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  1. Imagine a game developer catering to the wants of one player? Grow up. The update progressed P&W as a whole.
  2. Congratulations on the merge. Arrgh being strengthened is just what Orbis needs.
  3. Kosta

    The Future

    Although I do not completely agree with everything. I have to say its well written, and speaks volumes.
  4. Kosta


    @Lury You have noble aims but it ain't right for the game. It would be wise to acknowledge that Politics and War has politics that is completely different to real life. In real life, the goals of the UN are: In this game, we are not pursuing such aims. War and rivalry are essential to keeping this game going. Having eternal peace and harmony(which is the main aim of a UN) would simply lead to boredom and a lack of action. Of course, toxic relationships are not healthy, however people can still be friendly whilst having a nice war with each-other. And let's be honest, NPO, BK and GOONS are gone. Toxicity levels have declined. I personally see that a UN would be unnecessary. Thanks for sharing your thoughts though.
  5. Best of luck with the new alliance!
  6. Hey Alex, Please refer to your Politics and War Discord account DMs for a full explanation on what occurred. Thanks, Kosta.
  7. Esteemed members of Orbis, The Federation joined the war for her allies, The Immortals - to no regret. However circumstances for the war effort changed. Unfortunately, those we thought were friends, were actually enemies within and paid no respect to alliances within Fark-sphere and others. Our delay for peace was as a result of much thought going into whether we should join alliances who signed peace. In the end, peace was decided for our alliance. Therefore: Upon the 21st of January, an agreement was made with the Ambassador of GOONS, JT Jag, and I that The Federation would invoke Clause 5 in the terms outlined in the 'Peace In Our Time' treaty. Large thanks to JT Jag for his swift cooperation and understanding. Thank you all. Have a nice day/night.
  8. TF and Pantheon declare war on Coalition B (NPO, BK, and GOONS) as a result of attacks against their mutual ally, The Immortals. For us all!
  9. Our alliance was extremely new and inexperienced during Knightfall. We never even intended on joining and merely wanted a small skirmish. We surrendered to Pantheon after a failed merger, a cheating scandal and a new start for our alliance, with us being allies to Pantheon - meaning their was no reason to continue the war. We declared war on Col B proceeding seven months of economic growth, preparation and an obligation to defend our allies.
  10. Minesome. Both conflicts are very connected.
  11. Esteemed members of Orbis, It is an honour to announce on behalf of The Federation and Pantheon, that we recognise that hostilities have been made against our mutual ally, The Immortals, by foreign powers. I would like to present the following speech from a high government member of The Federation, Stanislaw Augustus. "The government wishes for everyone to be aware of the reasons why The Federation has decided to enter the world war and what we can expect from this conflict. Yesterday, our allies in The Immortals were attacked by Coalition B. This violates a non-aggression pact they themselves signed by two months. Although none are surprised by Coalition B’s capacity for violence and treachery, these acts further cement their place among the worst of Orbis’ reprobate. Where once before there may have been some slight hope of character we can now be certain that their words are literally worth less than the paper they are printed on. For over a year now, the alliances of Coalition B – mainly, New Pacific Order, Black Knights, and GOONS, have pursued a violent campaign against all of Orbis. Like many evil empires before them, theirs is an evil quest for world domination. Unlike their failed predecessors who have been discarded to the trash heap that is the history of Orbis, Coalition B has yet to be defeated. Indeed, it has become obvious that if Politics & War is to continue as a game the world must make a stand. United against our common enemy and in the universal desire for the common good of all, the Federation and her allies are resolved to take up arms against Coalition B. Our enemy is strong. Within their ranks are experienced fighters, advanced methods for communication and coordination, and the strength of numbers. But they are not without their weaknesses. Fighting for more than a year has strained their ability to finance and supply their offensives. Their leadership’s authoritarian and condescending approach to governing has uncovered division among their ranks. Although supplied by newcomers to the game, their base is inexperienced, relying on their officers to micro-manage most actions. Need we be reminded of our own strength? Since our failed merger in June, the Federation has grown almost 40 thousand in score, saved cash and resources, improved our internal operations, and strengthened and created new friends worldwide. Currently, we rank the fifteenth strongest alliance. The overwhelming majority of our members are experienced warriors who have at their disposal strong militaries, powerful economies, and a fraternal bond unmatched anywhere in the world. While we enjoyed the benefits of peace, the government has made significant improvements to the military and kept vigilant watch of our enemies. Any appraisal of the Federation would show us to be a formidable alliance ready to fight for justice. Our success and the success of our allies shall be entirely dependent on our resolve to this just cause. We must be prepared to endure hardship, and suffer losses. In return, we shall blockade their ports, level their cities, and inflict terror upon their people. Nuclear weapons, espionage, and unprecedented economic sanctions shall further devastate their empire. There is no price too high that cannot be paid when our lives and all those in Orbis are at stake – no violence so brutal that cannot be delivered upon this Babylonic beast. In conclusion, to Coalition B, our enemy: scorn and defiance, slight regard, and contempt. To the Federation and our allies: unity and strength, dedication, and fraternity in this most righteous cause. God Save the Federation and may God Save Orbis!" --Shadow Minister and Ambassador(FA), Stanislaw Augustus To those abroad and already in these devastating conflicts(GW14 & the new GW15), we salute you and indeed, we watched on the sidelines for too long. We rally to the cause you started, and hope that you guys may maintain resolve against this foe. For our alliances! And indeed, for Orbis! TL;DR - TF and Panth declare war on GOONS, NPO, BK and their affiliates.
  12. @SixSadistic66! They are back for Round 2! Jokes aside, glad you guys didn't quit. Welcome back and best of luck!
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