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  1. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

    -Pslams 23:4

    We cannot fear death, despair, adversary. There will be tough times yes, but you can get through it. Even if you don't believe in the protection of God, believe in yourself. Get yourself THROUGH it. Because there is no challenge ahead you cannot defeat. Even when there is no hope, there is light.

  2. Alex's twitter

    Don't let this distract you from Alex's alcoholic tweets, @Zeebrus knows. He needs help
  3. Describe the above's profile picture

    Hippo that's green
  4. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    There is no difference between Communism and Queen M.
  5. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    I have a burning hatred in my heart. You're going to collapse. Once the greatness of K T shines their light on you, you will be unable to keep up. You are literally the worst group in PNW, and there's alliances like IQ and Pantheon around. Queen M, queen of the sjws, you're nothing but a failure like your hero Bernie Sanders. "I'm 75 years old and the only thing thing I've done in my life is screech about capitalism". JK, I don't care that much. Congrats and good luck! Are white people, specifically cis men, allowed in the alliance?
  6. And So the Dust Settles

    Arrgh is irrelevant? Ask @KingOfBlueBears who the real @Bluebear is, !@#$.
  7. And So the Dust Settles

    how many zeebruses?
  8. And So the Dust Settles

    Visit me before then?
  9. And So the Dust Settles

    attack CKD, what's the worst that could happen?
  10. And So the Dust Settles

    Fun getting your ass beat?
  11. Orbital Knights DoE

    Then I'll just buy another ship
  12. And So the Dust Settles

    Please demilitarize, thank you
  13. Orbital Knights DoE

    Look forward raiding you
  14. LAST ONE TO COMMENT WINS $1,000,000!

    Zeebrus is my bee