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  1. My laptop is struggling to show gifs actually, so whenever I see one it's a huge glitchy, colorful mess. 

    1. ⚔ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™⚔

      ⚔ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™⚔

      Disable hardware acceleration if you use Chrome.

  2. Anneal

    Shifty News Network-So far, so good, so what?

    I personally think this is the work of Avansies and the all powerful Micro bloc.
  3. Mods: [post anything]


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    2. Honey Monster

      Honey Monster

      Thats bc the mods are a pack of Left Leaning sons of bi....


      Although max, thalmor, and yourself disagree with Moderators - hit me up on PW discord and I'd be interested in suggestions. 


      -the best mod

    3. Thalmor


      Thanks Honey Monster. You're actually my favorite moderator. Keep it up!

    4. Rimski


      I am actually a left leaning son of a cinnamon bun but I know how to be fun and not be a complete tard and party pooper.

  4. Anneal

    Omega's New Deputy Prime Minister

    Dathan probably voted for Jacinda while Jacinda voted for himself. 😁
  5. Anneal

    Siriusly, a coup?

    Keep in mind that an micro that gets couped within a month usually isn't a particularly stable alliance.
  6. Anneal

    Shifty News Network-Rock n Roll Fantasy

    I really like this direction BK has been taking over time.
  7. I was only here for the MLP gif.
  8. Anneal

    Going To War

    Now that would be an accurate analogy if Illuminati was actually rich. I wouldn’t personally have cared too much about a micro declaring war until I read the second page. Do us a favor and VM, it’ll make both sides happy.
  9. Anneal

    I'm sure nobody cares

    Yeah, I knew about the invulnerability to spy ops freshly built nukes, though I never actually built a NRF on this nation (I did once while I was playing as another nation in BK, but nukes back then were radically different). I wasn't completely sure. In another side-note, increasing your nukes eaten stat isn't that bad, lol.
  10. Anneal

    RIP Starbuck

    I guess he was put out the airlock.
  11. Anneal

    I'm sure nobody cares

    Nukes work better the more infra per city the enemy nation has, so it's especially effective for damaging whale nations. They also have a chance to destroy a power plant, which just exacerbates whatever damage was received, since you are now forced to rebuild enough infra and remove some improvements to get your city fully functional. Additionally, it's not likely a nuke can be stopped (rarely do people get VDS, because the chance for a successful block is so small it takes a very long time to pay off). Nukes start to lose a bit of its effectiveness, however, if you are nuking a nation who doesn't have high infra per city, since the damage caps at 90% of the infra. Also, NB was mostly whales (which would have made them equally vulnerable to nukes themselves) and stockpiled a huge amount of nukes. Their net damage was significantly reduced because their nukes were getting spied on a daily basis. It's easier to just buy the nuke right before launching it so it has no chance of being spied off, unless they happen to be watching your nation with the espionage tab ready. That does limit how much you can launch a day, but it's steady and stable. A setup like Fraggle's is a complete commitment to nuclear warfare, but her nation is constantly losing millions every day. While Fraggle can still continue to lob nukes even while she's bill-locked, without a steady supply of money she can't buy her nukes. If you're not Fraggle and you actually plan on buying back infra when you're done, you'll have to be prepared to have someone bail you out with a lot of money.
  12. Anneal

    Let's Dance!

    On the other hand, at least a quarter (conservative guess) of TKR's members are below 10 cities...not to mention there are whales in TKR and TCW that are far too high up to be directly involved in the war, or at least safely decom to be a part of it. So the numbers balance out fairly well. People are over-blowing the score or number advantage that TKR's side has. And I can at least attest to a part of that. Keegoz is somewhat correct when he said there are members who have "retired" from the game and have moved down to ET to be tax-farmed, but from what I know, "incompetents" get demoted to ET when they do poorly in KT – whether it's poor war performance, poor warchest, poor activity, or a combination of the three. And it is quite hard to climb back out once you're there; some have stayed there for months before.
  13. Anneal

    Terminus Est Announcement

    It's actually really difficult to truly quit P&W, you know?

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