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  1. Anneal

    Let's Dance!

    On the other hand, at least a quarter (conservative guess) of TKR's members are below 10 cities...not to mention there are whales in TKR and TCW that are far too high up to be directly involved in the war, or at least safely decom to be a part of it. So the numbers balance out fairly well. People are over-blowing the score or number advantage that TKR's side has. And I can at least attest to a part of that. Keegoz is somewhat correct when he said there are members who have "retired" from the game and have moved down to ET to be tax-farmed, but from what I know, "incompetents" get demoted to ET when they do poorly in KT – whether it's poor war performance, poor warchest, poor activity, or a combination of the three. And it is quite hard to climb back out once you're there; some have stayed there for months before.
  2. Anneal

    Terminus Est Announcement

    It's actually really difficult to truly quit P&W, you know?
  3. Anneal


    You don’t truly quit P&W. Most that do usually come back, one way or another. Like our friend Prefonteen.
  4. Anneal

    By The Way...

    Crap, just when I thought that I’ll get used to the old flag...congrats to Rose for opening towards a new chapter in its history.
  5. Anneal

    Thank you, Inquisition Coalition

    Just call it the Git Gud Coalition. It’s something certain alliances seem to be lacking on the supply side.
  6. Anneal

    War Stats 2.0

    I was formerly BK at two different times – in fact, I was the 15th member to join when it was founded lol. Actually glad to have left because I don’t think I would have standed with that brainwashing any longer. Especially when some of that rudeness is starting to show right now. KT also has quite a few former BK members as well. Infice was BK gov at some point.
  7. Anneal

    Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    Well, at least the irrelevant The Communist International is no more. When’s the last time they actually did anything news-worthy?
  8. Anneal

    And So the Dust Settles

    Sneaky Smith, trying to persaude alliances to remove their milcom departments so TKR can come in and roll them all.
  9. Anneal

    War Stats 2.0

    So when’s the shit talk page reaching double digits, guys?
  10. Anneal

    HOOOOOOWAAAAaaaarrrr Map

    For a moment I thought the title was talking about this:
  11. Anneal

    Suggestion regarding nuke damage

    git gud or git fricked
  12. Anneal

    A Wild Hippo Appears

    Wait, so is Buorhann a femboy or a futa? The picture doesn’t make it quite clear.
  13. Anneal

    Transformation initiated. Let's dance, Roquentin

    Sounds hot, I’ll be up for watching some of that.
  14. Or it could be a mix of both. “Whales” are not very clearly defined in this game, and I see it as more of an idea – are you actually buying infra and city count to inflate your score and evade war? If so, then you’re a whale. Neither getting lots of cities nor getting a bunch of infra per city make you a whale automatically. Bluebear is on 23 cities and hardly anyone considers him a whale, and most people at JEst may have plenty of cities but are pretty willing to eat several nukes and burn some pixels.
  15. Glad to see people using the dislike button for true rep justice now. Hit them where it hurts. 


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