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  1. The Man managed to leave the nation and go back to The First Order. There he was welcomed by the head of The First Order Security Beaurau. He handed in the USB stick and The First Order began to study the information found in it. Soon would be the last day of the Republic....
  2. The man pretended he was just a normal trooper and began to go as if he was going to help them secure the perimeter, but as he got to the gate and stood there "Guarding", he began to try to sneak out of the camp, when he thought no one could see him.
  3. "Alright" He said. "I shall come with you." He motioned like he was walking forwards to go with the Trooper but with one hand he pulled out the USB stick, and with the other pulled out his gun and quickly shot towards the Trooper while diving behind a wall. He then began to run through the halls. He had to get out of here, and get this information to the order. That was most important.
  4. The man was almost done downloading the files. He remained calm. He had been trained for this. He stayed still and looked at the Trooper. "I was given authorisation to be here. If you check with your commanding officer, you will receive confirmation of this."
  5. Into The Republic ---CLASSIFIED--- The man, dressed as a Republic Trooper, had joined The Old Republic army for several months now and after showing his fighting prowess had moved up in the ranks. He had recieved confirmation from the head of The First Order Security Bureau over encrypted comlink that it was time. He went on a sanctioned break and then stealthily used his code breaker to enter classified areas after checking that the coast was clear. He saw that there was no one in the room, or so his augmented reality sensors told him. He placed a memory stick in the main com
  6. The general was pleased with the outcome and the efficiency of the interrogation. "Thank you for your cooperation" He said exiting the guys mind after making sure he wasn't lying. He nodded at the Soviets so they knew they could take him away and gave the Soviet commander the paper with all the information on it. "Here you go, friend"
  7. The Order Commander salutes the Soviet Commander. "I'd be happy to." He walked towards the leader of the peasant uprising and held a hand out to him and concentrated using the force to probe into his mind. "You will tell me all I wish to know."
  8. The order's stormtroopers stay calm and fire back at the peasants. The general speaks in a loudspeaker saying "Surrender and you won't get hurt!" They send in a wave of drones that send out signals to disorientate the peasants hoping it will make the order's job easier.
  9. He nodded. "Great. I hope your methods of re-education continue to prove be effective. My army will be over shortly"
  10. Kylo stood still and replied "I'll send my Stormtroopers over to help you contain the peasant revolt. Have you considered the usefulness of re-education?" He asked her. "It is an effective strategy."
  11. Kylo sighed. "Is your army having problems containing it? How many people are revolting? I'd like to know what we would be dealing with here, in order to better prepare."
  12. "I saw, Ms Natalia." Kylo said standing still and looking at the hologram, straight on. "We would be happy to provide assistance to you. No nation should undergo such turmoil." He tilted his head very slightly. "How bad is the situation?"
  13. Kylo Ren was walking backwards and forwards through the room meditating on the dark side of the force when he suddenly had a vision of Farmers revolting in his ally's land. He watched the whole vision and then stopped. Perhaps helping them would be the best course of action. With a sweep of his cloak he turned and walked silently out of the door towards the hologram room. He found SASHA and asked her to link him to the USSR via hologram. "You don't command me" SASHA the superAI said in defiance. "My master is Empress Alexia alone." Kylo Ren stared at her. "You like Alexia don't you?
  14. The first order was not planning on going to the wedding anyway. Alexia and Oliver however would attend the wedding of their friends as they had recovered from hospital over the past 2.5 months. They expressed their congratulations.
  15. Alexia and Oliver crash landed in the desert plains of The Regime and were found by Barry and taken to hospital heavily injured. The hospital managed to save them, but was unable to save Alexia's unborn child. Oliver and Alexia comforted each other over this and vowed to get their nation back. As this happened Sith Lord nearer the centre of the galaxy felt a disturbance in the force and travelled towards it to investigte.
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