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  1. Here's something that will blow OP's mind: I VMed after my first round of wars, haven't logged in since (because why would I?) and I'm not on vacation. Shocking, I know. And after years of being in this game, I'm really at a point where the only thing I can say to people who try to throw shade over people VMing during war or right before war or whatever: Bless your heart and get over yourself. 😘
  2. Especially if you're Rose who hasn't shown any competence in a hot while.
  3. Biggest bloc in the game by far and they still want Aurora's sphere to help out? That level of desperation eerily reminds me what BK/NPO/TCW did back then during the whole events prior to NPOLT.
  4. Oh good to know that I wasn't tripping and that this did indeed happen when I declared a war.
  5. I read this and don't understand, what the actual point is. People who have worked to gain a position for themselves want to keep that position. Absolutely shocking. Who would've guessed? As the screenshotted post clearly says: You are free to lobby the game to change the so-called "meta" (albeit I'm not sure what that *specifically* is supposed to be). That's how it works?
  6. "We dogpiled you along with Rose but now that we have decided to move on, so should you because we said so" is still the take that makes me continue to think that Wana is high.
  7. So you were involved in a huge dogpile against Hollywood but because you put in a serious effort within the last few months they were supposed to just disregard that? I actually might think you are high after all.
  8. Oh I'm not really paying any attention to PnW anymore but if that is a mass raid then I guess Arrgh isn't as big anymore as it used to be.
  9. Last time I talked to someone from NationStates NPO and asked about him, Roquentin had basically disappeared.
  10. Hi Yuno (if it's really you)! ^^ πŸ‘‹
  11. I don't know what your idea of a war dodger is but someone who fights most of the war and then goes into VM for personal reasons is certainly not a war dodger. πŸ˜› That being said, yes, there are 2-3 names on that list who dodged the war. The rest not.
  12. I've not seen the logs this thread actually talks about but there's just one thing I want to mention here because people are trying to act like they're totally innocent. Kev tried to poach from his allies before making Soup Kitchen into The Enlightenment (which then turned into CotL). Trying to screw over your own allies like that is just really poor behavior and just reflects on him as a person in a very negative way. Luckily it failed miserably in TKR because Kev asked Changeup to do that and he wasn't convincing at all. Akuryo has always been an unbearably toxic person. All the way back when she couped Pantheon and then went on to join Adeptus Mechanicus/MAGE under a new name. I still remember the hateful rants she let loose back then and over the years, her behavior never really changed. What makes anyone think it would have now? If anything, I'm surprised that after 3+ years in this game, there are still people who don't believe that Akuryo is incredibly horrible. How anyone thinks these people are actually not bad or honorable or lovely is completely beyond me.
  13. There are no major or noteworthy alliances that have ever violated a NAP as far as I'm aware. So I wouldn't imply it's an artifical restriction that people desperately want to circumvent when the major players all abide to it.
  14. Depends who you ask. If Keshav or Roq were still here, they'd say we're still allied.
  15. Why would anyone go through the effort of recognizing whoever she is?
  16. Four posts by Matt on the OWF in a matter of just a few days. Hopefully his system won't overheat.
  17. Girl, just because people don't call you toxic to your face (although they should) doesn't mean that they don't call you toxic. Maybe wake up to reality. It's also not necessary to speak to you to know that you're a toxic wasteland. What do I care about what you come forward with or help with. There are plenty of people who help with this game who are not liked by a large amount of players. Congrats on giving away gifts but if you think that you bought yourself likeability with that, then jeeeeeeeez. πŸ˜‚ I know your history well enough. It's plastered all over the OWF and people have been talking about it plenty enough. It's a well-known fact that you're a train wreck. But I'm glad to have hit such a sore spot considering how absolutely mad you are right now. ❀️
  18. Was that a fever dream of Axley then or why did he talk about elections? You should not dwell too much on exact time frames. I picked something up that was roughly estimated in this thread before and not negated by your peers. Rather than talking about this I suggest you should focus your attention on the points that have been made by people like Benfro or Partisan.
  19. I did not see this before I read Benfro's post because I literally skip all posts written by you because it's you. While Ben has already said everything there is to say about the nonsensical claim that Cooper or Citrus are toxic - obviously total crap - I just want to add that it's peak irony of you to mock another alliance considering that you are still clinging to that dumpster fire that is The Coal Mines.
  20. Boy, everything you've written so far has insulted the intelligence of literally everyone who read it. Also congratulations on your kid. Wanted to write that in the previous post but then forgot. It kind of saddens me to see you in this in all honesty because I remember that in the past we had a couple conversations and you seemed like a genuinely good guy. What you can do? Honestly, beats me. Despite the fact that IQ back then was absolutely convinced in bad faith that everything I said - as an econ low gov member - was 100% representative of my alliance and our values, I have no dealings with FA matters whatsoever. Talk to people who do and how to repair bridges. The stuff Axley's posting or the fact that Matt as your leader is being completely absent is certainly not helping though.
  21. All I'm reading are excuses. You disliked Under's actions but reelected the Prime Minister again who was responsible for making Under a representative of your alliance during peace talks. Your Prime Minister was inactive due to irl issues but he and you all failed to replace him with someone who was not inactive and could've kept Under in check if it actually was such a concern to you. You were aware of what Under did but couldn't be bothered to speak up against it because he was your "source of information" basically coming down to the fact, that you were all just too lazy to inform yourself about Orbis and PnW and other alliances. (On a side note: Considering how condemnable you found his actions, you still believed that he was a good source of information? It did not dawn on you that he was presenting you a heavily skewed version of things considering that you were aware of how he was behaving during peace talks?) Let's be real here. For the past few years you were always able to stick to your alliance with Acadia because at the end of the day you could always hide behind the power that were NPO and BK. Just like the leadership of Acadia and Polaris, this whole thing completely went to your head and you thought yourself in a most comfortable position where you were calling the shots. This then failed because your big protectors were all involved in an elaborate cheating scheme. So what follows is white peace and six months of peace during which you all went radio silent. After six months of said peace during which you had plenty of time to make amendments, you then drop the person you consistently rallied behind (a lack of speaking out or taking consequences does not exclude you from guilt) in an effort for a last minute publicity stunt. And then you try to "explain" it away in good old fashioned IQ style with nonsensical excuses like "Our PM was away for 14 months" and "We only just had an election for the first time in five years". Anything I forgot? Edit: Also the fact that matt let's you all now take the heat instead of speaking up himself here really says a lot about his leadership in all honesty.
  22. What exactly has changed except for the fact that under is gone? I mean I assume publicly pointing out that under is gone is the point of this but I'm wondering nevertheless.
  23. Actually nvm. I'd rather write something up properly first. uwu
  24. There's so little moderation in this game happening because Sheepy is lazy and people are still whining about the few reports that exist? Grow up.
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