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  1. If u havent noticed I don't play anymore, nor has that account been used lol
  2. Never said you didn't have permission. Just saying, not a "classy" move to hit a micro as two massive alliances. Never said I did expect them to be ready lol
  3. You expect a micro to be ready for TCW and TKR? You make me laugh Epi. We all know there's a large possibility a protectorate could enter a war given the past, so why not hit them?
  4. Game clearly works differently at your score, things become more expensive etc
  5. Couldn't do it when they were getting rolled? Sure they appreciate the help now that they've lost half of their score. 500m is 500m Shlaps
  6. Well we are on 500m net damages so wouldn't call the Nova roll a loss
  7. Never said TCW and TKR weren't within their rights to attack us, merely stated that it was a very weak move.
  8. The video speaks for itself really Glad to see TCW and TKR getting the shit rolled out of them hasn't made them do anything petty, like attacking a mirco! And I thought going into VM just to avoid getting rolled was impressive enough, turns out it only gets better! TCW and TKR have gone from the heights of #1 and #2 to attempting to blitz a 3-month-old micro. Consider me impressed! Congratulations, and stay classy TCW and TKR, bullying micros always looks great. We'll put up a good fight to make sure you don't win any wars, and our allies will be behind us, so best of luck. Oh also, they put a spy in our alliance just to top everything off. We know who it is, and the situation has been addressed. https://imgur.com/a/mYjNG1t
  9. This is just one of many heart-warming conversations I've had with Vijay the big lad
  10. Best of luck! Maybe a slightly shorter DOW next time though haha ?
  11. Fezza


    Absolutely had me in stitches
  12. Oh no, we're going to have no more food production at this rate!
  13. Looking forward to working with our friends at Godfury! Great people and a great treaty. Nice for Sirius to make another friend in Orbis ?
  14. #Getminesome375upvotessohesoutofthenegative
  15. Chin up! You'll get unbanned one day... Thanks! ?
  16. G'day! I'm the real Fezza. The guy who's impersonating is a massive troll and has been doing this for ages, my actual discord is Fezza#4578. Every time he impersonates he seems to choose Omega, not really sure why. Congratulations on your election.
  17. Haha there sure was! No more security risks under the new government, I can guarantee that.
  18. Haha well you don't need to worry, we're not hitting anyone, trust me!
  19. I wasn't in the alliance at that time. I can guarantee that there will be a significant reduction in raiding under my government. Thank you very much!
  20. Haha ok maybe an exaggeration, but he is well known. Anyone who's met him remembers him trust me!
  21. New Sirius discord: https://discord.gg/N33PN8k (Helios deleted the old one) Yeah, I'm not using Sirius instead of serious as a joke ever again, that wasn't as good as I thought it was in my head. But this isn't a laughing (You weren't laughing at that attempt at a joke in the title anyway) matter. I am now the sole-leader of Sirius, having ousted Helios in a coup. Before I begin, I did ask for an election and he told me now despite us both being of equal leadership in the alliance. Yes, I know! I can hear you all booing now, after all a coup isn't a brilliant way to get to the top seat in the house, but this was the best and the only option for the alliance if it was to grow into the great alliance I know it can be. But, it was necessary. Let me explain. We all know Helios. Possibly one of the most disrespected leaders (Now just disrespected) across Orbis in history. But do we really know Helios? Here are two of the many reasons as to why I decided to oust him. My first point. There were numerous allegations, now proven true, that this Helios is not the actual and original Helios from Sirius 1.0. I've spoken to the original Helios' friends and they have said the original Helios hasn't been on in 3 months. ( I have screenshot proof (as much as I hate sharing screenshots), but I can't upload it on here because it's too big, if you want to see it just PM me) This has been confirmed by Shag. The impersonator of Helios literally managed to finesse an entire alliance. Holy mongrel! My second point. Helios owes a lot of alliances a lot of money (Over 160m), and this has caused numerous alliances to threaten Sirius and its members, all because he can't deal with his own problems. Literally, this man had taken loans from so many different people in so many alliances and he continued to ask to borrow from others. Facepalm. Ousting Helios protected the alliance members from the devastation they were threatening on us as a result of Helios, so I think that was a good call. A Summary & The Future of Sirius Yes, there were other reasons, but these are two of the bigger ones. So, where do we go now? Well, first off, I've created a charter, to ensure that proper policy is in effect and this never happens again. Elections and terms will now be used within the alliance. We shall continue on a steady growing path, made stronger by my new unveiled tax plan, new treaties and strengthened existing ones, new grants/loans etc. A lot has changed about this alliance since I came into power, and I truly believe that it has been a better place for all members, and will continue to be so. My cabinet will be organised in the coming days. Signing off, Fezza Sole leader of Sirius.
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