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  1. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    The Entente

    "We can agree to providing Naval Support where and when needed and of course at the leisure of France. We can not send you a carrier group when Marseille is at threat for an example. The Southern-Occupied territories are not for discussion; they will return to France and we thank you for your support through a regiment. Our campaign is going successfully and we've managed to entrap a good portion of their army in a major flank. Similar to what the Germans did before."
  2. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    The Great Tragedy

    Montpellier would fall quickly, the french paratroopers and infantry cut off the retreating forces and taken control of the major roads before moving into the city. The French Tanks had moved quickly and already enveloped the Italian Armies retreating from Montpellier. The town of Gap was surrounded, with the main road now blockaded by the French 2nd Paratrooper Brigade & First Light Infantry Regiment. French Forces after taking a minor loss in the air ended all airborne operations for the time being. French Airplanes would take to the skies to defeat the Italian Air Force In the south, the French navy had caught the minimal force off guard and destroyed it. The French Carrier Group no formed a solid defense wall around Montipellier and the French artillery had begun to counter-fire using elite Para Commandos to relay coordinates in Names.
  3. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    The Entente

    "Welcome to Paris Ministers. The French Naval Provision can be discussed, but we do not feel comfortable on that agreement at the moment. The French Would support a Free-Trade Zone; and a freedom of movement. The French would require the Russians respect our interests."
  4. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    The Great Tragedy

    As the Imperium began shifting supplies from other fronts towards Southern France; The French Strategic Command decided to destroy important infrastructure in Southern France. Railroads were severed, Radio-Lines cut, and Supply-Lines laced with soldiers to ambush enemy supplies. French Bombers landed in recently captured Lyon where the 82nd Airborne Division held the city; maintaining their strategic vantage point on surrounding hills and mountains. The 82nd was detaching units From their airborne attack on Valance to support the 3rd Marine Division and 22nd Foreign Legion Detachment in their assault into Montpellier. The French Navy would begin re-tasking the Carrier Group Foch and six-submarines to begin tracking the Italian Navy while bombers and Naval Scouts surveilled the waters for enemy naval convoys. French AMX-30s from the 1st Tank Division linked up with the 10th Mechanized and 32nd Motorized Infantry Brigades to spearhead a pincer movement on both flanks of the retreating Imperium. As the Imperium would continue to retreat, the French 1st Tank Division and 2nd Tank Division would engulf them.
  5. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    The Entente

    The Entente (from French entente "friendship, understanding, agreement") refers to the understanding linking the Russian and the French. The understanding between the two powers, supported economic and military growth of both powers and expanding their deep political and economic interests in Europe. The Leaders of France and Russia would meet in Paris for these talks.
  6. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    Unity under the Norse Gods [DoE]

    President Lidia Korczak of the French Union “The French Union strongly condemns the acts of religious discrimination perpetrated by the Scandinavian Government in an attempt to single out and raise tensions among catholic communities stretched across the country. As a predominantly Catholic Country, the French Union is actively watching the manner and have taken Overt and Covert steps to ensure violence against Catholics does not occur. We call upon the Scandinavian Government to step up and denounce any attacks on Catholics as a response to their critical single-outing of Catholics. We call on the Viking King to step up and act with Morality; for which the French Union will not sit idle as its Catholic Brethren are killed by Pagan and Hate-Groups inspired by the Viking King and his rash actions. The ice of the Scandinavian people represents purity and welcoming, do not let that turn into devilish red with the blood of Catholics.
  7. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    The Great Tragedy

    [War Objectives] [Tac-Map] French Soldiers of the 1st Infantry Regiment Launching an attack It is with such, we the people of France reclaim our homeland and rid it of the plague of the Imperium… February 4th, 1944/ French Parliament authorizes war against The Imperium of Nostrum French Soldiers of the 1st Infantry Regiment were given orders directly from Paris. They huggled around their vehicles as General Jean Lanne of Operation Poseidon spoke to the 1st Armee, 2nd Armee, and 82nd Airborne Division. Their missions were read, and they headed east on their armored vehicles.They travelled unopposed for 12 hours before gun-fire could be hear in the distance. The 22nd Armored Division was under fire from the town of Rigoza. The 1st Infantry were detached to handle the enemy there. French 3rd Marine Division French Marines stormed through the south, their main objectives to form break points on Imperium Defenses as the Air Force and Paratroopers hit the North to quickly and effectively overrun smaller detachments of enemies before a larger force could be assembled. French 82nd Airborne Division French Airborne Units took off from French Airports near Lyon and launched an airborne operation into occupied-Imperium territory. Their objectives were to capture the towns of Lyes, Ypres, Asloia, and Romiao.
  8. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    French Union

    (Flag & Coat of Arms) General Information French Union (Union française) Long Name: The Fourth French Republic (La quatrième République française) Short Name: French Republic (République Française) Anthem: La Marsaille. Motto: "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" (French) "Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood" Greater France & The United Kingdoms [The Map includes occupied territories of Alsace-Lorraine and The Apines] Capital City: Paris Largest City: London Languages & Peoples Official Language: French Recognized Languages: English Ethnic Composition: French (68.2%), English (27.6%), Other (0.9%) Religious Composition: Catholic (60.4%), Protestantism (30.7%), Eastern Orthodox (3.9) Judaism (3.1) Other Religions (1.9%) Demonym: French/European Government Government: Republic Important Documents: Declaration of the Right of Man, Constitution of the French Republic, Constitution of the United Kingdom's Jurisdiction: France, Great Britan, Scottlad President: Lidia Hermoine Korczak (PLD) Prime Minister: Rafael Cameron (Con. Parti) Legislature: Upper House - Senat Lower House - House of Commons Meeting Place - Palace du Luxembourg et Palace de Westminstrer Judiciary: Supreme Court of the Union Regional Court (France Only) Courts of England and Wales (Great Britain and Scotland only) Courts of Her Majesty (Great Britain and Scotland only) Municipal Court Administrative Divisions: Provinces: Aquitaine, Auvergne, Bourgogne, Bretagne, Centre-Val de Loire, Champagne, Cote d’azur-corse, Franche-Comte,IL de France, Languedoc-Roussillon, Limousin, Midi Pyrenees, Nord-Pas-de-Calais,Normandie,pays de la Loire, Picardie, Poitou-Charentes Occupied Zone - Alsace, Lorraine (Germans) Rhone-Aples, Corisca (Italian) Federal Districts: Paris Protectorates: Corsica [Occupied Italian] Area & Population Area: 89,578,467 km2 Population: 89,500,000 Economy GDP: 134,98 Billion USD Per Capita: 35,000 USD Gini: 45.8 HDI: 0.980 Currency: Franc (F) Time Zone: Central European Time (Heure d'Europe CENTAL, HEC: UTC+01:00) Drives: Right Date Format: DD/MM/YYYY TLD: .fr Calling Code: +33 Sport Popular sports in France include skiing, cycling, and rugby. However, sport in France has always been dominated by Rugby. France’s national team has been very succesful under the Norman Commonwealth. France is home to many sporting competitions, ranging from regional youth competitions to high paying professional competitions. The National Rugby Association [NRA] The Cycling League & The Olympic Sports Committee are the three main professional leagues. Demographics Overview The current population of The French Union as of the last census was 89,500,912. This represents an 3% increase over ten years from the previous census. The Catholicism is the official religion of the state in France. On the last census 60.4% identified as Catholic with the second largest make up of 30.7% identified as Protestant. While many identify as Catholic, Church attendance has fallen in recent years. Furthermore, it is difficult to determine correct distributions of religious beliefs in France due to identity-association of religion with mostly French identifying as Catholic the English identify as Protestants.
  9. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    The Great Tragedy

    The Great Tragedy The newly-created nation of Germany got control of the province of Alsace-Lorraine, which was culturally mostly (though not totally) French. The loss of this province, rich in industry, agriculture and wine as well as human and cultural capital, was a deep humiliation to 19th century French people. They regarded it as a terrible injustice. Years later; in the 1921 Norman-Nostrum the Southern Provinces were lost. The massive upheaval in France over the lose of her southern provinces rich in culture and agriculture sent shockwaves to the House of Commons and Senat in London. Within the French communities; the uproar was massive. Streets were packed with hundreds demanding change. While the British Conservative Party would maintain political control even after the major upheavals, the French Democratic Party would sweep the 1944 elections ushering a new doctrine and a new plan forward to reclaim the lost territories of France and ensuring the Norman Commonwealth would respect French individualism.
  10. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    Lifetime of War RP - Info Applications and Borderchanges

    Going to take #2 (France)
  11. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    First Contact: War.

    Somewhere in France Spatial Consul of Defence: President Korczak. We've been notified of the UNSC operation Thalon. We've managed to get the Hutts running for the time being in the Neutral Systems. The pathways are clearing slowly though Hondo and his Pirate Gangs have made small attack runs. We are focusing our efforts alongside the Mandalorians, but the Neutral Systems are hesistant as a collectivity to make a joint-response. President Korczak: Very well. Let's refocus our diplomatic efforts to get that response. We can toss in some space-paths and a security transaction hell even give the Mandalorians some covert support for their goals in Simocadia if they support us. [Gonna edit this later]
  12. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    Organic Roleplaying (Applications & Info)

    I will no longer be able to update this; I ask the moderators unpin this and pin a new map thread. Thank you very much
  13. Prince Hunter of Bavaria


    As the crew made its way down the road; three helicopters flew overhead. Behind them sirens become louder and louder until they could see a roadblock up ahead. Three squad cars stood infront of them and a bridge with spix set up infront. All around sirens wailed as police began to box them in.
  14. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    An Address on the Current Crisis in Aguacenta

    The Titan would be joined by six other French Ships. The Alexia, The Opulon, The Hercules, The Barkhane, and The Victory. All these ships brought over 100,000 tons of supplies to Aguacenta. On the ground, a make-shift hospital was set up to treat wounded, and French Marines provided a small security bubble and offered what ever support they could to the local police and state police. In other regions, French C-130 Hercules dropped supplies onto remote areas, and other cities with airports where supplies from medical supplies to food were handed out to the police and regional authority. As the situation dwindled back to normal, the French Forces prepared a withdrawal and continued to provide aide until their expect leave at the request of the Aguacenta Government.
  15. Prince Hunter of Bavaria

    Republic of Turkey

    Prime Minister Öykü Ozdemir and the Law and Justice Party made a brief statement during an annual meeting of the Turkish Government over rising tensions in the Middle East. "Having spoken with the leaders of Salazars, I was glad we could come to an agreement on the issue of Mecca. While their regime has taken action unfavorable to the Turkish Government, President Ataturk remains firm in involving Turkey or her people in a conflict between Salzar and the Germanic Tribes of Europe. Our Government remains concerned by the active build-up and calls on all parties to come to peaceful terms. Our Government's interests remain that of neutrality in this conflict and protection of its protectorates in Qatar and the Emirates. Our Armed Forces will respond to any aggression shown." The Turkish Armed Forces would begin Operation Olive Branch. A military deployment of 25,000 Soldiers to join the 5,000 Army Personnel on the Border to patrol the extended border and hold the border with support from nearby airbases and three armored divisions with tanks, AFVs, and IFVs. The Turkish Embassies in the Germanic, Lumia, and Salzar would be closed and all its diplomatic staff recalled before visa programs to those countries for Turkish Citiens would be stopped. In recent news, Armenian Insurgents bombed two Turkish Army Recruitment Centers as growing dissidence threatens the Eastern Flank of Turkey where Kurds and The Caucus residence seem to be on the verge of mass civil unrest.

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