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  1. Not you though!!!!!!!!! Everyone else
  2. When I delete 16 cities after my second go round after having 15 cities the only way to get me back is to convince Alex to give me 31 cities
  3. I deleted, no one cares. No shockers. Good times, bad times. It doesn't matter anymore. Byeeeeeeeee
  4. Okay so Attrition: In an Attrition war, you will do 100% of potential infrastructure damage and take 25% of potential loot. Defenders will be able to do 100% of potential infrastructure damage and take 50% of potential loot. now that means around 10% right? Shell Cottage looted $92,375, 0 Coal, 53 Oil, 14 Uranium, 0 Iron, 53 Bauxite, 0 Lead, 0 Gasoline, 19 Munitions, 0 Steel, 12 Aluminum, and 6 Food. Altis also lost 4% of the infrastructure in each of their cities. This is my war against kingofbluebears. Obviously I declared attrition and obviously it's giving me a raid infra destroyed. I want more damage to his nation. What happened?
  5. The rumors are swirling, how will zeebrus answer? Could it be true? Our favorite bee is our eternal game admin VILLIAN????
  6. Do you need an offensive coordinator? I'm for hire. We will BLITZ ALL NIGHT!!! If they cross the line of scrimmage, I'll take every last one of you out! You make sure they remember FOREVER the night they played the Pacifists! totally not copy and pasted
  7. I'd probably delete my life I tried marrying you
  8. Pnw will die when Zeebrus comes out of the closet as Alex the Game Admin and everyone deletes
  9. I look forward to raiding both alliances..... Again. TFP stronk!
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