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  1. RightHonorable

    RNN: Fall of the Fallen Angels

    Calls their allies "retards", then spells "allies" wrong, what a genius.
  2. RightHonorable

    Lets be Honest this was leaked weeks ago...

    *Let us prayyyyyy
  3. RightHonorable

    Nova Riata Disband

    I do pity the rank and file in NR, as have been put in the unenviable position of having their own government be their own worst enemy. For them, they will have to deal with a reputation tarnished by acts that they really had no control over. I don't harbor this same sympathy for the government of NR, as they, in order to support their own egos knowingly set their members to take the brunt of the fallout when their greed was finally exposed. I wish those in NR who had nothing to do with this scandal all the best going forward
  4. RightHonorable

    5/31/2019 - Resource Duplication Bug Fix

    There is no conceivable way in which the government of NR didn't know what what going on in their offshore. Perhaps they didn't give the order to use the exploit, but they certainly didn't do a thing to discourage its use.
  5. RightHonorable

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    You are either lying through your teeth, or are so monumentally incompetent that you don't know what the people who you trusted with alliance funds are doing with alliance funds.
  6. RightHonorable

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    Multis, obviously
  7. RightHonorable

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    And those without the means to spam buy cities before those changes hit are just screwed. All this does is create a permanent aristocracy, and that will not go over well with those who aren't in that class, and will have no means to get there.
  8. RightHonorable

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    The problem that we have, the way I see it is overly high resource prices. While the marginal benefit of commerce is ultimately capped by the increasing cost of the infra needed to significantly increase income, there is no such limit on resource production, so those who got theirs won't be effected at all. All this will do is create an arbitrary barrier for those who are trying to grow (which will certainly hurt player retention).
  9. RightHonorable

    Market Regulation or Market Manipulation?

    My concern is that any such market manipulation (though the above rules do improve the situation marginally) can cause even more distortion in the market, and when such programs end, the correction would be worse than if nothing was done. The way I see it is that such programs will start to create a bubble that Sheepy will have to keep pumping up to keep the market from crashing back to reality. The other thing that we have to consider is that changes to nations can basically be put into place instantly meaning that trying to force an artificial market equilibrium mandates, in effect a vicious cycle until the bubble that was created bursts. If Sheepy really wants to rationalize the economy, the best thing he can do is to keep his hands off it and allow it to seek equilibrium. Only when that happens can rational long-term economic decisions be made
  10. RightHonorable

    Market Regulation or Market Manipulation?

    I am in full agreement with you, trying to "fix" perceived (and transient) market failings has only created greater distortions in the market. In fact most of the faults in economy can be traced to the fact that changes with long term effects have been used to "fix" inherently short term problems. By creating a constantly moving target it should be no shock that the economy is subject to wild fluctuations. The best thing that can be done is to wait until a stable market has been reached and then look at potential changes
  11. RightHonorable

    A Summit of Birds and Elephants

    Happy to count TUE as allies, I look forward to working with them going forward o7
  12. RightHonorable

    The Underground DoE

    Et tu Left?
  13. RightHonorable

    The Underground DoE

    See, I'm you now by my appointment
  14. RightHonorable

    The Underground DoE

    There was a group of outcasts, frequently written off but never willing to give up. Forced into the shadows they planned their next move. After months of planning and preparation they were ready to step out on their own. This is the result of their work… This is The Underground. We welcome everyone to come and join us in celebrating our new venture. So please drop by our discord to say hello. We greatly appreciate Bad Company’s help and support thus far, and going forward and for giving us the opportunity to be the first to take on a venture protection agreement GOVERNMENT: The Shadow: RightHonorable Ghost of Internal Affairs: LeftBehind Ghost of Foreign Affairs: Alex Smith Ghost of Economics: Admiral Trench Ghost of Defense (acting): RightHonorable Link to Charter (https://docs.google.com/document/d/17r6jUQm1EvzSuH22lKKXF1rryjFzPk2zuLSc1n6FK08/edit?usp=drivesdk) Link to Discord (https://discord.gg/m7zzx9m) Link to Venture Protectorate Agreement (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AcQgSsb2Cm54x3Z8VNXlvBldjaggiSk8qXsxWN0qDg8/edit?usp=drivesdk)
  15. RightHonorable

    A light in the Void

    I would like to thank Dark Brotherhood for their support of Pantheon through the last few weeks, and I look forward to continuing to work with Dark Brotherhood in the future

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