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  1. Dumb is heir? I remember him messing up with others discord servers lmao Aside from that goodluck!
  2. @Taco I think this is what you are looking for.
  3. Well maybe you should try atleast ?
  4. Daily reminder to disband your alliance and join BK.
  5. Why everything leading to destruction? I don't think no one would like watching there pixels burnz for nuffin.
  6. Or maybe that guy keeps ignoring what we said just to keep his point on top. And when we try to right him he calls it "Personal attack/Roasting/Trolling"
  7. 1. First you are saying either use it or get rid of it 2. Second you are saying you don't care about what his approval rating is (Neither I care about your ratings) yet you want people to listen to you? 3. nothing to say here 4. You don't care about his opinion and suggestion and you are still asking "Anything else"? Better watch out before you say something 1. You don't care about lowest approval ratings? I don't care about highest approval rating! What are you even doing here?? This is a suggestion thread 2. That answer tells me you didn't read that this is a suggestion thread and you are pretty dumb and you should stop posting useless ideas 3. Yes add some salt as a gift from me to you;
  8. The lowest Approval rating is -4,710.98 right now. According to you higher ratings will bring more taxes and what about lower rating... They won't pay tax?
  9. You needed to ping Alex 2 times.
  10. You don't need to help someone who created this game. Even if he hasn't played baseball he knows is better what's good and what's bad, just because some "fools" thinks it's bad doesn't mean he's gonna change everything for them.
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