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  1. RightHonorable

    A Summit of Birds and Elephants

    Happy to count TUE as allies, I look forward to working with them going forward o7
  2. RightHonorable

    The Underground DoE

    Et tu Left?
  3. RightHonorable

    The Underground DoE

    See, I'm you now by my appointment
  4. RightHonorable

    The Underground DoE

    There was a group of outcasts, frequently written off but never willing to give up. Forced into the shadows they planned their next move. After months of planning and preparation they were ready to step out on their own. This is the result of their work… This is The Underground. We welcome everyone to come and join us in celebrating our new venture. So please drop by our discord to say hello. We greatly appreciate Bad Company’s help and support thus far, and going forward and for giving us the opportunity to be the first to take on a venture protection agreement GOVERNMENT: The Shadow: RightHonorable Ghost of Internal Affairs: LeftBehind Ghost of Foreign Affairs: Alex Smith Ghost of Economics: Admiral Trench Ghost of Defense (acting): RightHonorable Link to Charter (https://docs.google.com/document/d/17r6jUQm1EvzSuH22lKKXF1rryjFzPk2zuLSc1n6FK08/edit?usp=drivesdk) Link to Discord (https://discord.gg/m7zzx9m) Link to Venture Protectorate Agreement (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AcQgSsb2Cm54x3Z8VNXlvBldjaggiSk8qXsxWN0qDg8/edit?usp=drivesdk)
  5. RightHonorable

    A light in the Void

    I would like to thank Dark Brotherhood for their support of Pantheon through the last few weeks, and I look forward to continuing to work with Dark Brotherhood in the future
  6. RightHonorable

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    The legitimacy of the government is not in question, all proper constitutional processes were followed, it is a complete non-issue. On your second point, are you claiming that deleting all of an alliance's Discord channels, and stealing the bank of the alliance isn't an effort to destabilize the alliance? If people want to choose a different path for their future, they are free to do so, but we are talking about two completely different things here
  7. RightHonorable

    Ape and NK

    When you decided to hit our ally you did so with full knowledge that doing so would lead to us entering the war on their side. It isn't our fault that you decided to hit them anyway
  8. In theory that would be the result, but it has been 9 months, and until recently that time was peaceful, the markets should have equilibrated, but they haven't. Inflation continued for that entire duration Shorter wars are the logical result of having smaller warchests. The issue is that instead of making wars shorter, decreasing the rate of warchest growth just lengthened the duration between wars. This also causes an issue for new nations as meeting warchest requirements often crowds out growth. While the changes effect people to varying degrees, it can be said that as a general rule that these changes are a net negative. It handicaps large players to an extent, but the ones who are really effected are those who are too large to be self reliant in terms of resources, but aren't large enough to bring in large amounts in commerce. Adding further demand for resources will just exasperate the inflation problem. Furthermore, while there are merits to the proposals that you offered, they are, at the end of the day just patches, and not long term fixes.
  9. RightHonorable


    There is an aspect of electomagnets that Dio seemed to have forgotten here, they can be turned off
  10. One would expect something resembling a normal distribution, with the peak shifted left such that the peak of the curve lies somewhere between 10-15 cities as that is where most alliance grant programs start to end, and where cities start getting relatively expensive. The fact the peak is at one city suggests to me that either turnover is immense, alliances are incapable of pushing their nations much further than city 5, or the definition of "active" that is being used here is very loose indeed
  11. Given that you build your second city as part of the tutorial, and since I highly doubt that we are seeing an influx of just short of 700 players per day. I would be willing to say that we can safely discount the majority of those sitting at one (and maybe 2 cities)
  12. RightHonorable

    3/6/2018 - Removal of Trial Changes

    I would make that comment, but there hasn't been any deflation after the so-called "great deflation", all there has been since was inflation
  13. RightHonorable

    Starting 2018 the Right Way

    It's no secret over the past year Acadia and Lordran has encountered some diplomatic challenges. In the spirit of the new year we both would like to move on and reclaim the great friendship we once had. Lordran and Acadia hereby agree to the following terms: Article 1: No arguing in public Both alliances shall henceforth be joined in mutual respect for each other, and will engage in public discourse only in such a way that reflects this respect. Article 2: We got you fam Should an attack on either signatory occur, the other is encouraged to assist them in any way possible Article 3: Family sticks together Should either signatory decide to use military action against another power, the other signatory may choose to assist. Article 4: Bonding time 60 days from the signing this agreement, Article 2 will become mandatory. . Article 5: Whispering isn't nice Both alliances agree to share any intelligence that directly affects the security of the other. Article 6: Time to move out In the case that either alliance wishes to terminate this agreement, they must provide the other with a minimum of 72 hours advance notice. Signatories: Lordran: Lord of Cinder: Kynlo Gravelord of the Exterior: Syrano Gravelord of the Interior: Gorge Acadia: Lord Proprietor: TheNG Patroon: George Clooney Chief Agent: RightHonorable
  14. RightHonorable

    The Fish Rots From The Head (this is your last warning shot)

    If you want to dump logs to try to win public support, please give the rest of us some context so we can understand what led to these conversations (or snippets thereof)
  15. RightHonorable

    The Boki Chronicles Part 1

    You have it backwards, the global political situation decides bilateral and multilateral agreements, not the other way around.

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