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  1. now i can break the rules once every few years :evil:
  2. I feel like wars from now on will instead of blocs, will be coalitions of spheres. That is, if Minispheres actually hold true. Probably 😐
  3. hollywood can be beat, unlike quack. quack was unstoppable
  4. I've Heard Hollywood Vs Bollywood and E522 so far.
  5. DEUS VOLT Raccoon Pope real pope. All other popes are anti-popes to the one true pope.
  6. Yay! Update! Now... when will planes be more reliable?
  7. Man, you got something about mexican food being better than the soggy waffles you sell?
  8. I mean, I knew cam sucked at fighting, but I had no idea their leader was also a toxic narcissist.
  9. Arizona is Uninhabitable, I do not recommend trying to live there. try again.
  10. Swamp has been through a lot in the past 3-4 months. TLR, GnR, and now this. They're in no state to fight at all, so good job! Gl on rebuilding.
  11. My nation is a fiery hellscape, but that doesn't mean I advocate for living in fiery hellscapes.
  12. welp, gonna get steamrolled. expect to see me soon!
  13. man, 1/1/5/1 is stupid low. is tFed a farming AA, because if so that explain a lot.
  14. Snek... On MOON?!? Ahh well, don't have to walk as far to mug people now.
  15. let's goooo was getting bored anyways prepare to get steamrolled, eclipse.
  16. oh right. uhh... thou shalt not have sekrit treaties/break treaties should be in there too.
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