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  1. Let is not be said that we were not benevolent, whatever Sval may do or say.
  2. We were just giving you what your membership supported.
  3. HW already planning on hitting Blackwater confirmed, can't ignore that one SRD. :p
  4. I almost missed these types of posts. Almost
  5. The Stark’s Army column stretched for miles. Footsoldiers, cavalry, and direwolves marching to the beat of war drums. What had started as a simple field muster had quickly turned into a war party against a brotherhood of some faux religion. That little maneuver normally would have cost some time, but in this case it had worked out. No sooner had a portion of the army engaged the Knights of Templar than a raven had arrived and sent the rest of the Stark forces marching South. As the King of the North and his Council came around a bend in the road, trees gave way to an open field. Spread out before them was an army of black armored knights and chocolate covered soldiers. Zygon held up his hand, halting the army behind him. “We'll camp amongst the trees tonight. Hopefully the gods bring us good fortune in the night. Ensure every man’s sword is sharp and his mind clear for battle. Blood will be spilt on the morrow.” His Lords rode off to carry out his orders. Zygon bowed his head and offered a silent prayer to the gods. When he raised his head, a sharp cold wind blew against his back and the direwolves began to howl. Winter was Coming. — The next morning, the Black Knights and Chocolate Castle awoke to fresh snow on the ground and ice on their weapons. In the field, beyond the encampment, stood the Stark host. Thousands of Northerners bent on fire and blood and wolves were howling from what seemed like every direction. The Knights and the Choccy bois scrambled to get into a defensive formation. As they were forming up, the King in the North raised his horn and blew. The sound echoed off of the surrounding hills. As one the army drew their swords and gave a shout, before beginning a slow advance. The advance quickly turned into a sprint as the Stark cavalry and direwolves peeled off from the flanks and charged into the weak point in the defensive lines with Zygon leading the charge. The Knights struggled to pull their swords from their ice locked sheaths. As the cavalry drew closer they attempted to form a shield wall but it was too weak to withstand the might of Northern cavalry. Swords rang against shields and flesh as the two forces came together. As their defensive lines buckled and broke, the Knights and Chocolate soldiers began to pull back to a better position. No quarter was given as the wolves and men of the North cut them down and continued to advance. As the armies moved away from the initial engagement all that remained was blood steaming on the snow and melted chocolate. TLDR: House Stark Declares War on the Black Knights, Chocolate Castle, and Hollywood as a whole.
  6. Nice work WANA, but that bounty amount....
  7. As old as you are, thank goodness it can drive itself!
  8. Well at least your graphics are pretty good. Have fun
  9. If this doesn’t describe this post then idk what does.
  10. I love you Ty for the crayons
  11. Zygon awoke with a start, drool connecting his mouth and his shirt. He looked around warily, sure that he was no longer the King in the North. Ataxia had marched in with all his loyal knights and usurped him. At least that’s what he remembered. As the grogginess dissipated, he noticed that he was still on his throne. His Royal Councillors and Lords stood before him giving the same reports they had been when he had drifted off to sleep. Ataxia rolled his eyes and interrupted the meeting, “The throne is supposed to be uncomfortable enough that you don’t fall asleep.” “Pft. I wasn’t sleeping.” Zygon replied “Please continue with the reports” “We were just finishing up actually. I hope you enjoyed not sleeping through all of them.” Sojourner said “It was a nightmare actually. OWR got couped like five times, and then you all usurped me!” Zygon said “Well, OWR did go through a number of new leaders the past few days but it was only for their birthday. You knew this. You signed the card, remember?” Ataxia replied “Uhhhhh, sure I remember.” The King said (without actually remembering). Everyone gave a collective sigh and began filing out of the room. “Maybe I ought to coup you one of these days.” Ataxia said as he headed towards the door. “Heh. In your dreams.” Zygon chuckled “No thanks, I leave the dreaming and drooling to you.” Ataxia said before walking out of the room. Zygon looked down at his shirt and sighed. How the heck could one person drool so much? TLDR: Happy Fifth Birthday to our dear allies at OWR. Many happy returns and thanks for letting us play along and have some fun with ya'll ❤️ Ataxia is not actually King in the North (yet).
  12. House Stark recognizes Sval as the official Prime of OWR, with a pen nearly out of ink. Any dissenters have been sent to the Carthaginian Gulag Camps for their joyful re-education. Happy Birthday to you all and may you have five more at minimum. 07 Sval 07 OWR
  13. For the Fourth time this week, House Stark recognizes a new prime of OWR. Hwan has our support. All remaining supporters of the previous regime will be hunted down and killed in order to hopefully prevent further coups. 07 Hwan 07 OWR -Ataxia Stark, King of Winter
  14. All of OWR's Coups are legitimate. Now hail their new Prime.
  15. I am once again declaring that House Stark and the Kingdom of the North support the new Prime of OWR, Luis. All dissenters thus have have been hung on the walls by their pinky toes until they declare support for Luis. 07 Luis 07 OWR
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