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  1. In the Mediterranean Japanese Carrier Strike Group; this is the Korczak Strike Group...You are entering Laurentian Territorial Waters. Exit the area immediately or you will be forcefully stopped. On Corsica, some 350 Civilians and 2,000 Infantrymen began to evacuate the elderly and children. The main Detection facility was located on the Island. Meanwhile, in the Balearic Islands, 800 Airmobile Infantry were deployed to support the 600 Defenders. The Carrier Group deployed 2 F-18s to patrol the airspace; while its Naval Escort prepared to fire warning shots at the foreign carrier group.
  2. Laurentia had spent the past months bringing its reserves into active-duty and establishing strong defense garrisons. The Laurentians had expanded the strength of the station on Sardinia, and their fleets began a close perimeter clock-defense of the Penninsula. Laurentia's Air Force on September 1st launched the opening strikes on Lumia. Targetting their Short-Range Radar on the border and installations to clear a path for the Airborne Assualt on Lumian Forces at the border. Laurentian F-18 Growlers from Japan would launch sorties and patrol airspace to eliminate Lumian Electronic Systems while the F-17s would destroy them. In Gibraltar, the Laurentians imposed and air and land blockade, after months of travel between Gibraltar and the Mainland; the Laurentian Navy began its selective bombing of Gibraltar as a battalion of Laurentia's Special Forces and Airborne Units from Maroc and Laurentia dropped onto Gibraltar to encircle whatever defenders were on the Exclave as Laurentian Ground Units and Marines drove in from the North and from the South. Laurentia's Generals in the meanwhile activated the Nations Strategic Air Defense Alert and Detection Warning Array armed with sophisticated technology to monitor air threats and allocate resources to the National Air Defense and destroy the missiles, aircraft, and other aerial threats. [Did I post the map with my air defense before?]
  3. Defense Minister of Defense Pascal: "At the suggestion of the Private Contracting Firm; Mirage. We will be equipping all of our ships, vehicles, and aircraft with Faraday Cages. They will be costly, but an incalculable asset to the Laurentian Armed Forces. We expect these upgrades to continue for the 2018-2020 Projection Year. After which, the Air, Sea, and Land electronics equipment will be safeguarded from Electronic Attacks by foreign powers." Minister of Digitalization Dr. Frost: "We've also begun building the Napoleon, a supercomputer that asses and tags potential and current threats and sifts through it alongside information centers. This will expand our advanced detection and early warning array while increasing response planning and time." Minister of Defense Pascal: "Alongside the SuperComputer, we are establishing SOSUS lines across the Atlantic and Mediterranean, this with the launching of three Spy Satellites, and two general military-grade Satellites will advance our capabilities to monitor and asses possible dangers and threats." President Korczak: "Very good, and how are we looking at military and civil logistics." Transportation Minister of Transportation Mertens: We've used grants from the Interior Ministry to fund mass-public work projects across Lorac, Barcelona, Bordeaux, and other major cities. These better road conditions will be instrumental in the troop and civil movement, including the project to expand to roads outside the major cities and into Suburban Towns, Small Communities, and other populated areas. At the moment, the NTS is the only efficient both in time and money to move between accessible areas. However, with the NTS expansion package, we will reach over 1,450 communities across Laurentia." Minister of Interior Affairs Kozikowski: "We've also outlined under-developed Urban Centers that are soft targets for terrorist groups like the ESA, ESF, and FL. The Supercomputer Currie has been developed for the Interior Ministry; supporting the infrastructure of the Nationale Gaurd, Coast Gaurd, Security Forces, DGSI, and other internal agencies and forces tasked with internal security. These advancements have enhanced our security and safety standards and increase protection against soft targets such as; schools, media centers, shopping malls, gathering sites, markets and so on." President Korcak: "Have we faced any major threats from any of the ESA or their affiliates?" Minister of Interior Affairs Kozikowski: "No, we've stopped 2 attempts by lone-wolf attackers, one targeting a local bakery in Lisbon, and another on a bombing of a police station in Lorac. Both were apprehended prior." Minister of the Environment Hartley: "We've also cleared up matter relating to bio-toxins in these bomb materials, and have worked with MoT to ensure wildlife and vegetation are not affected by the new NTS expansion or road projects." Policing Chief of Police Griezmann: "We've faced continued rioting in the Eslovan Region, and this is becoming a greater ethnic feud. Local Police are unable to hold a grib, we are considering sending the Federal Police. If we do so, it would be an escalation and we could see some heated confrontation." President Korczak: "Should we ready the National Gaurd should the Federal Police fail?" Minister of Interior Kozikowski: "If we do send National Guardsmen, it would look as if we are invading a Laurentian territory, we are finishing a 13-year-old conflict in Eslovan, and then engaging in one on our home turf." Chief of Police Griezmann: "Indeed, the Federal Police should handle this, we have Gendarmes and Specialist Fire and Weapons Command teams should this become a hostile situation. We are prepared, and once Governor Baker agrees, or if he loses control Federal Police will move in within 6 hours." President Korczak: "Keep me up to date, I want hourly updates, and I'd like to speak to Governor Baker at 5:00."
  4. would you like a new map to show the claims?
  5. Reuben and I have agreed, he will keep Gibraltar; and he will get Corsica in exchange for Balearic islands and Barcelona.
  6. Application: Nation name: The Republic of Laurentia; Laurentia for short Population (may use in-game numbers): 48,250,000 [not in-game number] Population density (may use in-game numbers): 12.04 Official currency: Franc GDP (may use in-game numbers): $4.88 Trillion Francs GDP per capita (may use in-game numbers): $56,621 [not in-game number] The form of government: Presidential Republic Describe your nation: Laurentia is back! Capital city: Lorac Largest city: Barcelona Pending Discussions with Bane, this is the expected map Sardinia + Cordisica = 3 Islands = 2 (Each Island chain=1 as I was told prior) Europe= (56) Africa (14)
  7. The French Air Force has completed a purchase for 80 F/A-17D and 20 F/A-18E/A from Japan totaling 7.2 Billion Francs. With all the funds being taken from the 16 Billion Arms Sale to Japan for four French Aircraft Carriers.
  8. National Cyber Defense Headquarters Bordeaux Commandement operationnel de cyberdefense France's Cyber-Defense and Security is headquartered at the Emmanuel Macron CyberDefense Center in Bordeaux. Boasting 2,300 cyber specialists in hacking, espionage, digital warfare, and digital security. The Bordeaux Cyber Security Center is a leading cyber defense mechanism in the French Army.
  9. Académie Navale de Bordeaux Eurofighter Typhoon; production site by Dassault Arms Industry École de l'air; training field
  10. President Jean-Zofia Korczak of France, former CEO of Dassault Arms Industry President Korczak "Gentlemen, let's begin with chapter one of the National Defense Review. We've been simmering with ineffective armaments, training time, and experience. We need to begin repairing our armed forces if we are to regain a competitive edge against our neighbors and global partners. Chef d'État-Major des Armées Lefebvre: "Initially our assessments provided insight into our aerial and naval failures. Our ground capabilities have shown great improvements since the fall of France. Our commissioned and non-commissioned officer pool consists of veterans of the conflict." Defense Minister Pascal: "We've begun salvaging the Eurofighter Typhoon, Rafael M, and we are expecting to import weapons from foreign nations. Specifically the Growler, Hornet, and the Merkhav Tank. Madame President, we need to highlight this is not the France of the past. We've gone from the largest standing army in Central Europe, with one of the highest defense budgets to a shrunk defense force of 120,000 Personnel, our navy untenable by an experienced crew, and our airforce depleted by inexperienced pilots, and lack of spare parts." Prime Minister Laurens: "If we continue with the NDR, what can we expect to change in the Armed Forces." Defense Minister Pascal: "We will regrow an effective, modern, and global fighting force capable of projecting power across the globe. We will grow an detachable Marine Force in the Navy, an airborne force, and a modernized ground force. We will be speaking with other French defense companies to handle financing for more VABS, VBLC IIs, VBLs, Lecrecs, AMXs, and new military academies for our naval and air personnel before rolling out a new ground forces officer training camp."
  11. Application: Nation name: The Republic of France; France for short Population (may use in-game numbers): 6,700,000 [not in-game number] Population density (may use in-game numbers): 12.04 Official currency: Franc GDP (may use in-game numbers): $350,000,000 GDP per capita (may use in-game numbers): $56,621 [not in-game number] The form of government: Presidential Republic Describe your nation: Reminiscent of the former Republic of France, what is left of the Republic is held up in the final line between assimilation and survival Capital city: Bordeaux Largest city: Bordeaux Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): YES
  12. "We can agree to providing Naval Support where and when needed and of course at the leisure of France. We can not send you a carrier group when Marseille is at threat for an example. The Southern-Occupied territories are not for discussion; they will return to France and we thank you for your support through a regiment. Our campaign is going successfully and we've managed to entrap a good portion of their army in a major flank. Similar to what the Germans did before."
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