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TFP Yeets Camelot


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Oh Epi...

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19 minutes ago, Thalmor said:

I think it's very commendable that you guys stood up for your ally. I was a bit concerned that TFP was going to roll over, but I see now that such an idea was unfounded. 

This is a new TFP. This is the real TFP. The Johnson is strong in them.

Bravo TFP. Bravo.


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22 minutes ago, Vice said:

Wow. Twice in a row you have failed. First when you cut with no notice, second when you cut publicly with a chest beating display of burning bridges. Regardless if those bridges should remain or not. Can't you just offer the 72 and give them your best? Its literally not hard. 

I have to say that while I did get a kick out of the post, it is in rather poor taste to not at least wish them well in whatever they do next—even if it feels like almost everyone hates them at this point.

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5 hours ago, BigMorf said:

And Camelot adds another war win to their perfect flawless never beaten record. 

Camelot will once again be the "premier paperless alliance" before long

Haatyc or'arue jate'shya ori'sol aru'ike nuhaatyc

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