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    MFW mods are the ones derailing threads now.
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    Oh no, there is no way to get this thread back on topic. The only logical course of action is to lock it.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever wondered what it means when people say things like "you need to be more dynamic" or "stop consolidating"? Never fear because today I'll explain just how you can be dynamic too using our flawless measurement system, The Roquentin Dynamic Alliance Measurement Index Here is how it works. Each alliance starts with a 50 in dynamic rating, the higher the dynamic rating you have, the more dynamic you are. This rating is continuously adjusted as alliances do any of the following things: Sign Treaties Non IQ alliance signs an IQ alliance: +10 Dynamic Rating IQ alliance signs an IQ alliance: +20 Dynamic Rating Non IQ alliance signs a Non IQ Alliance: -20 Dynamic Rating Cancel Treaties IQ alliance cancels a treaty with a Non IQ alliance: +20 Dynamic Rating IQ alliance cancels a treaty with an IQ alliance: +20 Dynamic Rating (or -20 Dynamic Rating if its convenient) Non IQ alliance cancels a treaty with an IQ alliance: -20 Dynamic Rating Non IQ alliance cancels a treaty with a Non IQ alliance: 0 Dynamic Rating Declare War Non IQ alliance declares war on an IQ alliance: -30 Dynamic Rating IQ alliance declares war on a Non IQ alliance: +5 Dynamic Rating (Would be +30 but IQ only preempts they swear) Non IQ alliance declares war on a Non IQ alliance: +50 Dynamic Rating And that is it. I hope this helps you and your friends to be as dynamic as possible.
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    Since there aren't any knight themed alliances around here, my alliance would be called the Turd Knights. Gov lineup FA: Catsby MA: LPS Econ: Clarke's sister IA: the jack of all trades, the almighty Vacant Propaganda (Recruitment Staff): the HBE recruitment bot Brown would be the alliance color and we'd have just 1 treaty (the most legit of them all) - a PIAT with Noobs Army. EDIT: for some reason the flag and war flag aren't being displayed. ;_;
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    Guinness has given Monster Island the 72hr notice of cancellation for our NAPODP treaty. We have given our reasons in private. We wish Monster Island all the best in the future.
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    Alliance name: The failures Color: It doesn't matter, all players are beige or grey Flag: The point of this alliance is to be the worst ever, we like players with a stupid nation setup and players with a lot of negative forum rep, we start a blitz doing fortify, we only do utter failures, our nations have negative revenue, we use nukes on 300 infra cities, we buy credits for 8M and then we redeem the credit for 5M, we declare war to Grumpy with all the nations under 1000 score and then the entire alliance goes into vacation mode, we are the ones who are not moved to Rose, we have 40 improvements slots all used for wind power, we have uranium enrichment program as first project and our nation in located in Europe, we do spy operations to terrorize civillians, things like that Protectorates: Arrgh Everyone can join
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    I've always felt that an alliance needs a real driving gimmick to separate it from any other kind of alliance. NPO accomplishes this with their economic model and their personality cult, Arrgh accomplishes it with their anarchic and war-driven focus. Of course, the Nuke Bloc alliances make their gimmick well known. There are a few more alliances that have their own little gimmicks, but they know who they are. It seems to me as though every other alliance follows the same structure more or less - figurehead leader, a person leading one of the 4 departments and a lackey to help them out. There isn't much separating these alliances from one another aside from the name, flag, and the people running the departments. That being said, I've toyed with plenty of alliance gimmicks in the past. I told Yoda back in DB that we should always be assassinating spies, as our theme is assassins so we should be playing the part. Unluckily he turned me down. It is a bit difficult to say what I would like my gimmick to be, I've toyed with making alliances in the past - one being the Brotherhood of Steel, that fell through due to founding members being required elsewhere. The gimmick would be consistent propaganda and monthly wars. I also created the idea for the Advocates, it was initially called the Judiciary, that fell through because I went off to help found Iron Guard, the gimmick being everyone there was a fascist. Of course, that fell through right quick. I still have the charter if anyone wants to read it, but I fear that the project was much too ambitious even for me https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MC07X1XBzgXW2pB-JJAkdsPpYZsOnSWc5zzPAI1n194/edit. The Green Enforcement Agency was a dream I also shared, but Nate and Prez deleted their nations shortly before the creation date, the ultimate troll. The gimmick has been explained plenty of times but 'forced neutrality' is the motto. There are always plenty of talks regarding the formation of new alliances but more oft than not, they tend to fall through, for a myriad of reasons. From the above, I think my favourite was the Brotherhood. Initially, it was called the War Boys, named for the Mad Max cult, but the name was changed, obviously. Unfortunately, the flags I made for them were wiped not too long ago, so I can't show you the flags for any of the mentioned alliances. So Johnny, if you're going to make an alliance, make sure you're doing something that no one else has done yet.
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    Might is All Overlord Kylo Ren walked away from his Holo Meeting with Supreme Leader Bruce Wayne, who had gone back to his spaceship for the time being, leaving Kylo in charge for a few months. Kylo called in General Hux and Admiral Phasma. They came to him and gave him a bow, listening to his orders. "Yes, Lord Kylo?" Hux said looking at him intrigued. "What would you have us do?" Kylo stood in front of them and spoke. "The Supreme Leader has requested that we find force sensitives among the population and train them in the ways of the Sith. They will be our special fighters." "How will we know who is force sensitive, Overlord?" Phasma asked curiously. "The ways of the force are virtually unknown here, if you disregard The Old Republic that is, but they don't count as they aren't native to this planet. I have found a compound that we can place into the citizens drinking water, which will show them up as force sensitive. And to find out who is worthy to be Sith, we will have a national event in 2 weeks time called The Purge. There will be only one law on that day for 24 hours and that is that no citizen will be allowed to leave the nation. Anyone that shows enough Sith Personality and who is force sensitive will go to the Sith Academy. Any force sensitives who show Jedi traits will be killed. Understand?" "Yes, Lord Kylo" Hux and Phasma said in unison. They thought this was an...odd plan. "Now," Kylo said. "After we have rounded up all the new Sith Acolytes and brought everything back to order, we will be putting up the following posters everywhere to recruit to the Stormtrooper Academy." He brought up the images of the posters on a screen. "Give these designs to the High Commander of the Interior. She is to make sure these are out at the correct time. Tell her also that she is to keep up the selective media and the School of Life which will now be called The School of The Order and will re-educate everyone in our ways, rather than the ways of that so called 'empire' that that woman, Alexia, had before." "Yes, Overlord." They said in unison again. "General Hux, I want you to max out our military capabilities to 100%. Build everything you can. Admiral Phasma I want you to do the same with the Navy. Do not fail me. Now go." They bowed again. "Right away, Lord Kylo." They went away and began to do as Kylo had ordered them to do. It would take a while, but it would be done otherwise they feared what might happen.
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    Why the !@#$ are mods actively derailing threads? I demand Justice.
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    Alliance name: opsec Alliance Color: opsec Alliance Flag: opsec Government. FA head: opsec IA head: opsec MA head: opsec Econ head: opsec FA direction: opsec opsec opsec
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    Congrats to NL on their being founded.
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    I don't hate you. But you just don't exhibit enough trust. Trust, Honor, Straightforwardness, Synderkut, Trust.
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    So. I've been thinking. Some of us can't build alliances and want to, or don't have the resources or the money to do so. This will serve as a game of sorts to build your dream alliance, post a flag if you so wish. And give the government members you feel would best fit. Give your FA direction and a small synopsis of your mock alliance. We can judge them as we go. And see who has the best ideas. i will start with mine as am actually working towards this lol. Alliance name: Sinister Sister Souls color: Black flag: Government. FA head. Johnny Costello (myself) IA head @evilpiggyfoofoo (Arrgh) MA head @Insert Name Here (oblivion) FA direction. MdOaP with Nuclear knights, Alpha, and Fark NaP with World Task Force, Spanish Armanda and Stratagem. This alliance will aim to be small in numbers. About 12-15 members. City builds will be for 3k infrastructure and nuclear powers. The bank will offer first 12 city's and nrf .
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    A> wtf is an NAPOAP? B> tf are these alliances? C> tf is this? D> potatoes.
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    Don’t listen to Indra. If you build an active community, everything will fall into place. Trust me.
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    *Sees KillzBob as officer* On a scale from 1-10, with 1 being Zeebrus and 10 being Higgins, how retarded to you have to be to let someone known for couping alliances be an officer? This is a recipe for disaster.
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    The Roquentin Dynamic Alliance Measurement Index™
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    Upon a look at the Global politics the Regime decided to release the following maps to it's public to inform them of where is deemed Safe and where isn't. On a scale of Blue(being safe) to Red(very dangerous) a map of the homeland was created to make the areas safe to travel until the native threat was contained. As for the globe the Regime travel map was issued as follows: Blue: Travel Encouraged Green: Travel deemed safe Yellow: Caution when travelling Red: Travel ban to and from nation or region
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    Although I don’t particularly have an idea for an alliance right now, I’ll drop this post - hopefully it helps someone that wants to start an alliance I wrote up a huge wall of text a while back - part of which discussed this. I’ve seen one too many alliances fail, and the reason that that happens is usually not due to external factors (necessarily) but more due to internal issues the Government doesn’t know how to handle. So, I’ve listed down a couple of things you should have down before you go ahead and make an alliance: Know Yourself, Find your Identity: a. What’s the goal? b. What sets you apart from other alliances? c. What kind of players are you attracting? b. Experience, and your own strengths Limits? What are those? b. Some alliances set artificial upper limits to the number of members they will accept. I’ve micro-managed 50 member alliances in war, and almost never failed them, but above that? My micro management’s efficiency will start to fall. c. Government types are also necessary to building a proper alliance - iNCi from eRep followed a very primus inter pares method of operation, and it worked for them. It might not for you. Is your MilCom centralised or decentralised? (Shoutout to Rose here last war) d. Artificial score inflation, keeping inactives, tax farms - are you okay with this? IA wise: a. Community building mother!@#$er, can you do it? b. Raising, and maintenance of activity on boards/Discord c. Guides - hit me up if you want one, I have written most down. Econ: a. Micro level stuff - audits, maximising profit etc. b. Macro Econ plan - growth rings Corollary 1. Tier’ing, artificial city upper limits. Corollary 2. Optimal taxation - Kemal would be more knowledgable than me on this, but the principles of taxation are similar in game - if you cross a certain threshold in terms of monetary/resource income, you’re potentially incurring massive losses in other areas (activity, desire to stay in the alliance, individual growth) MilCom: I will defer to people like vanek and Senry’s opinion here (you should see these guys go man) but the general outline for MilCom remains similar. I think micro MilCom stuff is pretty explanatory, so let’s go to this: a. Is micro management a thing for you or no? b. Discord activity is imperative to winning. c. Is your micro section looking good? Guides, knowledge of war mechanics, etc. For Macro: Macro-MilCom FA: Oh boy, boy o boy. I could go on about this all day, but let’s go over one very simple rule: Often times it doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is how people perceive that action. Remember this. 1. Learn how to spin things your way (narratives) 2. Keep a diplomat team if you can, when I was FA I did practically all work by myself, because I could. Find what suits you, implement. 3. Treaty chess - !@#$ is that? Simply put, you need to be capable of planning long term - looking at the bigger picture is more important. Your treaties should be based on two primary things, for the major part: a. FA policy alignment and Friendships b. Suitable addition to fighting capability (offensive: complimenting your tiers by adding to the places you’re weak in | defensive: adding to similar tiers so you have more backup) Above all, don’t give up ever. If you do that, you’ve lost the game. Other Skills: 1. Math 2. Spreadsheets 3. Programming Learn. Use. Prosper. (ps: I wrote this all on mobile so there might be a crapload of mistakes xdxd)
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    Your post is useless and considered Off topic and spam. please warn yourself. useless mods strike again. Glad to have these guys as our friends. o/ NEWKS
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    I will be your frequent visitor
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    Official nation name: The Old Republic Population: 180 million GDP: 5 trillion Population density (sq. km): 120 people per sq. km Form of Government: Republic Describe your Nation IC: The Old Republic has existed for over a thousand generations, but now outside force challenge the tranquility within Describe yourself in OOC terms: Just a man Please link your lore or other information that is canon: Drawing from all sorts of Republics and Rebellions from the Star Wars Universe, accessed through http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/ Have you read, and do you agree to abide by, the rules? (Yes/No): Yes (You must not have a history of continuous rule breaks in the national affairs subforum!) Where on the map do you want to be located? (Using real-world geography/nations, or a self-provided map): The northern part of South America https://i.imgur.com/I3Faaua.jpg Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you want to be used): https://i.imgur.com/qLCSyft.jpg (Map-wise, you're limited to a maximum of 75 provinces. If you go higher than that, I'll personally adjust it down until it's at 75, or ask you to re-do your own example until it fits within the 50 75 province limit. Note that expansion is allowed, but at a maximum of four provinces per month as to be as realistic as possible. This rule applies to nations under 75 provinces as well. Nations are permitted to own colonies, but at a maximum of 5 with no more than 20 provinces each. Provinces are unable to be moved from one location to another. The gifted land is also capped at four provinces per month. Land gained by a nation as a result of war can be more than this.) Thank you and enjoy Politics & War National Organic Roleplay
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    Statement from King Ciel Wolf I shall be departing for Paris first thing in the morning tomorrow, accompanied by my second in hand, General Zwingli. I am sure that the TEA Summit can allow the Federation to reaffirm their commitment in the alliance and discuss our nuclear programs. Other than that, we hope for the very best of results from this summit.
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    President Klaire Haas of the European Alliance or the Tripirate European Association commonly referred to TEA invited the Heads of State of Scandinavia and Hungadada to the planned summit in Paris. It is the distinct honor of the People of Laurentia in inviting our close allies of Hungadada and Scandinavia to Paris in the special week of coming together but also charity and kindness. I hope our discussions in Paris will be fruitful and longlasting in our association. Best of regards Lidia L. Korczak President of the Laurentian Republic TEA Summit Agenda TEA Cooperative Defense Policy; expanding our current military ties to provide mobile capabilities in different tactical situations and cross-national operations TEA Cultural Agency; used to expand cultural experiences between the Member States and formulate into deeper understanding of the extensive cultures of each member state TEA Nuclear Weapons Accord; Some form of discussion on the Nuclear Program of Scandinavia and the future of nuclear energy and weapons inside Scandinavia TEA Inter-Trade Development; Address and tackle trade inefficiency, develop ports and trade centers inside member states, increase standards of living and individual wealth in member states TEA infrastructure Development; The hyperloop discussion TEA Reaffirmation of Scandinavia TEA Defense Capabilities; Designating the Brest Naval Port as a joint-TEA Base TEA Energy Vision 2030; clean energy and efficiency SENT TO EACH HEAD OF STATE
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    Imperial Republic of Hungadada Government of Hungadada Official Communication Official eyes only TO: PRESIDENT Lidia L. Korczak FROM: EMPEROR Tristar Majestica CC: Herman Jackson (Permanent TEA Representative); Daniel Jackson (Minister of Foreign Affairs) ______________ Dear Madam President, I am honoured to have been invited to the TEA summit. I will be in attendance. Myself and the Hungadadians that I am representing look forward to the Paris summit as a show of the continued cooperation and trust we have in the Tripartite. We look forward to many fruitful discussions that will only make the alliance stronger. Warmest Regards, Tristar Majestica ______________
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    your mom is a new flame of orbis. Welcome to the Orbis, boi. 2 and 2 thirds of a week
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    The politics of this game would be 10x more interesting with protectionism treaties. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen with the current game mechanics, as it is very difficult to force (or persuade) members not to purchase the cheapest option available. Would sheepy consider adding in a feature so that governments of various alliance can impose financial penalties on people who trade with certain other alliances? (The money would go into the alliance bank.)
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    We all know you guys love your VD's. Stop being coy. Y'all are not going to get a call from my insurance agent. He's making a mint off Fark and Ape. NB making that guy rich.
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    Roquentin disapproval: -300 Dynamic Rating
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    Yea man, right on. Best of luck. Thank you for your loyal service to the nuke gods.
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    Need Money guys. Anyone post how to increase your Economic Standard.
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    I mean, it makes sense why it's not listed if you think about it.
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    Should we expect another short lived micro? :-D
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    Good to know all people have to do in the future in order to get a thread locked is continuously post about the weather. If a topic going off topic is enough to lock threads now you might wanna retroactively lock every single alliance affairs thread for the past 2 years since they always go off topic. Smh
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    You've already proven you can't enforce rules based on Racism evenly and fairly so I'm sure this will go down perfectly.
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    I was go into VM for a year planning to convince everyone I died, but then come back on Christmas with a topic titled "It's a Christmas miracle Charlie Brown!." but then I realized no one would care. So now I'm just taking a break kek.
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    Woah man, that's lewd...though Misaka is pretty cool.
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    Day Something I havent had my comics in like forever, I'm starting to get jumpy....I must get comics...or satisfy my desires temporarily with...something else.
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    (OOC: One can never play too much KotOR)
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    Protectionism (i.e. restricted trade) is pretty harmful to the economic development of your nation. So in that sense, protectionism somewhat exists. If you wanted to impose those sort of penalties on someone else, you could get a bunch of people to agree to embargo someone. For example, my nation is embargoed by almost everyone as that's one of the early objectives in the game. The trade page for me is largely only red, disabled offers, meaning if I was actually trying to play the game and trade with other players, I'd really struggle (like the effects of protectionism, or international sanctions.)
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