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  1. I have seen some pretty hilarious posts. Damn this one is up there. Not only are you playing the sore victim but also dismissing facts. Pantheon never "recruited" allies to defeat a "micro bloc". Pantheon was robbed. YOUR alliance leader was an accomplice. Pantheon's allies took action (as any M-level ally would). Perhaps you cannot come to terms with what ACTUAL allies are. Perhaps you're a sore loser. However I wish to applaud and thank you for a most entertaining post. I look forward to seeing the white flag on your side of the field. As for our "butts" being handed to us, backing yourself up with some statistical evidence would help your case. 😉
  2. Kosta


    With that lovely speech? I would be inclined to upvote such a piece.
  3. When you tax your members 100% for long periods of time, I think you would accumulate a large bank as TCM have done.
  4. An Iron curtain had descended upon Orbis. Yet another alliance created in the name of Communism/Socialism. Its effects are yet to be discovered... Jokes, aside. Best of luck guys! Always cool to welcome new alliances into Orbis.
  5. @MinesomeMC Congratulations mate on your achievement. Top 50 has always been a great milestone for alliances. Enjoy it! 😉
  6. Ouch. And my dumbass thought the Treaty of Versailles was harsh.
  7. A man of great virtue. It says it all in the profile pic. 😉
  8. Nothing like a bit of Fortunate Son playing whilst the napalm is going off... best of luck against them commies guys.
  9. @Nokia Rokia Good on you for making attempts to help smaller alliances. Something worthy of imitation. Everyone was new once. And certainly helping others is helping to build more potential competent players.
  10. @kalev60 You are most welcome sir.
  11. @MinesomeMC They are starting to ask questions..... 😰
  12. Esteemed individuals of Orbis, It is an honour to announce the MDoAP between The Federation(TF) and Golden Phoenix Coalition(GPC): Mutual Defence The Federation and Golden Phoenix Coalition agree to a military-oriented treaty that assures parties that they will defend each other from foreign conflicts as well as having a non-mandatory option to support each other in wars of aggression. Sovereignty The Federation and Golden Phoenix Coalition acknowledge each other's sovereignty and will endeavour to not interfere with each other's internal affairs Intelligence The Federation and Golden Phoenix Coalition pledge in the interest of optimal defence for both alliances to share pertinent intelligence when it would benefit mutual defence aims and to not share intelligence detrimental to the other. Foreign Aid The Federation and Golden Phoenix Coalition agree, due to strong relations, to optionally send aid to each other. This may include resources, loans, grants or other agreed products. Communication We need to talk. Real talk. Party Emergency Plan Golden Phoenix Coalition and The Federation may hold parties in which strippers are provided, but if the cops show up we will need to hide them and bring out the emergency preacher. Cancellation The Federation and Golden Phoenix Coalition agree that if each party wishes to exit this treaty before the specified period a 168-hour notice is mandatory. Signatures The Federation Kosta, King and Duke of Foreign Affairs Golden Phoenix Coalition MinesomeMC, Emperor Tl;dr TF and GPC upgraded their treaty
  13. Without micros P&W would never exist. Best of luck to you all.
  14. Kosta


    Nice idea. @MinesomeMC I would certainly support the pursuit of this idea and if it has enough support. It's addition.
  15. My condolences for your loss Sphinx. Prayers to you and your family.
  16. @MinesomeMC Congratulations on your declaration. Best of luck for your alliance!
  17. Best of luck with rebuild.
  18. You didn't say "UNO"! Pick up two cards!
  19. @MinesomeMC Go get'em mate!
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