of one on one, mano-a-mano. If I had it my way, I'd nuke rogue UPN and 'my people' too lol
  9. Actually, it kinda does, action speaks louder than words and war is the biggest medium of action here. I been high gov in several micros and only one of them got far in forging strong friendships due to being able to rise to the occasion and learn from its mistakes. Honestly, when you said that, it came off as an obvious attempt at damage control to me.
  10. I admire that enthusiastic bloodlust. Would you like some friendly sparring when the NAP ends? Me and you seem to be close in tiering.
  11. Ah, it's all a matter of perspective. To be honest, I know nothing of P&W's UPN other than it just exists lol
  12. So you made a DoW towards an alliance with nothing but inactive members, half of whom have only one city? You also implicated being so poor, that you must raid them to fund your smaller nations. Not actually trying to be mean, I am just confused, is there supposed to be an inside joke to this I don't get or something?
  13. Funny, I thought complimenting the group's Queen Elizabeth-style longevity was an act of immense optimism. If anything you have the "glass half empty" perspective on assuming I meant otherwise.
  14. UPN is immortal, after everything it went through in CN since 2007, I am pretty sure it's gonna outlive CN (probably even P&W tbh)
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