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A Major Announcement from TCW


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I didn't think I'd read something so inspirational at 1am

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THE Definitive James:

KastorCultist, Co-leading Roz Wei Empyrea The Wei, former TGH warrior, Assassin, and a few more. Player of this game for more time than I want to think about...


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Perhaps the greatest WOT Orbis has ever seen to date. Very intricate, well crafted, but easy to understand. Bravo

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Hammer Councillor of The Lost Mines
Diety Emeritus of The Immortals, Patres Conscripti (President Emeritus) of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, Lieutenant Emeritus of Black Skies, Imperator Emeritus of the Valyrian Freehold, Imperator Emeritus of the Divine Phoenix, Prefect Emeritus of Carthago, Regent Emeritus of the New Polar Order, Coal Duke (Imperator Emeritus) of The Coal Mines


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6 minutes ago, RightHonorable said:

It's the most important announcement I made on behalf of TCW

Indeed, it does seems like it, though I do remember your announcements from The Underground, though they may have been from 3 years ago now lol

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Leader in Event Horizon


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33 minutes ago, hidude45454 said:

I'd like to think there actually was some huge game-changing message attached to this, but they forgot to post it and it's too late to turn back now so they just have to roll with it.

You don't know? Lol wow. I guess there are actual perks to being in the back rooms. 

Hey Krampus, the signature edit is under account settings. Actually, here's the link.


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