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  1. so superiority is wayyy more fragile now that a mod is enough to break a full stack if this gets implemented? yeah, no way i'm supporting that.
  2. the politics is mostly us laughing at banks getting looted and screaming hegemony whenever someone does something we don't like.
  3. smh had it coming. go bash their faces in for me, will ya?
  4. Joe Schmo


    Amen brother! 🙏
  5. I would vote for this wholeheartedly.
  6. with all your mentions of penises, it makes it seem like you're compensating for something.
  7. Aww shit. Here we go again.
  8. obligitory disband message. best of luck.
  9. so basically numbers are all that matters now unless an alliance spaces out it's decs. not cool man.
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