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  1. Might have been mentioned but stop this underdog air strike BS. Someone attacking with less planes should not be guaranteed a win of taking out more planes than they will loose, even with an utter failure.
  2. I have found that those that don't earn the money don't stay. 'Earn' is a very flexible term in this case. Most of my cities below 25 were granted to me by people that didn't know that it takes strength and diligence to hold on to yer pixels.
  3. shh.. That's a sekrit! Let me file that away. I'm not so bad to deal with. Unless you look like a good raid. Even then I'm always polite as I lighten your load.
  4. Lmao! I can see clearly now!
  5. Greetin's Meh Yawn Oh! I didn't see you there Prepare to be boarded
  6. Sorry to see you go. Ye were a lively pirate and good entertainment. All caped off with your excellent stat tracker. You will be missed.
  7. Hope you reach my level soon!
  8. Love the changes. You're no longer safe sitting on max planes only. A good shake up for the pixel huggers. No more NPO style planes only drag down. I even feel a little sea water flowing in my veins. This by itself is the most likely cause of the pixel lovers tears.
  9. Please bleed for me, @Curufinwe Asking for White peace is not unreasonable. Certainly after such a long war.
  10. So if it is Leo? Looking to shore up a flagging alliance? Hmm....
  11. I'd rather keep fighting. This kind of BS backfired for NPO in CN. History will repeat itself, sooner rather then later I think.
  12. Money and or rss gotten by cheating should be deleted. Along with anything that was bought with illicit money. It is unfair to the rest of us that have stayed within the rules and have been playing this game for years.
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