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Recognition of Hostilities


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1 hour ago, Prezyan said:

Resplendent Inc hereby recognizes hostilities with the The Commonwealth, but since they're owned by TKR, them too.



Despite respectfully asking for a nuclear bounty, we have for too long been disrespected by only receiving a mere attrition bounty. This horrible disregard for human respect cannot go unpunished.



Only once Felkey steps down, pays us 50,000,000, or Smith asks nicely, will we agree to peace.

Do they even have anyone within your range ?

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57 minutes ago, Pheonix said:

I heard there was a secret chord

that David played and it pleased the Lord

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2016/04/26 –


Unreleased Bad Company advert, circa 2018

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1 hour ago, Madden8021 said:

I looked into 3 Resplendent Three and the MDP Eastasia. They're too low for any bigger nations but new players that joined, left the game and became inactive, or for other reasons. Are these two alliances that Dense? Idk if they can reach the bigger nations and will be asking for peace either way.

Eastasia's alliance link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5047 and their scores, Normal Score = 5,057.71, their average score is pretty weak with 361.27


3 Resplendent Three's Alliance link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5075 and here's their scores, Normal Score = 473.28, even the average score with 236.64. 


Like seriously, are they both *That Dense* to fight any big nations with bigger scores? Answer = Nope. They'll be fighting new and starting players to the seems.


Do your own look into this everyone and just send your new/starting players after them and then you'll see why that they're just too dense to think of such hostilities.

To be fair, that is exactly how one *should* fight against top alliances: Bite their ankles from below striking range. Surgical strikes against weak links and inactive individuals. By that metric, they've not actually made that much of a mistake at all.

Their mistake is trying to pull this while being almost completely incapable of acting upon any targets of opportunity as it is. You really need more than a handful of tiny nations to fight like that...

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5 hours ago, Qin San Shi said:

As a totally real and definitely not backstabbing ally of 3 Obelisk 3, we invoke the defense clause of our MDP and declare war on TKR


They didn't even know what hit em

That score drop tho. That's hawt

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