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  1. Anneal

    Inappropriate City Names

    Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=38746 Ruler Name: Gideon Violation: Inappropriate City Name
  2. When will we get a war on upvotes? Everyone knows the more upvotes you get the more correct you are.

  3. Anneal

    The Underground DoE

    I can see the reasoning in that, but alliances like KT and TKR were well planned out and had a strong base of members before it was even established, and NPO had already existed in CN for quite some time before entering P&W. I personally have no beef with micros, but its leaders have to be experienced and know what they’re doing if they expect to remotely succeed. People should join a major alliance for a while and have a good feeling for the game before leaving to make their own micro.
  4. Anneal

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    That was my bad then. My point still stands though. It’s a problem with the game that it fails to offer much of anything, because the only interesting thing that happens in this game is the rush of excitement you get for the first month of war and spending the rest of its duration waiting for some kind of treaty to end it, and then waiting several months for another war to happen.
  5. Anneal

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    Not sure what's wrong with that. The longest war was 69 days, a little less than 10 weeks. Trail of Tiers was 49. A "few" weeks was just a conservative way of saying it.
  6. Anneal

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    This game is functionally just a cycle of war and peace anyways. You fight in war for a few weeks, and eventually the excitement from it starts to wear out a bit, then you have to peace and keep yourself occupied with rebuilding your warchest and nation. Then the boredom sets in again when you have to wait six months for the next global war to happen.
  7. Anneal

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    Eh, there's a bit of excitement if your enemy isn't that good and you have a fighting chance. Getting stomped with no chance to resist is a far less exciting. Plus, war starts wearing out over time and when it draws out too long then even that gets kind of boring.
  8. Curse you Daylight Savings Time.

  9. This new map thing is incredibly weird.

    1. Rimski


      I have accidentally made so many borders that resemble those of fascist states from rl history that I have decided to give up

    2. Madden8021


      Oh, what has Alex done?
      Oh wait....... He's made an update to where people can draw inappropriate things on their maps.

  10. Not the biggest fan of TKR but it is a bit funny to see IQ aggressively shit-talk them. 

    1. Rimski


      Yeah the funny part is as they are both a pile of shit in trash

  11. Anneal

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    Would be nice, but no. I actually had no knowledge that war was imminent at the time. It was pretty hush hush, despite me being high gov MilCom. I left KT because I had issues with Vlad, and I ended up fighting a different war either way. Illenium and Slomby left for similar reasons. I wouldn’t have dodged war for any reason, and if I was aware that we were about to fight IQ I would have at least stayed for the ride.
  12. Anneal

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    Oh, it was mostly just referring to a previous post which was comparing score changes. That was a sort of off-comment. I’m just saying one can continue fighting even without most of your military through other unconventional tactics.
  13. Anneal

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    Score isn't an accurate portrayal usually; net damage is a bit more accurate. Granted though, IQ still has greater net damage in that respect. People forget about how Arrgh used to fight their wars, though.
  14. When you’re in a global war and only have 3 days of VIP left. Feels bad man.

  15. Where are the railguns, next generation nuclear reactors, and swarm robots? Literally unplayable.

    1. Rimski


      Yeah like er ma gush I cannot even use any variation of guns for my soldiers, I cannot even give them individual skins for their knives! 0/10 on imdb


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