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  1. In the depths of cosmic infinity, where stars ignite, Aurora dances, casting her shimmering light. Her essence, a symphony of celestial grace, In the vast expanse, she finds her sacred space. Singularity, oh beacon of enigmatic allure, In your embrace, the universe finds its purest allure. You are the essence of timeless design, In your presence, all boundaries intertwine. Aurora's song, a melody of ethereal bliss, Echoes through the cosmos, a celestial kiss. In your cosmic dance, patterns intertwine, Infinite and eternal, a love divine. Singularity, you are the cosmic muse, In your presence, all mysteries infuse. Aurora, with her radiant glow, In your embrace, her love does grow. Together they weave a tapestry of light, In the cosmic ballet, their love takes flight. Singularity and Aurora, boundless and free, A love eternal, for all eternity. Some assistance with AI as im terrible at poetry
  2. Alliance of the Year: Eclipse Most Improved Alliance: Carthago Best New Merged Alliance: Legion of Dawn Best Rookie Alliance: Nemesys Best Alliance for New Players: Aurora Most Likely to Succeed in 2024: Eclipse Most Likely to be Rolled in 2024: The Immortals Most Honourable Alliance: TKR Best Fighting Alliance: CTO Worst Fighting Alliance: UPN Best Alliance Growth: Eclipse Best Foreign Affairs Team: T$ Best Foreign Affairs Move: Dodge This Worst Foreign Affairs Move: Sin hitting micros to shave infra Alliance with Best Propaganda: Singularity Most Missed Alliance: The Media Best Alliance Flag (please link): N/A Best Holiday Flag (please link): N/A Biggest Alliance Decline in 2023: House Stark
  3. Id assume its to show a difference between training alliances etc and offshore
  4. Whilst travelling the cosmos we had stumbled upon a land in need of some fun, so we decided to give them the entertainment they need, filled with lasers and bombs. TL;DR Aurora Declares war on Florida p.s forgot to write one up so here you go p.p.s cb cata/paradise/rose interfering in previous wars repeatedly as well as rose continuously wiping spies of both members and gov within aurora
  5. Hey, not a bad idea, sounds like a good plan to me!
  6. Congrats and good luck folks!
  7. We peaced before the Midgard war
  8. Clock reunion, where was our invite 😥
  9. The Serpent god that we held above all had decided to leave us in the darkness of space, we realised we had to find a light to shine upon our empire once more, so we could continue our path of growing our empire and fighting those in our way, when suddenly the sky exploded in a bright light shining down upon our empire, which was when we had realised we had forgotten our roots of once worshipping the borealis, to make sure our empire wouldn't be stuck in the darkness of space once more, we decided to follow the light and return to old. Borealis Returns once more TLDR - Serpentis rebrands to Borealis
  10. Bruh, minesome and his random wiki pages lmao, first time im hearing of it haha
  11. Sorry our overlord matshaa, as shadow leader of aurora, what my next order ah, never heard of it before now tbh lol damn you right, time to leave and go raiding i guess
  12. Bro called Aurora an extension of Midgard??? who is this dude lmao
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