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  1. I am sure this will end well for you...
  2. DEIC was my first alliance in this game, my first war, and my first government posting. Acadia was the alliance I called home for a long time, and I still warmly remember my time with them. Despite our clashes, I learned much of what I know about leadership from those days. Despite our distance, I never harbored any ill will towards Acadia, and I sincerely wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors, whatever they may be.
  3. When you get an original forum pip, that one looks awfully familiar
  4. Coalition Gibberish, consisting of Aurora, Carthago, Church of Atom, Empyrea, Fark, The Fighting Pacifists, The Golden Horde, Grumpy Old Bastards, Guardian, House Stark, The Immortals, The Knights Radiant, The Lost Empire, Oblivion, Order of the White Rose, Rose, Sanreizan, Seven Kingdoms, Silenzio, Soup Kitchen, The Syndicate/The Enterprise, Terminus Est, Typhon, The United Armies and tCW Bloc (The Commonwealth, Demacia, The Manhattan Cartel, North Point and Weebunism) have agreed to white peace and an end to hostilities with The Covenant (Acadia and UPN), effective immediately. No furt
  5. This war has dragged on for quite long enough and we are happy to have the first steps toward peace. o7 Orbis o7 TCW
  6. This is absolutely the correct take on the situation @Cooper_. If this is a case of foul play the perpetrator(s) should be banned indefinitely.
  7. You certainly are an excellent example of the point that myself and @doge have been arguing this whole time, funny how that works.
  8. In fact it encourages trolling or spam posts, as there is no longer a simple way to express disapproval.
  9. Better for people just to leave a downvote than to make spam/troll posts if you want a reasonable discussion. Also, who gave you the right to determine what posts are "low quality"?
  10. I mean, people will still disagree with things, Alex just removed a way of expressing aforementioned disagreement. It is positively absurd to claim that a forum downvote (which has little effect beyond the counter) makes the OWF a "toxic" place. Also, if Sheepy wanted to make the OWF a more friendly place, there are more constructive ways of going about that beyond pretending that there's no disagreements
  11. I'm sure that there is no possibility that could inspire just a bit of backlash...
  12. Hegomonies are a natural part of games like this (along with in the real world) as the balance of power is always in flux. The issue is what the hegemon does with their power, it is a given that a hegemon will defend their own interests (as all powers do), however a hegemonic power that makes the assumption that they will always be a hegemon is a power that is making a mistake
  13. How about The End of History and the Last Man, or The Road to Serfdom
  14. The correct response to overwhelming negative public reaction is to reconsider your plan, not to claim that everyone is wrong with the exception of you. If you are so confident that you can make a better game on your own, go ahead and do so and leave the rest of us alone
  15. o7, good to see that the uncertainty has been addressed
  16. Not being stopped does not make it not cheating, as cheating is defined as "to act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination". Using a fault in the game in order to gain an unfair advantage in war or trade is cheating by definition
  17. I think that it is acceptable, while it does not explain the other 2 incidents it is enough that he reported the problem. Just give him a reminder that next time not to mash F5 when he is having a problem Also, while I hate to admit this, but @Micchan is right here, if the report was posted on the forum, this dust up wouldn't have happened
  18. This can be put to bed by simply showing the logs where he self reports to Alex after the problematic attacks, but before the incident went public.
  19. Well, that should be a easy thing to verify, all you have to do is provide the logs of that conversation
  20. It would have been in a better place if you guys were proactive and reported it as a bug, as other alliances, including those who we are at war with have done. By not doing so, among the other circumstances of this incident it makes it look an awful lot like your member was intentionally and maliciously using a game bug to gain an unfair advantage.
  21. I condemn, in the strongest possible terms any death threats made against your member, that should go without saying, if one of our members has done such a thing contact me as that sort of business has no place in TCW. However nothing in this thread rises to anywhere that level, and to say that it does is exceedingly disingenuous
  22. Given that there was multiple instances of this in short succession from the same person, along with more attacks being executed than the ones that were reported, it is reasonable to come to the conclusion that the bug was used with the intent of gaining an unfair advantage. Furthermore, if was a consistent problem for the member in question, why didn't he file a bug report?
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