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  1. 1142 days. 3.12 years. That is a long time to have been playing a game. And over those 3.12 years, I have witnessed many things: the disbanding of the GPA, the creation of epic new alliances (TCW, Strategem, TRF and others), the morphing of this game's landscape as a whole from a more simple game, to a game that has myriad new features and new things to learn. I have witnessed the creation of Discord shows, the destruction of alliances, and the changing of the numerous communities on Orbis, whether that be through genuine change or through conflict. I must say that these 3 years have been truly fantastic. I'm not particularly known in the game, and mostly ignorant about the drama, but I am lucky enough to have been graced with the friendships of a few, and the acquaintances of many. I have had the opportunity to conduct diplomacy and to go to war, the opportunity to create alliances, and disband them. I would like to thank a few people: ALLIANCE MEMBERS (GPA folks [if any are still around], TCW folks, Stratagem folks, TRF folks) Thank you all for the wondrous time. From supporting me when I first started this game (GPA cough cough), to being awesome when creating alliances from the ground up, thank you. Literally, 3 years would not be possible without the alliances I have had the pleasure of being in. NATRP COMMUNITY (from way back when) You guys were (and continue to be) absolutely awesome. NatRP holds a special place in my heart, from the days of the GPA (you know who you are), to this very day. Even though I've not been active there in the past few months, it's been awesome to roleplay out events and storylines and have an active group bounce back with reactions and unique implementations that only make the world a more interesting place Special Mentions Queen_M, and Hunter From the GPA days, you've always been both my closest friends in game. Queen_M, it was amazing creating so many alliances together, keeping at bay the unsavoury folk, and generally playing this game with you, but also talking with you. You're a fantastic person! Hunter, you've been at this longer than I have, and our roleplaying waaaay back in the GPA is something I'll never forget. Even more so, the roleplaying in NatRP is something I will treasure. It was an absolute treat speaking with you on myriad interesting topics, including ways to make our roleplaying better and more interesting. Onwards and upwards! (just don't eat my scones) -------------- And so, with a head held high, and a heart filled with content, I take leave of this game, and to an extent, this community, which has been interesting (to say the least)?. I'll still be around on Discord, but my nation will be gone. Good luck out there to those who march forward. It's been great playing with you all! Bye! TL;DR - Leaving the game. Thanks to everyone who made it so great! Bye!
  2. Great having you around, in SGM and in TRF o7
  3. Royal Government of Hungadada OFFICIAL FOREIGN COMMUNICATIONS CABLE ADDRESSED TO: GOVERNMENT OF THE UMBRELLA CORPORATION Dear Umbrella Executives, Your endeavour to further global efforts to fight climate change through the Tokyo Climate Change Summit is something the Government of Hungadada and its people see as a step in the right direction. While Hungadada has independently worked to identify the root causes and solutions to climate change within its own borders, there is much left to be desired in a global response to this ever growing threat to humanity. After confirming through diplomatic channels, the Government of Hungadada will be sending a small delegation to the summit, as observers. Hungadada remains committed to a global solution to climate change, and this conference looks to achieve just that. SIGNED, Daniel Jackson Minister of Foreign Affairs
  4. I'm re-applying since I went AWOL: Application: Nation name: Imperial Republic of Hungadada Population (may use in-game numbers): 82.5 million Population density (may use in-game numbers): Official currency: Hungadadian Dollar GDP (may use in-game numbers): $5,000,000,000,000 (trillion) GDP per capita (may use in-game numbers): $72,727 Form of government: Absolute Monarchy Describe your nation: A technologically advanced nation, Hungadada has survived the eons to become a great nation for its citizens. Modern Hungadada was formed after the defeat of the enemy AHM rebels many moons ago. Today, Emperor Tristar Majestica leads Hungadada as its Emperor. The Emperor is a good leader who serves his people well. Although advanced, Hungadada has its fair share of problems, including a resurgence of the AHM rebels, as well as a slowing economy, and a brain drain, where a whole generation of scientists, engineers, technology experts and others in the field of technology are missing. Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): https://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/The_Imperial_Republic_of_Hungadada Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): YES Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): Remainder of the island of Great Britain (i.e England, Scotland and Wales), and Ireland please. (My numbers are semi-realist) Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you wish to use): https://imgur.com/UlA75HW (link)
  5. This place has really become a ghost town, huh. In all honesty, I think it would be best if all the RPers got together and revamped NatRP. We should rebuild NatRP from scratch. It'll take time and effort and a lot of coordination, but it seems like the best thing to do rather than make incremental changes that leave big things overlooked.
  6. Welcome to HNS News Headline News at six. Here are the stories: Axe Wielding Man Jumps Fence at Imperial Palace A man, who was carrying an axe was arrested after he jumped the fence on the west side of the Imperial Palace in Port Royalty. The man, who has not been named by authorities, was arrested by the Imperial Palace Guards (IPG) within about 20 meters of his incursion into the palace grounds. One IPG guard was slightly injured in the fray which saw a medium sized police response and a partial shutdown of Glad Avenue, the main road around the west of the palace. An ambulance was also seen at the scene, and the man is said to have sustained bite injuries from an IPG guard dog, after he resisted arrest. A red axe was found at the scene. It has been taken into evidence. The Emperor was in the East Wing of the palace at the time. Sources tell HNS that palace operations were not disrupted significantly, with a "shelter-in-room" order given to all staff. ON THE GROUND REPORT by James Hartsfield I'm standing now at the fence that separates the grounds of Grapevine Park with the palace opposite the West Wing of the palace. A calm has returned to this area that was only 20 minutes ago, filled with the presence of police and security. I'm told that the IPG has taken the man into custody, but that he will be released to Port Royalty Police custody after the necessary arrangements have been made. There are no reports as to the man's identity as of yet, and a police spokesperson I asked could not tell me the name of the individual arrested. The palace has had encounters with incursions into its grounds in the past, with the most recent event in memory being the day that the Emperor himself was attacked in that heartbreaking attack on the Imperial Palace. Port Royalty Police say they intend to charge the unnamed suspect with trespassing on royal property, resisting arrest, assault on a peace officer, and possession of a weapon with intent to harm. It remains to be seen how the situation unfolds. But, here in Grapevine Park, all is calm once again, as the activity of Port Royalty goes on, unhindered. Wildfire Spreads in Twin River National Park: H77 Closed, Evacuations Ordered One of the largest wildfires in Hungadadian history continues to spread as firefighters, the military and local volunteers struggle to control the blaze. The fire, nicknamed 'Vulcan' by the locals in the area began as a relatively small blaze in the north section of the park. The entire northern section is known to be the most remote area of the park, with no service connection, and no human development. The area is popular with extreme hikers both for its rugged terrain, but also for the wildlife it offers, free of human intervention. Expected by the park authority to be rained out, the fire spread when the long dry weather spell continued without relief from the predicted rainfall. Firefighters struggled to reach the initial site of the fire, and had to resort to waiting until it came to them until they could begin fighting it. The fire now threatens the H77, a vital road connection that allows the linking of Scottish Hungadada to Oakwood, one of Hungadada's largest cities. The Scottish Hungadada Disaster Management Authority (SHDMA) has ordered the closure of the H77, saying that it has no choice but to do so in the interest of public safety. Experts from the SHDMA say that because of the risk, closing the H77 could save lives. The fire, which has become more and more unpredictable will reach the H77. Closing the H77 preemptively will therefore prevent people becoming stranded on the road as a result of the fire, thus reducing risk to the lives of civilians and rescuers. The SHDMA also ordered evacuations of the towns of Twin River, Kilstock, Lions Creek and Polk. Combined, over 5000 people have been ordered to leave within the next 24 to 36 hours. The military has now stepped in alongside local volunteers, and is aiding in the evacuations. The Emperor visited the SHDMA control centre that is spearheading the operation 2 days ago. He said that he was proud of the work that firefighters, the military and local volunteers were doing. The Palace issued a statement saying that the Emperor was being informed of all developments. It also said that a local state of emergency was deemed necessary, but it did not rule out the Emperor ordering one in the future. ON THE GROUND REPORT by Maria Lon I'm here in the town of Twin River, the namesake of Twin River National Park. There is palpable tension in the air as residents begin immediate preparations for the evacuation that was ordered. Local residents say that they're worried about what the future holds, especially if the fire begins encroaching onto Twin Rivers. The firefighters are doing everything they can to ensure the blaze is controlled. 25 fire fighting aircraft are stationed here at Twin Rivers alone. Over 2000 firefighters have also descended on the area. At night, the dim orange glow of the fast moving fire is visible just over the horizon. Air quality has also taken a hit, with strong southern winds blowing heavy smoke over the towns and settlements. Elderly residents report difficulties breathing. The military has said that it is working with SHDMA to analyse the situation and to offer support. Currently, the military is only helping with evacuations, but the SHDMA has not ruled out asking for military assistance in fighting the fire. While the H77 was closed early this morning, people are being taken out via smaller country roads to safer areas, including Oakwood and Port Tock. The fire is one of Hungadada's largest in history. There are no fatalities so far, though 3 firefighters sustained injures after being hit by a burning branch that gave way and fell on them. Ongoing Security Operation Ends in 82 Arrests: Latest Release Analysis An ongoing security operation in the Isles of Death by the Imperial Hungadadian Navy has resulted in the arrest of at least 82 Anti-Hungadada Movement (AHM) members. The Navy has been holding a blockade of the Isles, up in the north of the country, for over 3 weeks, after intelligence suggesting a large scale meeting of members of the illegal organisation. The 82 members are a mix of both leaders and lower level members, and HNS is told they are being arrested by the military and not police. This distinction means that their arrests can be held for up to 4 weeks longer than the traditional 48 hours given to charge suspects. The move was cleared by the Ministry of Justice before the operation began. The Isles of Death, a group of small, rocky islands has been the de-facto headquarters of the AHM, an organisation that was responsible for one of the worst rebellions in Hungadada's history. The military has been involved in incursions onto the Isles in the past, including when they were investigating the use of the chemical weapon (developed by the AHM) known colloquially as "Cobra". It's rise overthrew the Majestica throne line, leading to a brutal dictatorship and eventually a civil war that returned power back to the royal family. The organisation, which came from honourable beginnings as the main opposition party to the Party of the Royal Supporters (RS) in the Hungadadian Parliament slowly became associated with criminal activity before eventually leading a coup of the government. In the modern era, the AHM has been classified as a terrorist organisation, and has killed civilians in various attacks across both Hungadada and bordering nations. In one attack, the Emperor was critically injured after a package exploded within the Imperial Palace, placed by an insider. However, these drastic attempts at fear and terror indicate a growing weakening within the AHM, according to experts. The AHM was an organisation that used more covert methods of subverting the government, and according intelligence sources, is becoming more brazen as their membership base weakens, and as their hold on power slackens. The security operation, called 'Operation Return Fire' is part of a multi-year strategy to combat the AHM, which stands at its weakest since its founding. Infighting within various factions has led to a weakened overall strategy, and apparent struggles for overall power within the group is becoming more common. The Isles of Death have been host to the AHM for years. Despite knowing this, the military chose not to act due to the guerrilla style warfare the AHM used to defend their base. After arresting AHM members on the mainland, the strategy was to intensely surveil all suspected AHM members and use covert intelligence techniques to gain access to the leadership of the AHM. Operation Return Fire involves various navy ships, and the blockade has prevented AHM members from leaving the meeting on the Isles of Death. 82 members voluntarily surrendered and were taken into custody. A navy spokesperson told HNS that the AHM members remaining on the Isles only have a few weeks left of supplies. Although no special operations soldiers have set foot on the island, sources say that if the AHM members don't voluntarily give up, they will be given no choice but to be arrested by force. ----
  7. In the real world, a military vessel is a versatile object. Currently, by attacking an opponent via a naval attack in-game, all you can do is blockade and cause infrastructure damage. My suggestion is to upgrade the abilities of the naval attack to more accurately depict its real world abilities. Essentially: the naval attack gains three additional targets (kind of like an airstrike): Infrastructure, planes, and money. When carrying out a naval attack, you can select which target you'd want to go for. If you get an immense triumph, you get the blockade, resistance depletion, and extra damage on whichever target you selected. Example: I attack Country Random with a naval attack. Before carrying out the naval attack, I select "damage planes" (like you would for an airstrike). The result of my naval attack is an immense triumph over Country Random. The resulting damage on country random? The nation is blockaded, has lost 14 resistance, has lost 50 infrastrucutre and has lost 20 planes. Note that infrastructure damage would be limited unless you specifically select infrastructure as a target. What do you think?
  8. 20:00, Hungadada North Atlantic Naval Command "IHNS Zeus, this is Hotel November Alpha. Please give your current location, over." "Roger, Hotel November, IHNS Zeus is currently at Waypoint Mike, heading six six north east, speed at 35 knots, over." "Roger, IHNS Zeus, you have been reassigned. New target: head toward Isles of Death. Maintain perimeter around Isles until further notice. IHNS Panther will contact you with full operational instructions via SAT 1. Be aware, this is a Sierra Lima, this is a Sierra Lima. Over and out" -- OPSEC MESSAGE via SAT 1:: || OP DETAILS ISLES OF DEATH |||| OPERATION RETURN FIRE (SL) Imperial Hungadadian Navy Carrier Strike Group Alpha to head towards Isles of Death passing Waypoint Delta All other current operations are to be dropped. Current operation reassigned to OPERATION RETURN FIRE. Details of operation are as follows: In the past few months, Hungadada Intelligence Service (HIS) has obtained intelligence strongly suggesting that the Anti-Hungadada Movement (AHM) is operating within the Isles of Death. Intelligence suggests the AHM are re-forming and are meeting with known associates to plan for a better future. HIS intelligence suggests all major leaders (including provincial and city leaders) of AHM factions are present on isles. HIS suggests strong possibility that up to 5000 AHM members are also present on isles. The Palace has issued orders to secure the isles, and apprehend all suspects. The Imperial Hungadadian Navy Carrier Strike Group Alpha has been assigned to blockade and apprehend. MISSION GOAL: Blockade the Isles of Death and begin operations to apprehend all suspects. AVAILABLE UNITS: Carrier Strike Group Alpha COMMAND: IHNS Panther (contact on ext. 9001) AIRCRAFT/DRONES: YES/YES SUBMERSIBLES: YES RESERVE BACKUP: Available on request (ETA 36 hours) PRIORITY: Strike Level (Internal Alarm System 2) [IAS 2] VESSELS OPERATING: IHNS Panther, IHNS Zeus, IHNS Lionsgate, IHNS Phoenix, IHNS Taurus, IHNS Fury, IHNS Jackson, IHNS Bach, IHNS Future, IHNS Bear WARNINGS: AHM members may be heavily armed and may be resistant to any form of apprehension. In the event of a life-threatening struggle, lethal force is authorised. DO NOT engage target(s) until sufficient ground and air backup is in place. AHM members may utilise small boats, lifeboats or dinghies in order to avoid blockade. Drones should pursue, with marines placed in RRV for apprehension. All marines and sailors must have at least one firearm (loaded with extra ammunition), one taser (with extra cartridges) a two way radio (with spare batteries) a flashlight (with spare batteries), pepper spray, baton, and handcuffs stored in their tool belt on their person at all times. AHM members have been known to attempt kidnapping and/or sabotage of vessels under cover of darkness. REMAIN ALERT AND VIGILANT AT ALL TIMES. [END OF MESSAGE] ------- 20:10, Bridge of the IHNS Panther, somewhere in the North Atlantic, "Admiral, phone call on line 3. From the Palace", said the first officer. The Admiral, looking out toward the murky horizon through binoculars nodded. He put them down, and walked over to the phone. Pressing the button for line 3, he picked up the phone. "Good evening, this is Admiral Bainridge aboard the IHNS Panther." "Admiral Bainridge, please hold for the Emperor of the Imperial Republic of Hungadada" replied a voice on the other end. "Admiral Bainridge!" came the unusually cheery voice of the Emperor. This late in the evening, and after a busy day of economics and other laborious tasks, it was not normal for the Emperor to be cheery. Yet, he was. "Good evening, your Majesty", replied the Admiral. "Admiral, as you already know, you've been tasked with heading Operation Return Fire. Naturally, I know that your 45 years in the Navy will serve you well in ensuring that this operation is a success. Nonetheless, I expect your resignation letter on my desk as soon as your operational command is over.", said the Emperor cooly. There was a pause. The Admiral was breathing a little more heavily now. A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead. He adjusted his collar. The friendliness was gone. "Your Majesty, I can't do that. It would...", began the Admiral, half exasperated, half-angry. The Emperor interrupted: "Admiral Bainridge, you are a smart man. I think you know that a resignation on your part would save you a lot of face. Imagine if your family, your country, and the world came to know of what you've done. Do you really think you want to fight this?" There was another pause, a longer one. "Your Majesty, with all due respect, I must strongly object to these terms. I cannot... will not do this!" yelled the Admiral down the phone. The officers on the bridge looked up curiously. "Have it your way, Admiral", came the reply. The dial tone. ----------- 21:00, Hungadada News Service, John Edgar Newsroom, Port Royalty "Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening and welcome to HNS News. I'm your host, Nancy Parker, and this is the news at 9: 'Sources from the DSDH have confirmed to HNS that a military security operation is underway in the North Atlantic. These sources have confirmed that this current operation, known as Operation Return Fire, is focused around the Isles of Death. Our DSDH correspondent, James Allen has more: "Thank you Nancy. The DSDH confirmed to HNS today that the largest ever military security operation in modern Hungadadian history is now taking place in the North Atlantic. Sources tell HNS that one carrier strike group -that is, 10 navy ships, including an aircraft carrier, destroyers, frigates and submarines- are converging on the Isles of Death, a group of islands in the North Atlantic known for their iconic cliffs, and their deadly waters. Our sources tell us that over the last few months, the Hungadadian Intelligence Service has monitored a significant amount of AHM rebels moving over to the island. The intelligence collected by the agency suggests that there is some sort of meeting happening there. The navy will be blockading the Isles until further notice, with the goal being the arrest of as many members as possible. Back to you, Nancy." "Thank you James. I have here with me HNS' defence analyst Watson Hall. Watson, what can you tell us about this move by the government to apprehend the AHM?" "Well Nancy, from the information I've been given, this is certainly the largest step that modern Hungadada has taken in the fight against the AHM. From what I've been told, this operation is being run and commanded by the Palace, rather than the DSDH, which is unusual, and only goes to show how serious the government is with this particular operation. The AHM apparently has been planning this meeting for months, with hundreds of members travelling to the islands for their meeting. If this operation is successful, and I have no doubts that it will be; it could be the real first step towards the beginning of the end of the AHM." ------ 21:10, Bridge of the IHNS Panther, somewhere in the North Atlantic, "Attention, attention, this is the IHNS Panther. We have eyes on the Isles of Death. Orders are clear, follow directions on SAT 2. Blockade, blockade. Deck warning is now level 3. Contact command via SAT 4. With proud hearts, do your solemn duty to your country." --- TO BE CONTINUED (Isles of Death are in reference to May claims to the islands in the North Atlantic)
  9. May Claims: (see attached image) Thanks! (post will be up in conjunction with those claims.)
  10. 2 days earlier, 1610PM The screen, which usually displayed incoming information about relevant operational details was uncharacteristically blank. Not even a personal message was displayed. "How the hell do we not have anything on these people?!", growled General Hawkthorne. The room erupted into squalor once more, as each individual attempted to speak at the same time. Hawkthorne glared angrily at HIS Director Dylan Van. "Look", he half heartedly yelled. "When the AMH are planning something, they go completely off the radar. Very few people know what's going on, including the operatives planning the event. We haven't been able to infiltrate that inner circle, and you know it. We cannot risk endangering our own agents, and ruining years of operations just because we haven't found what we're looking for here. Plan Delta is a highly sophisticated event the AHM is planning. We can't afford any screwups. If that means waiting longer for intel, so be it." Director Van put his pen down: "I'm as frustrated as you are, General. But...", he was interrupted by a loud beep on the screen. A message had appeared. The room, which was just about to erupt again, went pin drop quiet. "Lieutenant, please open the message", said Hawkthorne, his eyebrows raised in mild curiosity. The lieutenant clicked on the message. Hawkthorne read it out loud: "ALERT, ALERT ALERT. Plan Delta initiated. Final operatives meeting at Isles Hill Village, Ivy Green Pub & Bar, in cellar. Pub owner and pub goers AHM affiliated. Advise military response. Advise Emperor. Intelligence suggesting Plan Delta implementation imminent. OVER" The room sat in stunned silence. Hawkthorne looked at the group. "Well, what the hell are you waiting for?! Let's move!" roared the General. The group nodded in unison, and simultaneously got up. A scramble of activity was now ushered in to the previously quiet room. "Get me the Emperor" 2 minutes later... As he walked the halls of the royal palace, he had only one thing on his mind. Food. Yes, the leader of Hungadada was hungry, and he wanted nothing less than a burger, fries, and a shake. The Emperor's aide, walking behind him pulled out the tablet he carried. "Your Majesty", he said. "Code Red alert, you are advised to proceed to the nearest secure telephone line". The Emperor looked at his aide. "Burgers will have to wait, I suppose", he replied. The Emperor broke into a jog, as he entered a meeting room with a secure phone line. Picking the phone up, he said: "It's the Emperor. What's happening?" "Ah, your Majesty. It's General Hawkthorne. We don't have much time. AHM Plan Delta, the plan by the AHM; we have strong intelligence suggesting imminent implementation of said plan, and we have confirmed intelligence of a meeting where operatives part of Plan Delta will be meeting tonight. We need your authorisation to launch our armed counter operation. I've sent a briefing via the tablet.". The Emperor looked at his aide. On the tablet displayed was a quick briefing of the situation. Skimming through the briefing, he nodded. "General", he replied. "Due to the nature of this operation, you have my full authorisation to use reasonable means to ensure that Plan Delta is disrupted. The goal of this operation is to apprehend any and all suspects for further questioning. Please advise your troops to shoot only in self defence. You have full command of the situation. Command this operation via the Crisis Response Room." Hawkthorne replied: "Thank you" and hung up. The plan, then, was in motion. HIS and the DSDH had been for months collecting information about Plan Delta, and an opportunity to arrest various members of the AHM would not be missed. The idea now was to act quickly, so that cordons could be placed, lockdowns initiated, and soldiers placed on urgent standby. More incoming intelligence would confirm about 70 AHM members who would meet at approximately 8 PM for their Plan Delta meeting. The AHM worked on a clockwork schedule. All their members were expected to be in for the meeting at 8, not one minute earlier or later. Local police could not be informed about the ongoing operation, as it was to much of a risk with regards to operational security. As the pub building itself was standalone, it would be easier to secure the area. Only time would tell how successful the operation would be. Ivy Green Pub & Bar, Isles Hill Village, Province of Scottish Hungadada, 1950PM It was deathly quiet. Strange for the time of year. A bird chirped. A good 200 soldiers were all over the small town of about 3000 people. New intelligence had brought up that the pub was actually closed today, meaning that anyone who went in was most certainly an AHM member. And since the pub itself was AHM affiliated, the less civilians, the better. With less than 10 minutes to go, the Crisis Response Room at the Palace was buzzing with activity. The Emperor entered. The room paused, and those seated stood up. "Hello everyone," said the Emperor. He had still not eaten his burger. "What's the situation?". General Hawkthorne replied: "Your Majesty, we're a few minutes away from breaching and carrying out the operation. We've got 257 armed soldiers on the ground at the pub, with a further 300 on standby should anything go amiss." "Good" replied the Emperor. "Let's do a status check?" Hawkthorne nodded: "Breach team Alpha, status check, over" "Roger, command, Breach team Alpha is go" "Breach team Bravo, status check, over" "Roger, command, Breach team Bravo is ready to go" "Arrest teams Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot, status?" "Roger, command, all arrest teams are go" "All right, all teams listen up. In less than five minutes, I will give the order to enter and apprehend all individuals in the Ivy Green Bar & Pub. The cellar of this establishment contains our targets. Apprehend targets for further questioning. Shoot only in self defence. All possible exits and escape routes have been sealed off. Be aware that members may be armed. Await my command" --- "All teams, on alert." In their positions, the armed soldiers cocked their weapons. They pulled down their visors, "All teams, prepare to breach". The breach teams brought out their battering rams. The pub door had been locked by the owner just moments ago. There was another silence. "All teams, BREACH BREACH BREACH", the command came. Breach team Alpha ran in formation to the front door. Ramming it, the door gave way without much resistance. At the same time, team Bravo breached a side entrance. Having breached the doors, arrest teams ran in. "ARMED SOLDIERS, GET DOWN ON THE GROUND, SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!" "ARMED SOLDIERS, TURN AROUND, GET DOWN ON THE GROUND! NOW!". As the teams moved down toward the unsuspecting AHM members, a shot rang out. Then more shots. "Shots fired, shots fired." It was the pub owner. He had attempted to pull out a gun from the waistband of his pants. Punching the soldier arresting him, he had pulled the gun out. That's when he was shot. The soldiers continued their way down the stairs. Breaching the cellar door, all 70 members of the AHM Plan Delta group were caught unawares. "ARMED SOLDIERS NOBODY MOVE!". One by one, the soldiers poured into the room, dragging AHM members out one by one, where they were searched, and arrested. The mission had gone successfully. At least for now AHM Plan Delta was disrupted. And finally, the Emperor could get his burger. TO BE CONTINUED
  11. Nation name: Imperial Republic of Hungadada Population (may use in-game numbers): 117 million Population density (may use in-game numbers): 371.241 sq KM Official currency: Dollar GDP (may use in-game numbers): 5 trillion dollars GDP per capita (may use in-game numbers): $42,735 Form of government: Monarchy Describe your nation: Hungadada is a monarchy led by Emperor Tristar Majestica, which was formed out of the chaos of the old AHM movement. The country is liberal, and enjoys wide benefits from a strong government, and strong social policies. The country is generally peaceful, choosing to engage in diplomacy rather than war, but has a highly trained military in the event of conflict. Hungadada is a nation filled with nature, and the pro-environment policies of the Government have allowed this nature to flourish. Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): http://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/The_Imperial_Republic_of_Hungadada Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): YES Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): The British Isles (all) Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you wish to use): (sorry, the file is big) (Map-wise, you're limited to a maximum of 75 provinces. If you go higher than that, I'll personally adjust it down until it's at 75, or ask you to re-do your own example until it fits within the 75 province limit. Note that expansion is allowed, but at a maximum of four provinces per month as to be as realistic as possible. This rule applies to nations under 75 provinces as well. Nations are permitted to own colonies, but at a maximum of 5 with no more than 20 provinces each. Separate colonies are unable to be conjoined. Gifted land is also capped at four provinces per month. This includes land gained by a nation as a result of a war as well.) (You are required to post at least once a month in the national affairs subforum to remain active. This means creating your own topic, not just commenting on your own, or someone else's posts. Inactive nations will be removed from the map.)
  12. Unnamed New City, Hungadada, Planet Mars: "Good afternoon Center, this is Mapleguard Outpost, please provide a status update? over" "Outpost, this is Center. All systems are check, Outpost power is at 80% operation. over" "Center, message received. We're going to halt construction for today. We've got a scout team that says a storm is headed our way in a couple of hours. over" "Yeah, Outpost, the storm is heading your way at about a 112 kilometres an hour. Secure all loose items, and seek shelter. Get that scout team back now! over" "Roger that, Center, we're going offline. See you in a bit! over and out" ---- Storms on Mars are no longer the threat they used to be. In the early days of the city, it was terrifying to have a dust storm at over 100km/h come by and wreck a lot of the construction process. There was also very little shelter, so a lot of people had to be consistently treated for dust inhalation. In good time, Mapleguard and Dawnstorm were built. They became fully functional and became the jewel of the HAA Space Exploration and Residence Program, known in Hungadada as going to "Live on Mars". The idea had been that if you were sent up (with consent of course), that you would never be brought back. At least, not until the base could support it. But, even after a decade on Mars, and even though Dawnstorm Terminal could support trips back and forth, the risk they carried was too much. Having spent so much time in space, with low gravity, it was concerning to scientists how the human body would react back on Earth. There were no trips back and forth, only trips carrying new members of the population to the base. But the people on Mars were happy. They had everything they could ever wish for. Spending 10 years on Mars had meant that the population on Mars had grown significantly, especially with the constant addition of a couple hundred adults every few months. A total of 56,000 people resided on Mars. And more kept coming, inspired by the stories of exploration, and space. But a new problem was fast approaching: overpopulation. Mapleguard had only been built to support about 55,000 people. And it was a huge, sprawling city in its own right, taking up about 150 kilometres squared. But, building larger would have made the city too large, something that the council didn't want. And so, it was decided by the council and the HAA to fund the construction of a new, satellite city, which would support a further 100,000 people. Having heard the HAA Plan to "Return to Mars", the City Council of Mapleguard had decided to at least offer their own insights into what renewed focus on the settlement would look like. And so, the Mapleguard city council sent the following brief to the HAA: City of Mapleguard Council Directive A-9018 || HAA SPACE EXPLORATION AND RESIDENCE PROGRAM ---- In relation to: Expansion to Construct a Satellite City around Mapleguard to Support More Population Respected Directors, Over the last few months, our communications have determined a urgent growing need to build a new city within the proximity of Mapleguard in order to support the rapidly growing population. Our final calculations suggest expanding Mapleguard would be unfeasible and unpleasant. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the City of Mapleguard to fund construction of a satellite city connected to Mapleguard. This satellite city would still be governed by Mapleguard City Council, but would support up to 100,000 people. The satellite city would be billed as a smart city (smarter than what currently exists). We will implement and construct new, innovative technologies into the city to best support its population. Construction is expected to take 5 years, and will be commenced at a rapid pace. The project cost is given at $3.5 billion, with cost overrun predictions given at no more than $2.0 billion. Detailed documents with all possibilities considered have been sent down to the HAA Mission Development Centre, for analysis and final approval. We look forward to your response. SIGNED, COUNCIL CITY OF MAPLEGUARD ------------ TO BE CONTINUED
  13. It was the room of the ages. A room that had seen war after war, death after death. A room, many floors deep. A room, known only as "Room 2018". This room, located in the medieval depths of the Imperial Palace was a room. From the outside it was unimposing, bare, with one wooden door guarding its secrets. But on the inside, it was something else. Grand was an understatement. The room was embellished with gold, diamond, crystals of the finest quality. The floor made out of amber. Carvings and the frescos stained on the roof, which depicted the legends of many great heroes. Indeed, the room had seen them come and go, had seen great heroes rise and mighty villains fall. Room 2018 had seen the rise of an empire, and the fall of a regime. Despite what many said, no one knew why Room 2013 was built. It served no purpose; no documents ever made mention of the room. The palace blueprints never included Room 2018. There was a room 2017 and a room 2019 on these old blueprints, but there was nothing about room 2018. Indeed, when palace officials made the discovery of Room 2018, it was by accident. The Emperor had commissioned a small team to investigate the security, history and overall structural integrity of the "Rooms of 2000s" as they were known. These rooms, measuring up from 2000 up to 2030 (but missing 2018), were located many floors deep within the palace, many floors deep within the Earth the palace was built on. These rooms were accessible only through a small doorway, with winding stone stairs, down into the dark depths of history. And so, when this team of medieval experts, engineers and scientists descended down below, they were expecting to find only 29 rooms. But, as the story goes, a vine covered wall was leaned upon. A stone fell. Peering behind this "wall-not-wall", the team found wood. And so, piece by piece, the stone wall was dismantled, until all that remained were the vines. As they were cut down, the bare stone wall of the outside of a room was found, perfectly preserved with medieval carvings. The small oak door with a ring door handle was opened. And thus, a secret of an empire was revealed. TO BE CONTINUED...
  14. Hungadada Ministry of Foreign Affairs \\ FRANCE TRAVEL ALERT // || Following a rapidly deteriorating security situation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel alert for France. Current Situation in France France, what the Ministry has described in the past as a relatively stable country, is experiencing a rapidly deteriorating security and safety situation. The Government of France is no longer able to control various rebel factions within the country, some of whom have the backing of other nations. The current situation in France is a civil war, with different factions fighting against one and other, in violent fashion. Heavily armed soldiers from all sides continue to engage each other, and rapid troop deployments continue. Explosions and indiscriminate shelling have been reported, and attacks on civilian infrastructure are now becoming apparent. The conflict situation in France is violent, deadly and dangerous. While there is no specific risk to Hungadadian citizens, due to the indiscriminate nature of the conflict, all Hungadadian citizens are urged to return back immediately, without delay. What to do if you are in France All Hungadadian citizens are urged to contact the Hungadadian embassy or nearest consulate at the earliest possible moment to organise emergency transport out of the country. Citizens should monitor local media sources (news, radio etc.). Citizens should begin to make their way to a Hungadadian diplomatic mission. Resources have been set up to shelter Hungadadian citizens in diplomatic missions and emergency evacuation transportation is being organised. Do not take part in any demonstrations, protests or large group gatherings of any kind. Do not incite violence and follow the direction of authorities. You should stay seek shelter. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. With the civil situation deteriorating, emergency (police, ambulance, firefighting etc.) services may not be available. If you are arrested, request for consular assistance. You should be aware that embassy and consulate security has been stepped up, and includes a higher volume of both visible and invisible security measures. This is normal procedure during a 'TRAVEL ALERT'. Once you arrive at an embassy or consulate, you may be asked to provide legal identification including (but not limited to): passport, GiD card, health insurance card, and a drivers license (if applicable). What to do if you are in Hungadada At this point in time, there is no risk to Hungadadian citizens in Hungadada. The Ministry of Foreign affairs urges all citizens to prevent any and all travel to France. If you are worried about a relative or friend in France, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs helpline. What does a 'TRAVEL ALERT' mean? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses a variety of warnings to indicate danger levels in foreign countries. A 'TRAVEL ALERT' is the highest possible warning for a foreign country. What is means is that a current conflict, threat or situation in a foreign country or territory has deteriorated to a point where it is extremely unsafe to continue to remain in the country or territory. These conflicts may include natural disasters, terrorism threats, a specific threat to Hungadadian citizens, civil disorder, civil war, war etc. When a 'TRAVEL ALERT' is issued, the respective embassy and consulate(s) are placed on alert. Embassy staff are told to expect a high volume of calls, information requests and queries on what to do. Embassy staff have been trained to respond to high stress, demanding situations, and are more than prepared to deal with potential situations. When a 'TRAVEL ALERT' is issued, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also posts an emergency statement on its website advising Hungadadian citizens on the current situation in the country or territory. This statement also includes steps what you should do if you are in a country or territory that has had a 'TRAVEL ALERT' issued. In some cases, the Government of Hungadada may deem it necessary to evacuate Hungadadian citizens. This will be specified in the statement. The Government of Hungadada will use its resources to evacuate citizens at the earliest possible time. The most important thing to remember is not to panic, and to monitor the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for updates on the situation.
  15. Thanks for your work! Have a great holiday season, and looking forward to what you bring us next year.
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