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  1. You will decide? Good luck with that matey
  2. Hopefully you will learn to leak less loot from now on
  3. Yay! Raid the raiders (HoF) when you are getting crushed by whales. EPIC
  4. Just noticing that ASM was left completely untouched by Hollywood
  5. Congratulations @Canbec
  6. Send me the link perhaps I'll visit sometime
  7. Gud luck with the loser weapons!
  8. Orbis bankers viewing pirates as potential customers in the first place. SMH
  9. Sadge I was looking for forward to raiding. Anyways well fought. And Happy rebuild
  10. If this MDP coalition was to face up in a dream scenario against ro$e- HW. They would still probably lose but it would be fun to watch so dew it
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