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  1. It was a pleasure to meet you upon the field of battle. Until next time, Ave!
  2. Peace in our time.
  3. The Legion formally submits it's declaration of war against The Lost Empire, The Federation, and the entire Hollywood bloc. Please see the below leaflet for more details:
  4. "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's" The Legion is always looking for spectacular fun. As an 16 year old community we have seen many conflicts. The Legion is resilient where others have shattered upon the field of battle. We have been warmly welcomed to Orbis by the community. Now it is time to bring the fun! The Knights Templar seeks to join us in glorious battle, who are we to refuse? Our Legion is sound, our shields steady. Ave Legio! Oh... we also get to use our war flag now so that is pretty cool.
  5. In the spirit of glorious battle, Ave Legio!
  6. Always nice to see movement. Good luck
  7. We cannot hide what is true in our hearts. Ave!
  8. A glorious year for The Legion! We welcome you to join our hallowed halls.
  9. Rome is with the TRUE KING IN THE NORTH!
  10. Congratulations on the treaty. May your friendship be long and prosperous!
  11. Correction: I have learned the N stands for Non-chaining.
  12. Thank you! TCW's emblems are also very visually appealing.
  13. While many alliances have a long of significant benefits they can offer members... none can compete with the storied past of the The Legion. A premier alliance since our founding January 2006. Joining The Legion offers you the chance to be a part of the fourteen years of history of our alliance. We have recently came to Orbis and offer member-nations a diverse and active community to join. Why you should join The Legion: Fourteen year old alliance with an active and welcoming community Structured programs offer quick and consistent growth Many government roles are open due to recent founding in Orbis Glorious purple color How you join The Legion: Apply to our in-game alliance HERE Join us on our discord server HERE Contact a recruitment via discord I hope you will decide to apply to the prestigious ranks of The Legion. Many players have at one point or another been a legionnaire. Once a legionnaire, always a legionnaire. Ave Legio! Istandor, Consul of Internal Affairs
  14. It's okay. At least you apologized after you ripped my heart out. 😊
  15. I approve this message.
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