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  1. I for one welcome my new returned Snek overlod, but kindly request it occur with slightly less 'fanfare'.
  2. That would require actual work though because I'd actually have to issue warnings and stuff. Plus just deleting them has an entire extra text box to fill out. Anyways congrats on your DoE.
  3. I'm feeling to lazy to sort this out magnanimous today so I'm just going merge all these threads and remind everyone that spam is against the rules.
  4. Okay normally we treat this as privileged information, however since Roz wants to go around twisting what was actually said, I'm posting it here for all to see. I've bolded the important parts. The staff team all reviewed this topic and agreed it was a transparent jab at the staff team in reference to prior threads. And we are naturally going to do something about that. As for his staff persecution narrative. If we actually wanted to ban him for whatever the reason of the hour is, it would already have been done. We honestly have ignored a couple of other warn worthy actions just in the last couple of days because we don't want to ban him. As evidence to this I'm going to point out that we could easily have classified this as 'disrespect of moderation staff' and per the forum rules issued not one but two warn points for this very thread. He's an active member of the community and we recognize that. That being said we can't ignore it when hes literally spitting in our face and daring us to do something about it.
  5. Chill out all of you. If I have to come back into this thread it will be with warnings and a lock.
  6. Probably because these are specific character references and not blanket declaring a group as inferior. But what do I know, not like I'm a mod or anything. Anyways @Rozalia, stop trying to stir shit up, if you have an actual problem with something somebody posted use the report button. Everyone else, if you can please discontinue this line of discussion, that would be great. Its taking away from the glory that is a Fraggle thread.
  7. Might want to include a discord invite then, yes?
  8. Okay serious question. Is this a DoE or a shitpost? I'm leaning towards the latter but, I'm gonna give you guys a chance to say otherwise before it gets locked.
  9. I'm gonna blame sheepy for the weird way he has member groups set up. @Betulius, your primary group is vip so its settings supersede the normal member defaults. And, for some reason vip was set to a limit of -1 rep and +30 rep. I've fixed it to be the same as the normal group which is -10 rep and +30 rep.
  10. Can you link me to the post in question?
  11. You're so lucky I haven't gotten around to talking Sheepy into a rule banning terrible 'your mom' jokes. Otherwise, you'd be getting extra points for an egregious offense.
  12. Three problems. 1. You did not factor into your math the fact that you'll lose 1/3 to 1/2 of your nuke stockpile before its ever used. 2. If you solve that issue by only building right before launching, then you are limited to one nuke a day. 3. Saying conventional forces have upkeep that makes them worse is doubly dishonest. AS a, so do nukes, and b you have to maintain a conventional force to keep nukes effective anyways.
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