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  1. Important ODN Announcement

  2. Econ Questions

    Don't believe Dobby, he's just soo obsessed with Arrgh.
  3. What's That Smell?

    You mean Reaver?
  4. Who needs food?

    i knew radiation won't last long, my plebs are back to making more food.
  5. ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘-̶™ is immortal @Dobby the Free Elf

  6. What's That Smell?

    Bring Reaver back!!
  7. Join Black Knights!

    Daily reminder to disband your alliance and join BK.
  8. Congratulations to Roquentin

    Here comes the salty guy. XD
  9. Who needs food?

    instruction unclear, broke my teeth.
  10. BK are bullies

    You need some special abilities that only Casey knows, i tried but failed P
  11. Growing Strong DoE and DoW

    Let me correct you.... You mean the alliance who stole the theme of my friend nation, calling themselves House Tyrell is declaring war on Acadia.
  12. Multis

    This guy was in Cerberus... What did you expect? All the multis gone and alliance too, but his activity is still there with logs and one new multi connected to his ID.
  13. Kekistan Victory!

    >CKD not knowing what a joke is
  14. Hey guys

    You don't even know da wei
  15. Kekistan Victory!

    you were too scared to declared a war :-P, so we did it.