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  1. That really is a lot of words to announce that you are going to throw your whole AA into a meat grinder for Orbis's entertainment
  2. As the saying goes "Be the change you want to see in the world"
  3. Look, we have a Carthage themed alliance, thus we must also have a Roman themed one in order to maintain the balance of the universe
  4. A man who dearly needs to touch some grass indeed. Money stuff aside, things like trying to control the PFPs used by members is just a wild idea if you ask me
  5. Unless you're Polaris, then maybe trusting an outside bank may be in your best interest
  6. Our world is a violent and unforgiving place. For years, we have survived at its mercy, unable to shake the chaos that destroyed our nations and threatened our well-being. We would continue to suffer, if not for the formation of the Legion of Dawn, which we are more than honored to present to the world today. The Commonwealth and Farkistan are two longstanding alliances, with much history to share between us. Over time is has become apparent that the members and interests of both alliances would be best served by combining forces. Effective immediately, The Commonwealth and Farkistan have merged to form the Legion of Dawn, a new alliance where we can forge a new future together. Farkistan as an in-game alliance will be maintained as an extension of the Legion of Dawn for as long as the former members of Fark desire to maintain it. The Legion of Dawn will maintain the current treaties held by The Commonwealth, and will protect all Fark nations who are in the process of joining. Government Eternal Flames: Captain-General: RightHonorable General: Jeric Guardians of Dawn: Guardian of the Blade(Milcom): Boz Guardian of the Bastion(IA): Isaac Guardian of the Coin(Econ): Christian Guardian of the Scroll: TBA Keepers of Dawn: Keepers of the Blade: Dopeemperor, Avicour Keepers of the Bastion: Ashton, Johnny Forever Keeper of the Scroll: One-Eighty-Two Guardians of Dusk: Chief Viking: Sven Drunk Alex Jones: Kalev We look towards the future, strong alone, stronger together.
  7. Best of luck Rose, happy hunting, and a very merry Christmas
  8. To be fair, a non-zero percentage of those were deserved
  9. o7 Eclipse Happy to see you guys joining the fray
  10. o7 The Commonwealth o7 The Lost Empire o7 Midgard To Victory!
  11. Somehow this move has me agreeing with Sphinx publicly, which is truly an impressive feat
  12. It's the most important announcement I made on behalf of TCW
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