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  1. beautiful, all we are missing is a bad poem
  2. do I get your non-existent bank?
  3. I'm surprise you didn't leak something
  4. from the creators of "WTF is KT doing" we bring you KT memery pt 2 Frozen boogalo
  5. this is a wonderful boogalo
  6. this is peak KT memery I tell you
  7. welp time to see how long till WTF gets rolled, I say it will take about three weeks
  8. yay we are 5 years old! now when do I get my free money?
  9. I refuse to accept this coup, VIVA LA REVOLUTION!
  10. so.... when do I get my free money?
  11. where's my free money damn it :V
  12. oh so that's where my Nukes went...
  13. wait so that's what Sval was spending the pension money on? [email protected]#$ also fake and gay
  14. ah yes, the war that shatter Orbis for a few months
  15. when was the last time KT manage to not leave a NAP during it's full duration?
  16. Remove yourself Your nation name is dumb I need money
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