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  1. o7, good to see that the uncertainty has been addressed
  2. Not being stopped does not make it not cheating, as cheating is defined as "to act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination". Using a fault in the game in order to gain an unfair advantage in war or trade is cheating by definition
  3. Typhon, more like Typhoff, eh?
  4. I think that it is acceptable, while it does not explain the other 2 incidents it is enough that he reported the problem. Just give him a reminder that next time not to mash F5 when he is having a problem Also, while I hate to admit this, but @Micchan is right here, if the report was posted on the forum, this dust up wouldn't have happened
  5. This can be put to bed by simply showing the logs where he self reports to Alex after the problematic attacks, but before the incident went public.
  6. Well, that should be a easy thing to verify, all you have to do is provide the logs of that conversation
  7. It would have been in a better place if you guys were proactive and reported it as a bug, as other alliances, including those who we are at war with have done. By not doing so, among the other circumstances of this incident it makes it look an awful lot like your member was intentionally and maliciously using a game bug to gain an unfair advantage.
  8. I condemn, in the strongest possible terms any death threats made against your member, that should go without saying, if one of our members has done such a thing contact me as that sort of business has no place in TCW. However nothing in this thread rises to anywhere that level, and to say that it does is exceedingly disingenuous
  9. Given that there was multiple instances of this in short succession from the same person, along with more attacks being executed than the ones that were reported, it is reasonable to come to the conclusion that the bug was used with the intent of gaining an unfair advantage. Furthermore, if was a consistent problem for the member in question, why didn't he file a bug report?
  10. There are many people who play this game with a bad connection, however I do not see this problem happening 3 times in short succession to the same person.
  11. 4 attacks I would be willing to chalk up to an accident, however 8 in the span of just over a minute is neither accidental nor incidental
  12. It is cheating, as it permits you to circumvent an exploit in the game to gain an unfair advantage, which is pretty close to being the definition of cheating
  13. Calls their allies "retards", then spells "allies" wrong, what a genius.
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