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  1. Kosta


    Nice idea. @MinesomeMC I would certainly support the pursuit of this idea and if it has enough support. It's addition.
  2. My condolences for your loss Sphinx. Prayers to you and your family.
  3. @MinesomeMC Congratulations on your declaration. Best of luck for your alliance!
  4. Best of luck with rebuild.
  5. You didn't say "UNO"! Pick up two cards!
  6. @MinesomeMC Go get'em mate!
  7. Esteemed individuals of Orbis, It has been a very eventful month, even more so the past couple weeks. I wish to make a few announcements with regards to The Federation, its members and our involvement in past and current affairs. Firstly, WE ARE BACK. We wanted to fight alongside Nova Riata and therefore decided to merge with them. While the merger was still being completed, it became clear that Pooballs had decided to cheat diamonds into Politics and War. That has resulted in us reversing the merger and going back to our old alliance. The Federation has paid a high price for the failed merger: our entire Alliance Bank ($1.2+ billion in cash, along with resources) had already been transferred to Nova Riata and subsequently deleted along with Animal Pharm. Despite this, we are all back together and that is all that matters. Futhermore, I wish to put to record that The Federation, its government and all of its members had zero involvement in the cheating scandal and were completely unaware of what was taking place in our former allies alliance. We certainly do not condone cheating Thirdly, The Great Sock War (though Nova is ded) has still been going on. We acknowledge that Pantheon annoyingly and with great courage fought on. Thus, The Federation hereby surrenders according to the following terms: We grant rawr three ice-creams of any flavour that she may so wish. Thanks for the enjoyable and professional war AND ALSO FOR RUINING THE HOURS I SPENT MAKING PANTH SHITPOSTS, but thanks anyway. Moreover, The Federation has New Protectors! Frontier Records and The Fighting Pacifists both have, in a swift manner, accepted our plea for help. Cheers guys! We look forward to building up relations and working constructively with your governments. Consequently, as a result of the Great Sock War it has been decided by the leaders of Pantheon and The Federation that the pursuit of stronger relations and even a treaty has been deemed appropriate. The Federation and Pantheon hereby agree to the following terms: Mutual Defence The Federation and Pantheon hereby agree to a military-oriented treaty that assures parties that they will defend each other from foreign conflicts as well as having a non-mandatory option to support each other in wars of aggression. Sovereignty The Federation and Pantheon recognise each other's sovereignty as independent alliances that are stronk. Intelligence The Federation and Pantheon pledge in the interest of optimal defence for both alliances to share pertinent intelligence when it would benefit mutual defence aims and to not share intelligence detrimental to the other. Don’t dibby dob. Trade The Federation shall hereby export sufficient quantities of ice cream for the utilisation of rawr whilst Pantheon shall hereby export memes in memeful quantities. Matching Socks The Federation and Pantheon mutually agree to not steal each others socks. NEVER! Cancellation The Federation and Pantheon pledge that if either wishes to cancel, 168 hour notice shall be given to the other party. Additionally, because of the actions of the Nova Riata government it has become apparent that KETOG acknowledges The Federation as a belligerent against them. Despite being halfway through merging, this was something that the TF side of government had zero say in. I wish to formally declare, according to the terms presented to me by Buorhann, that The Federation hereby surrenders to KETOG. We agree: To allow all existing wars to be finished. To seize any further declarations by members. To allow no ghosting by our members. To not accommodate any war dodgers. I wish to thank all TF members and gov for sticking through. A bright future lays ahead. Have a good day everyone. Tl;dr The Federation is back!!!
  8. @Uriah 'the Fox' Good luck with everything. It was a pleasure being gov with you for for week we were together! Pity everything didn't work out.
  9. For the World Revolution! @Comrade Boris
  10. Get the boys back together!!!
  11. Kosta

    Surf's Up

    Well there goes my food production....
  12. The reps will be put to good use. I assure you all. *opens up Dice*
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