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  1. My nation is one largely run by thestrals – or rather, bat ponies, which is a popular pony race within the MLP fandom. Most cities are named after themes of the night and the dark, with a bit of a sci-fi bent to it.
  2. He already has, apparently. Military units are noticeably more expensive now.
  3. People have been saying the game has been dying for years now – at this point, most people who have some degree of rationality just learn to tune the fearmongering out. I miss BK and what it used to be, and nor do I support disbanding alliances or forcing other alliances to disband, but at the same time with this shakeup we can finally turn a new chapter.
  4. Some members did stay in the game and moved to other alliances, but it seems like a good amount of members I know either deleted or went into perma VM. Unfortunately it does seem like a decent amount of members really did quit, because BK is the only real alliance that they know. Most of them rarely interact outside of their alliance, if at all, so they will take what their leadership says at face value. They only see the OWF and the rest of the community as toxic and actively hostile towards them, an image that is propped up by people like Leo. When all that you’ve been fed is that false imag
  5. Most GOONS come from the SomethingAwful forums. They have more connection to the forums and the community there than they do with the game here. It's unlikely that many of them will bother leaving GOONS to join another alliance. It's why most BK and GoTG members obliged when they deleted or VM'd; most of them don't know any other alliance to go. This is the only community they know, and their experience with the game has been exclusively with that alliance.
  6. I don't appreciate what BK has become and the kind of leadership that it had before its downfall. But it's still a bit saddening to see the alliance end so unceremoniously. I was part of the early members under the OG leadership, back when I was under a different nation name (Second Republic of Cyprus). Back when times were simpler and it was just a protectorate under the Syndicate. I even joined back to the game under Curu's leadership just before the Trail of Tiers happened, before I realized it wasn't the same alliance I was in before and left. So at least for that part of BK...it's been a
  7. Sweden isn't dem-soc. It's closer to social democracy, or the "Nordic model". Sweden still has corporations like Ericsson, Volvo, H&M, and Ikea, and is still very much a capitalist country. Red Vienna in the 1920s is a better example of democratic socialism; under the SPÖ, Vienna built a significant amount of public housing (the biggest being Karl-Marx-Hof, which is still standing today) and significantly expanded social welfare within the city. Wealth taxes were enacted to partially pay for these programs. It collapsed with the rise of the fascist Fatherland Front in 1934. There were Lati
  8. I'm personally just disappointed that people don't give micros, at least the ones with potential, much respect. Pretty sad that some people on Coalition A's side feel the need to dunk on some alliance because they felt the need to pull out early. That makes you no better than Coalition B. And people wonder why this game is so toxic.
  9. For the side that complains how certain members believe that this is a false flag operation, you sure are quick to jump into the conclusion that the opposition openly condones this, let alone had anything to do with it. How about we wait and see what Alex says about it?
  10. To be frank, with a generic micro name like that, I won't feel too bad about it.
  11. Just pointing out that she literally sold her infra down before to try and downdeclare on Akuryo. Her cities were originally all around 2500 infra each. And then she did it again two days ago down to 600. She was pretty much rolling herself.
  12. I had noticed this when I was playing P&W last night, but after the update on 1 AM PST (8 AM GMT), I had simply not received the revenue I was supposed to receive that turn, which was around $300K and a small amount of gasoline. Instead, my money had stayed the same. I'm not sure if it is possible to replicate this bug (nor have I taken screenshots of it), and after that turn I started getting my revenue as normal. But I want to see if any other people have been experiencing this bug as well.
  13. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=38746 Ruler Name: Gideon Violation: Inappropriate City Name
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