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  1. To our allies at USN! 🍺 Many years together, many more to come.
  2. But but but... last time I checked declaring existence is a valid reason.
  3. Coming from the leader of a micro barely in the top 100! Shut your toxicity. @Cpt Crunch Best of luck to you and your alliance.
  4. To Alex and the relevant staff, This is just a minor suggestion, however I believe it is appropriate. With the new city projects out (Urban Planning and Advanced Urban Planning), I think it would be useful to have those project modifiers added to the City Purchase Calculator. I don't think it would be too much of a fuss. Thanks, Kosta.
  5. Couldn't support this more. Solid idea.
  6. Awesome war guys. Large thanks from TF to our allies at The Swamp (+ Hedge) for a great performance and to our gracious opponents over at The Commonwealth sphere. This was a quick, classy and non-toxic war which has set a precedent for the wars to come. Cheers!
  7. When there are more signatures than treaty... jk Congrats on the treaty!
  8. Hippity Hoppity TCW is My Property!
  9. Best of luck to you guys!
  10. @Borg Thanks for the comparison dude.
  11. Fair enough, they are a micro. Fair enough, they are inexperienced. Perhaps they posted a treaty that is not so significant. However, do they deserve that type of shit from you? No. I find this comment humorous coming from a member of a #75 alliance. You may need some more infra on those cities dude.
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