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  1. Who the F are you? I don’t respond well to threats. 😈 In all seriousness, great write up and thank you for taking the time to elaborate on things from your perspective. Also I think I left a sock at your place. I’ll get it next weekend.
  2. Your attempts at not coming off fake af missed the mark, honestly.
  3. Hey guys. Sorry what I did, didn’t pan out how I wanted. Here is a thread to appease you so I can hopefully build infra and be accepted into an AA. Kbai
  4. Zephyr writing and proofreading a forum response. 2021. Colorized.
  5. Why do this? The community already calls it Guns and Roses. Just leave it be. Otherwise we end up with crap like GW16/Duck Hunt/Leaky Faucet/whatever other name people tried to force after it concluded. After GW16 was The Last Ride. After The Last Ride is Guns and Roses. Stop making it harder than it needs to be.
  6. I know exactly what differing opinions are. My point remains that I can find prominent members in every sphere who think your move is a crock of doo doo. That's what someone asked me for. I guarantee there are different opinions in Hollywood about its existence but the general consensus is that they stand behind their decision. I never once said all of Blackwater has put out a unified response condemning the formation of Hollywood because that would be untrue. Stop trying to blanket stuff I am saying. No possible way you could fathom doing something that a vast majority of the game dislikes as per you getting dogpiled (Not you Minesome). Sorry for double quoting. So I wasnt particularly saying that mini spheres needed to exist. I said that the game was trending that way and you guys slammed the brakes on it. I am perfectly fine with the formation of hollywood. Just dont complain secret treaties when its just you reaping what you sow for your actions as a sphere. Thats it. Same way I personally dont think grumpy should have to split because they were smart and got an alliance together that attracts whales. I think it was genius. However, there are political implications of doing such a thing and now both you and them are starting to feel them. Do whatever you want but just for once recognize this is a reactionary war to your political decisions and not secret treaties. I guess its just easier to victimize yourself.
  7. Like I know you all are fighting and all but holy guacamole that video is amazing. It’s like an awful Bollywood film but with an endless budget. 100% movie night on this @Vein next week after we watch orbis burn.
  8. Well... yes... and quite easily I might add. I don’t even need to get one from rose, oasis and now mystery who just declared on you all. Johnson’s are a given after hm war with them but I have SS of them openly not liking the Hollywood merge. T$ and other BW alliances have been open about it too so...
  9. Except the fact Oasis, Blackwater, Johnsons, Mystery, Rose and None all agree with Oasis reasoning. So yea only people not involved lol.
  10. yea but i gotta play dumb at least
  11. Pulling Oasis strings from Blackwater lol
  12. This exists. DM me if you want to know where to send the $.
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