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  1. Dumb

    The Eviction Notice

    The Greatest Intergalactic Empire Of Universe People and it's Animation Domination disctrict hereby declare war on The Coal Mines for the reason of "Not agreeing with our opinion on what makes for a valid CB"
  2. i mean its cool and all but let the noobs learn some graphic editing too still cool tho
  3. Dumb

    Happy Birthday Camelot!

    Damn congrats, epi made an alliance that didnt collapse in 2 months
  4. Dumb

    Fraggle got hit!!! Not clickbait.

    What kind of question is that? I expected a paypal address man
  5. Dumb

    How long will this war go on for?

    13 days, 9 hours and 3-13 minutes
  6. Dumb


    I saw that coming
  7. Dumb

    P&W Balls: Arrgh edition

  8. Thank you alex, buying credits for Vip with in-game cash was too cheap for me, 40m is much better than 8 Just joking, you are trash
  9. Dumb

    Fresh Smell of Nukes in the morning

    i agree the food is so expensive i'll have to launch all my nukes to lower upkeep if i want to afford it
  10. yeah thanks for advice mr. expert who has achieved something as an alliance leader lol
  11. Dumb

    End of the Great Sock War and Mr.Fox's last stand

    Rest in peace, Nova Riata, land where all the animals were free, not abused by any greedy farmers. I give lots of respect and wish a lot of luck to all the foxes, beans, bees/bears/planes/faecal, my past and current friends. Time to say bye, a new adventure awaits you ⌚
  12. Dumb

    My Camping Trip

    @Deulos if no one ever tells you you can do sth you either ask him or assume you can't
  13. Dumb

    Cheaters Get Banned

    You just jealous you couldn't cheat with him... Rest in peace Mr. Bee, forever mine and all of Animation Domination's fren
  14. Dumb

    Do me a favor?

    Quadraple @Kansas UwU
  15. Dumb

    Elephants: A Knight in Space

    Yeah, it'd be nice if the sides were presented before the signatures. Same with Covenant/ES treaty, is it a trend lately?
  16. Dumb

    P&W: Imperator

    @Victor Van Weyden
  17. Dumb

    Terrible Ideas that would break the game

    Oh yeah yeah, p&w battle royale I'd also make credits two times cheaper, and add lootboxes costing 2 credits, which may drop: -1000 infra for capital -$50m -500 aircrafts (may cross the cap) -free city -wiki mod
  18. Dumb

    Market Regulation or Market Manipulation?

    Market research.
  19. Dumb

    Alliance Affairs Suggestion

    Alex's tags idea seems the most rational. We need no subforums, the mess is cool and doesn't hurt anyone, especially if title tags were used. There are too few micro announcements already, epi. Tho your proposition may actually cause more of them to appear as micros will have their own space and won't be shy to post next to big bois, idk.
  20. Dumb

    Boring game.

    I love it. P&W is a sandbox, and we just play in it, have a lot of fun together. Mechanic based gameplay for an RPG? Are you serious?
  21. Dumb

    Reichspakt is Nazi!

    Oh mein gott, lets gas these nazis! Such pathetic untermensch have no place in Orbis of the future.
  22. Dumb

    PWv2 - The Overhaul

    lol, 3 days left to prima aprilis, guys tho it really will give me nightmares anyway ha every gay update projection just makes me think about how precious current p&w is
  23. Dumb


    Now watch me nae nae πŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί

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