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  1. While on a Afrikan Safari, a traveling Ayylien came across a local villager from the village of Afrika Korps. After befriending many of the other villagers, it was hard for the Ayylien to return to his home planet of the Black Knights, so he bestowed the gift of paper upon them before continuing his journey home. Article 1: Poachers are not okayy In the event that poachers cross into Afrika Korps land, the Black Knight’s Ayylien will return with many friends to destroy the poachers, unless the villagers accidentally invited the evil poachers. The Ayyliens have their own anti-poaching de
  2. May we be forgiven for our sins! Please show us mercy Ayy Lmao!
  3. Classified Prisons have been put on lockdown and the chips will be monitored for any complications. We've also, just in case, contacted embassies with our security system to be on alert. Until then, we are tracking the broadcast to the original source which will take a bit of time. - Rei Guan
  4. ==Special Broadcast== A blackened face appears on the screen "For those of you who might not know of us, we would like to say you will soon enough. But for now, we'll allow you a taste of what we are. Your majesty, you might want to check up on that failed chip. It might not be an isolated incident. Criminals and citizens of Wintery you might want to rethink the program. Have a nice day. " The screen goes completely black
  5. Classified Security Update Security upgrades have been completed. Upgrades included an updated firewall and antivirus program. It would also include a security measure that would increase the alert time so tracing to commence sooner and if needed deploy reply to the threat with a virus. Notifications to the governments who use the system of the upgrades. Key cards should be work with the new system but news one have been made just in case. Chip Update We've had a complaint of a criminal who escaped. He was chipped but his tracker was being disrupted. Thankfull
  6. Infrastructure Upgrade A list of towns have been approved for either repairs or upgrades to their infrastructure. Such towns were selected by need, productivity, and possible return on investment. This list has also included the Kingdom's rural towns to help promote way of life. The project is start to set as soon as contracts with developers are finished. Emperor Pushed Into Background By Sister First Princess Lucia has announced those who wish to speak officially will have to talk to her or Second Princess Gem as she claims the emperor "needs a short break".
  7. Religious Conflict Again, calls for a national religion has been brought up. While such calls have always been done by the spokespeople of Crystalism (the kingdom's predominant religion), calls to have Christianity (the second largest religion) have also been heard with such requests with online petitions for both coming online and talks appearing on the televisions. So far the emperor has announced that Wintery has never had a national religion and there are no plans for that to happen. Another Royal Wedding? Sightings of Wintery's Head of Cyber Security Rei Guan withi
  8. Classified: Emergency Message to Top Military Officials This does not get into the hands of the emperor or anyone who will report it to him. Budget Concerns With Wintery's desire to expand and increase security, it was no surprise that costs would be an issue especially when Wintery decided to get involved with the Laurentian War. Discussions of adding to the budget have been met with issue as there have been heated debates to cut instead. Right now that's not an option for us and another round of discussions are planned to happen. The Emperor Personally
  9. Welp my appetites gone for the next week.
  10. Alert Raised With confirmation of a WMD used in Vietnam, the emperor has recently given a statement condemning the action and has issued a warning against the nation. As such, he has also raised the alert level and applies this especially to the kingdom's coast. Bases are told to prepare for any possible confrontation and to also follow up on his order to shoot down any Commonwealth ship or plane that comes close. He also issues the following statement to citizens: "I ask you do not panic, for now this is a precaution. We ask you continue with your daily lives but be prepared
  11. Statement from Emperor Ericson "Considering that the explosion was not too far from my kingdom, I do think I have every right to butt into your 'business'. Your response was over the line and seemed to only look as though you were stroking your own ego. And to make it worse when the international community expresses outrage, you levy a threat against them one of such being Wintery's ally. Usually I would stay out of such matters but with this being closer to my borders and the not so subtle threat against an ally, I will join the community in launch in sanctions. We will also have a stric
  12. Royal Palace, Omni Wintery "Well this, I should have seen coming," he tossed the folder on the table and looked at the people that made his advisory board, "Let me lay out the facts. Our budget at the moment might not be able to sustain a war if we were to interfere with what's going with the Suez. And I don't think right now we are in the right position to even be sending men in the first place. If we do go in we will have to look at places within our budget to slash and I can tell you the people will not be happy about this and it won't be the usual loud mouths outside the door. Let's a
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