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  1. Of night and death we all convene around the sacred tree We chant to summon evil spirits to harness against thee We will protect those in the circle for that is to be sure For if a pirate attacks our own their pain it will be pure We sacrifice our lambs and souls to achieve our deep desires Join us to grow, to fight, to prosper and you'll dance around our fires With spells and magic to excite (and kiddies in the oven) We hope you spare to take a look and join us in... Long ago before time began the Sorcerer Supreme manifested into being. They used their wisdom and knowledge of the dark arts to uncover that which one could not see with the naked eye. Slowly the world was put through a darkened age, with bridges between worlds severed by the Sorcerer. Their strength and power was too much for the world to bare. In a triumph of the people, the Sorcerer was banished and forever locked out from our world. Slowly though, the world forgot, slowly the world evolved. But it was not to be. One day the Sorcerer reemerged. The world was a much more chaotic place, so the Sorcerer founded The Coven. A place for only the people most invested in dark arts and power. The mantle of darkness will rise once more. But fear not, for it only makes us stronger. Sorcerer Supreme - Kallista Head of Townsfolk Relations (FA) - Titan Head of Potion Inventory and Familiars (IA) - Kallista Head of the Dark Arts and Dueling (MA) - Holzworth Head of Alchemy (EA) - Lysander TL:DR The Coven declares its existence within the world of Orbis
  2. Very based Shame no one wants to disband their sphere or give individual alliances more power. Just the same spheres switching members and who they hate at this point
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